Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Can you imagine a weapon so powerful that it makes the atom bomb look just like a toy! This weapon has the potential to literally bring anguish into the life of every human being on the planet without necessarily destroying them physically.
This weapon can produce scars that last a lifetime ... Scars that may never heal properly. This weapon is available to the poorest as well as the richest of Nations ... In fact, even individuals have access to this weapon which is governed by are few laws against the possession or use of it.
No weapon that now exists, or will exist, will have the deadly potential of this ancient weapon which is deed as old as man himself... The weapon is the tongue; which is one of the essential and integral
part of human body. It is located at the upper part of the head inside the mouth and is biologically said to always secrets some special enzymes that aid digestion as well as the chewing of edible materials.
Aside from this major role performed by the tongue ,there have been spiritual assertions that proves the tongues is not only an eating or digestive organ but also a weapon to perfect life or cause unimaginable havoc to humans and the society in its role as the major instrument for speech making or discussion. This has been proven time and again that it is in human nature to use the tongue not only as a chewing aid but as a weapon of mass destruction and perfection through pronunciations of certain words or talking.

According to biblical traditions; it is said that our tongue has great power to heal or to destroy, to bless or to curse. We are to be wise in the use of this body organ which can either bring pain or pleasure; depending on how it is utilized.
Indeed, it is pertinent we understand that a formidable power dwell within each of us. This power has changed the course of Nations and is capable of starting and ending wars. It has made men rich and women famous. It has the means to commend or corrupt, to bless or to blame. It is the power of the tongue. Words can be weapons which can be used to inflict wounds, humiliate and inflict pain far greater than physical violence. Words can be used to inflame passions, to arouse anger, to declare war, to bring about failure and to destroy.
But just as potent as they are as weapons, words can also heal wounds and make peace. They can be soothing to those in grief, they can offer hope to those in despair, and can resolve long time dispute or war. Indeed, well-chosen words have a power and a beauty that can project well beyond one’s lifetime.

According to some cultural beliefs in Nigeria, elderly people especially parent have the power to use their tongue to cause a child or bless the child which would automatically come to play in the Childs life’s for as long as he or she lives, while some believe one could say something to oneself and get inflicted by what he or she have said, others see it as mere superstitious belief. This shows just
how powerful the tongue could be.
It is actually believed that most of the young lads roaming around the street as hooligans are all the fruits of ill and abusive words uttered by the parent which resulted in the child becoming a menace to the society.

In essence being mindful of one’s speech by choosing what to say to someone and how to say it would be a wise decision to make in life as it could go a long way to translate how the life could be in future and at the same time save the society of some certain havoc.

No doubt, a society and its people will be better and safe if the tongue is used wisely to ensure it does not become a curse to a society but a blessing.

By Khadija Yakubu

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