Monday, 29 September 2014


Dirty Secrets from your Past

We all have dirty secrets and even dirtier secrets! But should you reveal all your secrets to your woman and come completely clean? Is it good to confess or is it better to bury your secrets and forget all about it? When you’re totally in love with this girl you’ve been seeing since the past few months.
Seriously, there will be no peace of mind because you will be wondering if   revealing your sordid past to her would really help you.
Well you have to think deep before answering those question because she might just end up uncovering your deepest secrets and scream those words you wish you would never have to hear, “Why did you hide them from me for so long?!”.

Should you tell her?
 No relationship is built on the cleanest of foundations. There is bound to be dirt somewhere or the other, from the both of you. But if you think the dirt’s going to start stinking soon, let her know all about it so you can chuck that garbage out before it’s too late.

Drop all talks about your exes and one night stands, unless they’re interfering with your present. Other than that, if there are things coming in between the both of you, she should definitely know about it, but without the details.

Now before you open your mouth and strengthen your relationship with your honesty, you need to think about a few things. Will your saying this improve your relationship and help her trust you more, or would it just make things worse? Would she be devastated if she heard this piece of information from someone else? Does she have a right to know this or can it pass? Once you’ve answered these questions truthfully, then it’s time to make your decision. Also there are things you can’t hide from her like suffering from an STD or something along those lines, secret addiction or bankruptcy. These are definitely things she should know. It’s not just your life you’re taking to the guillotine. Intricate details have to be skipped at all costs. So keep it simple and real. Tell her just how much she needs to know, without divulging all the secrets.

When is it a good time?

If you’re being blackmailed or threatened by one of your past escapades, then make sure your partner hears it from you first, even if it’s during one of your worse times in love. Holding back these details can end your relationship.

The perfect time to tell her such things is when she tells you a few deep secrets of hers. It can be taken a bit more lightly than on other times. She would at least understand that you were just waiting for an opportunity to mention it to her. If she doesn’t have anything to reveal, tell her at a time when you know it’ll just be the both of you there and nothing will disturb you after you’re done revealing your secrets. There’s nothing worse than getting your boss’s call just after talking to her, and you have to leave in a hurry. You can be sure you’d find her car’s tread marks by the time you get back home.

Tell her what you have to, when you know you can be there to sit with her, and take everything she has to tell you, out of sorrow or anger. Make sure you don’t retaliate more than you have to at these times. Justifying yourself to a certain extent is fine, outright aggression isn’t.

By Chizzy Okoye

Friday, 26 September 2014


Menstrual Pain and its remedy

A lady once told her story about growing up; she said her menstrual period came with so much pains and cramps that sometimes she would end up not going to school for the period that it lasted. Her mum became so worried that she sought for any prescription that would relieve the pains. One day she came back with one called Baragen Tablet and Boscopan, insisting that she should take it. The rest was history because it worsened the situation and it was the most painful menstruation she ever had. Her mum got so scared and trashed the rest of the drugs. But the lady found out one secret, each month she takes enough fruits and veggies, her period always comes less painful.
Menstruation is part of life for all females from puberty till menopause. However, menstruation comes with pains for most women. This pain is caused by constriction of blood vessels in the uterus by a chemical known as prostaglandins. This causes painful muscle contractions known as menstrual cramp. This pain starts a day or 2 before menstrual flow and may persist until the second day of flow. However, menstrual pain reduces with age or after childbirth. Lots of women are not able to function socially or professionally during their menstruation as a result of menstrual pains. So many resort to drugs to reduce the pain, while others just wait for the pain to go away.
Unfortunately, not many women know that nutrition and the right food can eliminate or reduce menstrual pains. The hormonal changes that occur during your period make the body retain water and slow down digestion which adds to the ill feeling associated with your period. Here are some of the foods that will assist you in reducing the menstrual cramps or eradicating pains caused by your period.
Banana is a rich source of anti-cramping due to its vitamin B6 nutrient content. If you experience bloating during your menstruation, here is great news for you. Banana contains potassium which helps reduce water retention. You can enjoy your banana fruit in different varieties such as taking it as a simple snack or in your fruit salad. Please note, never substitute your banana fruit with banana chips because they are packed full of calories and contain extra fat and sugar which are not good for you at this period.


Pineapple is a major source of Bromelain which is an enzyme that helps relax muscles and relieves pain caused by menstrual cramps. You can charge your anti-cramp diet by regularly eating pineapple. Eat more of the stem as there is more Bromelain there than any other part. Though the stem is not as tasty as the flesh but it is edible.


In our part of the country we complain that foreigners have an awful scent because they consume a lot of ginger. But research has shown that it is very medicinal when you consume it raw. In some cultures, especially in China, ginger is used to reduce menstrual pains. Also ginger may reduce other symptoms like common cold, flu and headache, at times associated with menstrual pains.


Don’t get it twisted; this is the spinach you all know. It can serve as your vegetable in any of your meals. Spinach contains large quantities of magnesium, vitamins B6 and Vitamin E. These nutrients and vitamins are very good for fighting menstrual cramps.


Warm or hot but not cold, will increase the flow of blood and help reduce menstrual pains. The water retention caused by your period can be avoided ironically, by drinking more water. It also boosts hydration.


For people who normally lose their appetite during this period, you can start your day with just oatmeal which is a source of magnesium and is needed during your menstrual period.

Milk, yogurt and Beans

Did I ever forget to mention these earlier? These are good sources of calcium and can help reduce the pain from cramps and fluid retention, as well as assisting in relieving other types of pain that women suffer during menstrual period.

Exercise is also good, it releases pain killing hormones known as endorphins that assist to reduce menstrual pains and lift your mood. Do exercises, at least 20-30 minutes, 5 times a day.
By: Okoye Chizzy

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Hello People!
My Name is Hapsy Ibrahim-Mahmud and I'll be showing you how to make
Zogale Rice.
Zogale AKA Moringa leaf or Moringa Oleifera is a Stable vegetable and supplement in most Northern homes. A lot of homes actually have this miracle tree growing at their back the end of the recipe i'll post the benefits of Moringa Oleifera.
For those of you that don't know how Zogale (Hausa for Moringa) looks like, check out the image below.

Zogale Rice
You will need;
·         About 3 cups of Zogale                    ( 6 handfuls)
·         1 chopped onions
·         2 cooking spoons of Soya oil
·         2 chopped hot peppers (Attarogo)
·         1 medium red pepper chopped (Tattasai)
·         2½ cups of Cooked rice
·         2 tsp of Oregano
·         Season cube of choice and a pinch of salt.
So the 1st thing you do is to cook the rice. This is a stir fry recipe so having the rice washed, cooked and drained before the actual meal is being prepare just saves time. Then wash the Zogale. The leaves are tiny, so while plucking them off, you might pull some steams. No problem, every part of the Zogale tree is edible. So pluck off, soak in salt water for about 2mins, give it rinse and pop in a sieve to drain.
Then into a large wide pan, add the oil, rice and salt. Stir fry on medium heat for 4-5mins .

Then add the onions, all the peppers and oregano, seasoning cube/powder and give it a good stir. If you don't want to use Oregano that's fine but i find the aroma works really well it Zogale.

Then add the Zogale . Stir and pop the lid on. Reduce the heat and leave to steam for about 10mins. It's quite a tough vegetable hence, steaming will soften it.
If you're going to make this recipe for a large number of people....just multiply the recipe and stir fry in batches.
After 10mins of steaming the Zogale Rice, open the lid, give it a quick stir and Walla!
Delicious wholesome and truly nourishing Zogale Rice!  Serve with  Miyan dagege (Stew) with Chicken, Beef or Fish.

Until next time folks, Enjoy!

Benefits of (ZOGALE) Moringa

The main benefit to taking moringa oleifera is its’ high nutritional content. In fact, in one average serving of moringa oleifera, like this Zogale Rice; you likely to consume on average,
125% daily value of Calcium moringa
61% daily value of Magnesium
41% daily value of Potassium
71% daily value of Iron
272% daily value of Vitamin A
22% daily value of Vitamin C
In total, there are 90 essential vitamins, minerals, or other necessary nutrients for the human body to operate at its’ maximal efficiency. There are no other superfoods that can claim this amount of nutritional value compared to (Zogale) moringa,
which is why moringa is hands down the most powerful superfood on the planet.
It is not my opinion, this is a fact! You all can google it! 

In addition to its’ high nutritional content, here are other believed benefits to taking moringa oleifera (Zogale) on a daily basis:
-lower blood pressure
-improved mood
-improved digestion
-improved immune system function
-protects the stomach lining
-treats stomach ulcers
-boosts energy levels
-improves sexual function
-reduces effects of common auto-immune disorders

Monday, 22 September 2014






A new study reports that eating fish or taking fish oil supplements may be good for brain health in old age. Teens, younger children, including pregnant women and breast-feeding moms can take fish oil as a supplement to fish. Fish oil is likely safe for everyone.  A diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil supplements might help with teen depression.

Omega-3 fatty acid is a good fat found in fish such as sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon. It preserves the memory and thinking skill of the brain.  Brains normally shrink as we grow older but having high omega-3 levels seems to slow this process. It also helps prevent heart disease such as cancer, asthma, depression, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.  If you love eating fish, you can get your fish oil from fish high in the omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately most people’s diet has shifted away from fresh vegetables and fish to high omega-6 instead; these omega-6 foods includes crackers, cookies, and corn-fed beef.

Taking fish oil might be helpful if all you consume is a lot of red meat. Grain-fed animals that serve as a source of red meat supply omega-6 fatty acids to your diet. Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for health when kept in proper ratio to omega-3 fatty acids. Getting omega-3s from fish oil helps balance out high dietary doses of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation and omega-3s reduce it. Inflammation in blood vessels increases your risk of heart disease.

In addition to omega-3s, fish is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. And, it's low in saturated fat. Fish, like other meats, normally contain little sodium unless they're processed. Canned, dried or smoked fish might be high in omega-3 fatty acids but also high in sodium and are better avoided if you're trying to restrict your sodium intake for health reasons, such as high blood pressure
By; Chizzy Okoye

Friday, 19 September 2014



There are speculations that the Federal Government is planning to ban the sale and consumption of cow skin popularly known as Pomo in Nigeria. According to some sources, the move is to enable livestock farmers to make more profit by turning the “Pomo” into leather products. It was gathered that the Federal Government’s proposed Pomo-ban was motivated by a call made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr.Akinwunmi Adesina for a stronger check on the consumption and sale of cow skin during the 3rd joint anniversary of the Animal Science Association of Nigeria and Nigerian Institute of Animal Science which held at the University of Ibadan. Dr.Adesina’s call was in turn informed by economic reasons; it is his opinion that farmers would make better profits by turning the hides and skins into leather, instead of simply consuming everything. In his words, “I am confident that the satisfactory production levels achieved in the poultry and swine segments will soon stretch to reach other commodities such as beef, diary, micro livestock and animal by-products such as leather, bones, hides and skins.” This new line of thinking is a positive indication that Nigerian leaders are beginning to think beyond oil revenue as source of revamping and sustaining the economy of the nation. In fact, the agricultural sector promises to be a very viable sector even for the generation of employment for the millions of the unemployed masses of the Nigerian public. Unfortunately however, the news of the proposed ban is not going down well with the Nigerian masseswho see the proposed ban as an infringement on their basic human rights to choose what they want to eat. Several negative and disparaging comments have been made on social media networks protesting the proposed ban. One of such comments reads, “Pomo never hurt anyone. Pomo never embezzled. Pomo never abducted schoolgirls. Pomo never ran for president. Why should Pomo be banned?” Another commentator wonders whether government would send law enforcement agents to every food joint or every kitchen to arrest those consuming Pomo.

Anyway, perhaps government could do with a few suggestions here. Every good intention of government does not have to be implemented by wielding the big stick and antagonising the poor masses. Whatever government wants to do with cow skin she can still do by simply buying up the skins from the livestock farmers, and allow the economic law of demand and supply to settle the matter. Let those who want to buy for consumption go ahead and buy, while those who want to buy for tanning and leather work can also go ahead and buy. At the end of the day everybody is happy. The price of Pomo could shoot up to the rooftops, but there would be more money and more employment for more people. And nobody should complain for paying some more money to enjoy a favorite delicacy.

Besides economic factors, there could be other considerations for discouraging the consumption of Pomo, such as health factors.Cow skin contains large deposits of concentrated fat, high in cholesterol.  In addition, during the process of burning to remove the hair, carbon soot is also introduced into the skin.  It is actually not a healthy meal irrespective of the fact that Nigerians love it. In other countries around the world, cow skin is generally classified as not fit for human consumption. It is used profitably for the production of high quality leather bags, shoes, belts, etc. which Nigerians also love and spend fortunes to import from other countries. So, instead of simply consuming, why don’t we also produce and export to other nations of the world?For once, let us stop thinking like consumers and begin to think like producers.

Thursday, 18 September 2014



It is no longer news that most sicknesses and diseases that we suffer from are caused by what we eat. And most times, even the worst diseases are caused by what we don’t eat. Our standard junk and processed foods are crippling our health and slowly killing us.  It will shock you to know that cancer is responsible for 577,000 deaths everyday with close to 1.7 million new cases just this year, according to the American Cancer Society. Also, hundreds of thousands of deaths are caused by heart attacks yearly. All these diseases can easily be prevented simply by eating the right foods.  Although a lot of people don’t really know what type of food to eat to prevent diseases, it is important for us to know the type of food we should eat, and the ones we should avoid, because in the long run, what we eat determine our health condition.

There is a relationship between the nutrients in foods we consume and their direct influence upon health, wellness and prevention of illness. It is intriguing how Beetroots can help treat one of the dangerous diseases that many people suffer from and which has claimed millions of lives in the past years. Beetroots are colourful root vegetables that contain powerful nutrients that help protect against heart disease, birth defects and particular cancers. The benefits of beetroots are so many. Because of its naturally sweet taste most people would like the beets. Our circulatory system, to start with, will greatly benefit from the consumption of this natural food. Doctors have found that a glass of beetroot juice everyday eliminates high blood pressure; this is a godsend for people with hypertension and those looking to avoid cardiovascular dilemmas, and also breakdown cancer causing tumours.
After ingesting beets or beet juice, nitrate from the beets is thought to be extracted from the blood by the salivary gland, accumulate in saliva, and then reduce to nitrate oxide to have a direct blood pressure lowering effect. A publication from the American Heart Association, established that consuming 500 millilitres of beetroot juice resulted in a measurable reduction in hypertension in just an hour. Beetroot cleanses the body of cancer toxins by means of natural elimination. Aside all these, it also promotes healthy hair growth and radiant skin. It is interesting how this vegetable can miraculously perform magic.  Vitamin C is generally known as a potent fighter against the common cold (flu); it also guards against nasty diseases like scurvy (a disease that is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C). Scurvy shows its self physically through spongy gums, spots on the skin, and even bleeding from the mucous membranes. Some of the effects that scurvy displays are the feeling of depression and even physical immobility. In all of this, beetroots have proven to be an essential source that is rich in Vitamin C. By consuming this vegetable you will sure be protecting yourself from such diseases.

Beets are one of the richest sources of folic acid, something that is important for normal tissue growth. It can protect against high blood pressure and Alzheimer. Folic acid is also crucial to the development of a baby’s spinal cord during the first three months of pregnancy and can help prevent spinal cord defects. Therefore, expectant mummy should endeavour to consume as much raw beets as possible. In the 16th century, it was discovered that beets was given as a blood builder to people who were short of blood. At the time, both the doctors and patients may not have known why it was so efficacious, but health experts now know that its high iron content can help to treat anaemia and fatigue. To maintain an active disease free body and stay healthy, it is advised that one should drink plenty of beet juice. The beet juice contains many nutrimental substances, which is important to the development of a healthy body and immune system. It also works as a blood purifier, and it aids in the restoration of the red blood cells. Very few foods found in the natural world are as beneficial as beets in this regard. Beets are a wonderful addition to any dietary need. With high volume of nutrients, delicious taste, and multitude of uses, anyone can jump right in to beets without missing a bit. Though many people drink the juice believing in the health benefit that it has earned, it will interest you to know that beetroots increases blood flow to the brain.  The greatest health benefit is derived from raw beet juice. It has been discovered that even the leaves of raw beets are useful and beneficial to one’s health. The green, leafy portion of the beet is edible. It is most commonly served boiled or steamed, in which case it has a taste and texture similar to spinach. The leaves are known to have been made in to a number of salads for a change of pace meal. Beetroot can be peeled, steamed, and then eaten warm with butter as a delicacy. There is something called Beets Therapy. Doctors are said to have used it to get rid of tumours and to help people with blood diseases and leukaemia. So, after knowing all these benefits, it is therefore time to introduce beets roots into your diet. You have got nothing to lose. In fact, they will even help you in several ways, so enjoy a couple of this special vegetable and spread the word.

Stylish ways that belts can compliment your outfit
Belts are not everyone’s friend in the fashion world. Wearing any kind of belt can be challenging especially when you are shy about drawing attention to your waistline. Not very long ago, belts served only one purpose, which is to hold your trousers or pants up. But today, belts have become an essential accessory that beefs up even the most casual outfit. Belts come in different shapes, colors and sizes, so you can find one to suit your purpose and personal taste. They have potential to add a whole dimension to your wardrobe. Adding a belt is a great way to add style and class to an outfit. Belt can flatter the figure and enhance your shape without creating bulge. To wear a belt with a dress or a top, one must first consider the body type, outfit colours, where to position the belt and the style of the tops. Belts add fittings to your outfits and also add many more options to your existing wardrobe. Belts have excellent ways to add dimension and style to your old pieces and a great way to create gorgeous and different looks. Although many women are unaware of how to pair a belt with different outfit, belts can be fun and useful in the fashion sense. Here are simple guides for wearing belts with an outfit:
I.                    Generally, when wearing a belt, you have to consider your body size. If you have a long body size, then you are better with a wide belt. Wearing a wide belt with short body size virtually shortens the whole body. So, know the right size to use your belt correctly.
II.                  You can also try patterns when wearing a belt. When wearing an outfit without much pattern or colour variation, a pattern belt can really draw the eye. And choose your belt colours wisely. You can either contrast your belt or blend it into your outfit. If you are a little belt insecure, try wrapping a belt round your mid section over a dress and team it with a blazer. In this case, the belt add a different dimension to the outfit peeking out from underneath.
III.                You can be creative by adding a belt for a new look with an old cloth. You can use any old scarf lying around that is never worn by simply turning it into a belt; wear the old scarf round your waist several times or cut it into lengths and tie it off in a knot or bow. Men’s tie can also be turned into belts that work with any outfit and come in several styles and patterns.
IV.                Belts come in either skinny or thick. When wearing a skinny belt, you have to emphasize your waist in a dress. The skinny dress can be fancy with rhinestones or gems on it that it will match the dress. However, when you wear a thick belt, you can drape it to emphasize the dress. You can also wear a sweater or shirt over leggings. A thick belt can rest on your hips for a stylish flair.
V.                  When wearing a jean, wear a regular belt with it. Tuck your shirt or sweater in to emphasize your waist line. Don’t cinch the belt too tightly or it can have reverse effect if you are not careful.
VI.                Always create a contrast when an outfit is one colour tone. A belt of a contrasting colour to one colour outfit makes an interesting and eye catching addition. Adding a high contrast belt to a light coloured dress or skirts adds interesting dimension.
Adding a belt to an outfit can be an incredible way to add style and class to what you are wearing. Wearing the wrong belt can bring unfavorable results; meanwhile, wearing the right belt can take an outfit to the next level. Get that belt to create more diversity in your wardrobe and express creativity at the same time. The fashion style is completely up to you. A belt can add to fashion, no matter what color you are wearing. Choose dark colours.  Avoid a wide belt with patterned dresses. Stick with the skinny belt, which will help dull down bright colours and patterns, making them easier on the eyes. You should determine the size of the belt that you need for your outfit. If you are wearing two separate pieces, or jeans, go with a smaller belt.  Bright colours can add width instead of sliming your figure. For skinny belts, a bright colour can work with a neutral or dull-coloured dress. You should avoid using a bright-coloured belt with a bright-coloured dress since this creates too much colour and not enough contrast. If you want to accentuate your waist, wearing a thicker waist strapping belt looks cool and shows off your curves. It is advisable to look for belts made from more flexible materials.