Friday, 31 August 2018


When your relationship has hit a rocky patch, and you and your partner aren't ready to throw in the towel, but can't keep going the way you're going, what else is there to do besides take a break? Though it can be a hard decision to come to, once you and your partner have decided to take a break, it's important that you keep a few things in mind, nobody wants to wind up. 

A break to one person can mean a completely different thing to another. You've gotten through the hardest part, which is deciding with your partner that you do need a break to figure out the next steps. Now, there are a few things you can do to ensure you use your time wisely and come back feeling clearer about the direction of your future with or without your partner.

Define Expectations;
If you're looking to get back together with your partner in the future, you both need to sit down to discuss what your expectations will be. Though it might be a hard discussion to have, it's one you need in order for you be on the same page.

Set Boundaries; 

Can you call each other during this break? Text? Drop by? See other people? It's important to set and define boundaries during your break, so that you don't come back from your break with entirely different views and experiences about how things happened. If one of you has been at home, contemplating the future of your relationship while the other has been out dipping their toes in the dating pool, you're going to come back with very different thoughts about what to do next.
Figure Out Why You Want To Take A Break;
 If you're feeling blase about your relationship and think a break will fix it, When taking a
timeout, call it for yourself and not for your partner. This decision all comes down to knowing yourself. Finding the what will help you approach the situation with your partner, and can help both of you better evaluate what your break will look like. 

Set A Clear Timeline; 
Figure out a timeline for your break. Taking a break with no end in sight is the fastest way for your break to turn into a full break up. Even if you just schedule a check in after a certain period of time, to figure out if you need more time, or where to go next. setting up a time to check in with your partner is extremely important Use Your Time Wisely: 
In order to come back from your break with a renewed sense of understanding of your relationship, you need to use your time wisely. Take time and think about why you're on a break, and whether or not you and your partner truly have a future together.

Stick To Your Rules; 

Being apart from your other half can really open your eyes to what you're missing when they're not by your side, it can also open your eyes regardless of what your break helps you come to terms with, it's important to stick to your rules. If you've realised
that you can't live without your partner, don't call them and text them incessantly to tell them about your revelation.
 Respect the rules you agreed upon at the beginning of your break and honour your partner. Whether it's positive or negative, by respecting the boundaries and expectations of your break, you can revisit your relationship with your partner with clarity when it's time. 




Most people bring out their journals or notes to set New Year goals and resolutions. As part of a family when you set goals they are bound to affect other members of the family. Therefore, it is a advisable to set some of your goals together. Read on and discover some valuable tips for setting family goals.A good place to start is to spend some time reviewing the past year and use this to determine goals. Setting goals together as a Family is very important; the benefits outweighs its risk. Setting a time frame to your goals and actively
pursuing it makes it a reality. 

It is easier to overcome the inertia, fear, backsliding, distractions and all the other things that stop you from achieving your goals when you have a group encouraging you, a coach or your family.The advantages of setting goals as a family, is that the you have one of the best support groups you can have. Setting goals as a family brings everyone on board, encourages togetherness and gives everyone a common goal to work towards achieving.

However, you can set up your personal goals and share it with other members of the Family. When you do this, you get your own in-house cheerleaders to support and encourage you. Or it could be a goal that takes everyone on board it could be having dinner together, to add panache to the dinner you can decide to do it without devices.

Before you start setting the family goals take into cognizance the realities of life, e.g. traffic, workloads, children’s bedtimes, bringing work home etc. The good thing about family goals is that there is no right or wrong answer.Decide to start immediately this week or weekend. To achieve this, a practical way would be for mum and dad to leave work early one day per week to make it home in time for family dinner (before children’s bedtime).

SETTING A FAMILY VACATION: The vacation costs a certain amount and it would be necessary to save an agreed amount, you can do this by determining how every member of the family is going to help towards achieving this goal. Everyone will make a conscious decision and effort towards getting the funds together. The options include making more money, saving money and or sacrificing certain luxuries now towards the holiday.

Harness these major tip in setting up family goals and you will be happy you added this resolutions to your everyday family life.
• Every family member should participate in setting and achieving the goals, with young children get creative.
• Don’t have too many goals at once. One or two goals at a time is advisable. Too many goals then becomes overwhelming and harder to achieve.
• Set goals any time during the year. It does not only have to be at the beginning of the year, choose anytime that works.
• The goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound
• Write the family goals down using a goal setting chart or dashboard and post in a visible place where everyone can see it regularly.
• Schedule time on your family calendar to sit down and review how you are doing and make any changes that might be needed.




Northern Nigerian palaces are alluring and attractive sight for tourist because of their unique architectural structures. The intriguing enchantment upheld in the palaces which were constructed with traditional building materials depicting Northern Nigeria’s traditional architectural designs dated as far back as the early 19th Century keeps a dazzling feeling to visitors and sons of the soils.

Dating back to the early 19th century, the palaces of the Emirs of Katsina and of Daura are sights to behold today. The ancient architectural designs of the palace structures make them a tourist attraction to many visitors, and several tourists can’t do without taking pictures of them or asking questions about their history.

The Katsina Royal Palace popularly referred to as Gidan Korau by the locals, is a masterpiece of Hausa architecture, symbolizing the culture, history and tradition of the Katsina was. The imposing complex located at the centre of the city is believed to have been built in 1348 by Muhammadu Korau, the first Muslim Emir of Katsina. It is also believed to be one of the oldest and among the first-generation palaces in Hausaland, the others are that of Daura, Kano and Zazzau. In the olden days the palace was encircled with a rampart (ganuwar gidan sarki) which is now extinct.

“The Emir’s residential quarters, which is the epicenter of the palace, is a large compound built in the typical Hausa traditional architecture. The buildings are made of conical-shaped sun-dried clay bricks (tubali) mud (kwababbiyar kasa) and rafters (kyami). “The wall of the house is about 90 centimetres at the base. It is enforced with high quality clay mixed with cow dung and grass. A mixture of red soil (jangargari), colorants obtained from the empty pod of locust bean tree (makuba) and loda, a plant fluid extracted after pounding the leaves was used to adorn the outer walls and the interior of the rooms with beautiful artistic designs.

The mixture also serves as protective plaster. This explains why the buildings have withstood the effects of harsh weather for many centuries. The royal compound is divided into three sections; the living quarters of the Emir and his family which is called Soro and Barga, the yard where the Emir’s stable is located which is also where his servants and slaves live. In addition, there is the Gidan Ganye, where the royal garden and the Emir’s guest house are located.

The magnificent palace also has a clinic, a mosque and children’s playground. Attached to the Babban Zaure the reception area, is the Emir’s inner chamber in which he sits with his senior councillors to receive state officials and other important people. At the north-west end of the compound is the old council chamber (tsohuwar majalisa), which was built by Emir Dikko (1906-1944).

Adjoining this building to the south is the new council chambers (sabuwar majalisa) which was built by Sir Usman Nagogo (1944-1951). The imposing Emir’s Palace is not only a splendid piece of architecture which enthralls tourists; but is a symbol of Islamic.



It was excitement and glamour all the way as Hadiza Musa Babayo and Shehu Umar Abubakar exchanged marital vows. The wedding dinner was held at Royal Garden Wuse 2, Abuja.

The ceremony was graced by friends, family and well-wishers; and the decoration was indeed one of a kind as the atmosphere was comforting and blissful and there was a lot to eat and drink and some local entertainers that were invited to thrill the guests with excitement.

The bride, all looking beautiful and flawless put on a beautiful smile with a dazzling style. The groom however was not left out as he looked handsome and dazzling all through the day. It was indeed a beautiful; and blessed day for the couple that will not be forgotten in a hurry. There is never a dull moment with Tozali, so give your eyes a feast.




Meghan Markle, 37, and Prince Harry, 33, headed to the theater on August 29 to see Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London, and the Royal couple was dressed to the nines. Meghan showed off her legs in her shortest dress since becoming a royal. We haven’t seen her knees in years! LOL. But seriously, Meghan has spent the last year dressing in midi skirts and dresses and tailored trouser. The VIP couple watched the critically acclaimed musicals.

Nigerian artistes, Davido, Wizkid, Simi and Tiwa Savage have been nominated for the 2018 All African Music Award (AFRIMA).
The nominees were unveiled by the African Union Commission AUC and the International Jury of the All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA on Tuesday other Nigerian artistes nominated in several categories include:Olamide,Mr Real,2baba,Falz, Banky W,BurnaBoy, Praiz , Patoranking, Mr P, Wande Coal,Cobhams.

                                                                                                              MOVIE CAST CHARLES OKOCHA , OJOPAGOGO, SIMI,ADEBAYO & OTHERS ON KUNLE AFOLANYAN NEW MOVIE SET
Meet the cast of Nollywood filmmaker Kunle Afolayan’s latest project, Mokaliki.
The movie cast members converged at Kunle Afolayan production outfit office in Ikeja Lagos on Monday for the first script reading. Movie stars spotted during the reading session include Papa Lolo,
Alabi Yellow, Charles Okocha, Femi Adebayo, Simi, Ojopagogo, Okunu and many others.



Friday comes with lots of blessings and as a Muslim we should never be found wanting in receiving all the blessings that comes with Jumaah. The solemnity of listening to the word of God, the joy that comes with meeting friends and exchanging peaceful greetings give the Friday prayer the spiritual and ceremonial feel we can't ignore. So, to enjoy this feeling and the rewards that come with going to Jumaah and listening to the sermon, you just have to rise to the occasion.

Here are 5 things you should do as a Muslim before you go for jumah.

One of the rituals of attending Jumu'ah service is cutting your nails in obedience to the Sunah (ways) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) we don't go to Jumu'ah with fingernails that look like a fork. So neatly cut your finger and toe nails.

This is very important on Fridays before we set out for Jumuah. Ghusl is a ritual bath done to purify our body. It is the same Ghusl we take for Janabah. The prophet said, “O gathering of Muslims, Allah has made this day an Eid for you, so make ghusl and use the miswak."

Friday is a festive day for Muslims according to Prophet Muhammad, so you are expected to go to mosque wearing your best dress. It is not only improper to wear your workshop clothes to the mosque, it is also unwise to purify your body by performing Ghusl and then wear a dirty
dress to the house of Allah. If you will be going to Jumu'ah from your workshop, take other clothes along.
On wearing the best of clothes, the Prophet said: "It would do no [harm] to anyone if he were to buy two gowns for Friday other than his work clothes."

Islam is a religion that prioritizes cleanliness and this is why brushing your mouth before you go for Jumuah is advised. In fact, the prophet used to brush his mouth with miswak five times daily before every prayer. So, brush your mouth and smile at the world on your way to Jumuah.

The use of perfume often makes us feel good about ourselves right? Good. Use perfume and go to Jumu'ah with that mindset. Feel good, be happy and swing into a festive mood. All these are permitted within the ambit of Islam. So feel free to enjoy your religion.


Thursday, 30 August 2018


I was in a discussion with my girlfriends, we got talking and it got into a heated argument and there was raising of voices, pointing of hands and a whole lot of brouhaha…………
Suddenly I decided to go all silent for a reason I could not figure out. But then something strucked me and I said within myself arguments usually arise from not keeping quiet and invariably lead the parties to offend each other. And then the big question set’s in ‘’is silence really golden?’’

For me it’s a yes. Silence is indeed really golden, it makes you closer to yourself, you get to analyze and read people around you, you get to realize yourself in a way, you get to redefine your purpose in life and more importantly you get to enjoy things more closely.

On the other hand if you keep chatting whole day you may come closer to people but you will find yourself more indulged and trapped in some delicate issues it will lead you to regrets wishing you stayed silent during the conversation.

Silence is the best answer if you are misunderstood, hurt, ignored, avoided or ditched by anyone. When you go all silent, it doesn’t mean you are wrong or you are a fool at that particular point.

But it simple means you are strong, and you have the power to control yourself and actions. Sometimes it means you have the ability to understand and adjust with anyone at any situation. Most importantly it makes you maintain yourself respect and dignity.

Silence is golden in a way that it makes you choose and pick your word nicely, instead of speaking unpleasant things about others, it is always better not to judge and to remain quiet.
Silence is golden but at times it also has its drawbacks.

Even though being silent does not mean that you are dumb; it sometimes conveys a lot of message in an easy manner. Our duty-sense also demands us to speak out in certain situations. At certain point in time, saying nothing is the best answer. But there are also situations where our one opinion can bring about a change in the social, political, cultural or economical sphere.

To get noticed amidst noisy and lousy company, keep silent. It works a great deal for me (lol….) so at least few minutes of silence is must for everyone it works as medicine for the soul….


Wednesday, 29 August 2018


It is the dream for every girl to look her best on her wedding day. This was the case of Amira Modibo as she got married to her prince charming Najeeb Abbas. The bride is indeed an epitome of beauty as she looks all radiant in her beautiful attire and flawless makeup. The groom was also not left out as he looked dashing all through the event.

After the wedding Fathia, the Dinner which was held at City Park Garden Wuse 2 Abuja was one of its kind as the hall was beautifully decorated with beautiful traditional items and fireworks.

The wedding ceremony was graced by former governor of Kaduna state, H.E Alhaji Muktar Ramalan Yero, the wife of Kebbi state Governor H.E DR Mrs Zainab Bagudu, Senator Rabi'u Kwankwaso, other senators, as well as family, friends and well-wishers all gathered to celebrate the union of the newlyweds.

There was enough to eat and drink as the serene environment was so homely and comforting. Guests were well entertained by the famous Hausa musician Sadiq Zazzabi.

As always Tozali crew was there to capture all the beautiful and exciting moments of the event. Pictures speaks.