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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

 What'sSome one popped the question, someone else said yes. An engagement ring was given, a minister was decided on, now the only thing left is figuring out how to choose the perfect wedding venue. By following this checklist, you should be able to choose the wedding venue that is right for you.
1.) Ask yourself how many people are going to come to your wedding. The best way to figure this out is to take the total amount of wedding invitations you sent out and then figure that about half to three-quarters of the invited guests will actually attend. So if you plan accordingly, you should have plenty of space for all of your guests to share your special day.
2.) Decide if you want separate venues for your wedding and reception. If you want to do them both separately, then choosing venues that are near to each other is a good idea. Make sure that the reception venue is going to seat all the guests that attended the ceremony and a few more. Statistics show that more people attend receptions than the actual wedding.
3.) Do a walk through of each and every place you consider for your wedding. Bring a camera to document specific things you think make one site better than another. Also, carry a notebook and pen with you to make any notes or remember any questions you might have.
4.) Investigate different venues for your wedding. Consider hotels, botanical gardens, community centers and any building that rents space as a viable option. Don't remove a site from your consideration until you have seen it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
5.) Compare prices of all of the venues you are considering. It might help to make a column of pros and cons for each site and use that to help you make a decision.

Choosing your wedding colours
Choosing your wedding colours is another important decision you will make when planning your wedding. You will need to choose your colours before you decide on your bridesmaid dresses or even talk to your wedding florist. Making a final decision on colours can be trickier than you first thought. It is a crucial to get the right combination of colours to help create the best setting and overall tone of your wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you decide:

1: Choose your favourite colour: This may seem a simple and obvious choice, and some brides can solve the dilemma of wedding colours quickly if they have had a life long love of a particular colour. Choose your favourite colour and select complimentary tones to create a magnificent look throughout your day

2: Consider your Venue: Look around your wedding venue and take note of the colours of the interiors. This way you can ensure you do not choose colours that clash instead of compliment. Try to pick up on a colour that is used on the walls, carpets or even curtains and tie your colours in with this.

3: Make a Mood Board: Once you have created a short list of your possible wedding colours, collect images from magazines, photographs etc of various wedding accessories in these colours. Have a picture of your ideal wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, wedding favours and table centrepieces‘, put them all together on a mood board and you will be able to see the overall look. This is a great way to ensure you have your perfect colour palette.

Once you have chosen your ideal wedding colours, the finer details will fall into place. You can begin to look for bridesmaid dresses in that colour, talk to your florist about putting together your beautiful bouquet and even pick your wedding favours. Choosing your wedding colours can be a journey however when you have finalised your palette, putting your own personal wedding style into place is a pleasure and a true expression of you both.

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Throwback Wedding Pictures of Mustapha and Aisha Usman Muazu, Abdullahi and Aisha Usman Mohammed!

Mustapha and Abdullahi Hassan did the brotherly thing as both elder and younger brothers chose to tie the nuptial nuts on the same day, at the same venue and at the same time. As if sharing the same date and venue wasn't enough, their brides share the same names too: Aisha Usman Muazu (Mustaph's bride) and Aisha Usman Mohammed (Abdullahi's bride). Our camers captured the colourful event and it's all here full colours. Feast your eyes!