Saturday, 29 June 2019

Decorum Lost Between An Aisle And A Window Seat.

There is presently more cringeworthy news than the airline seat matter I have chosen to discuss today. The heat of the moment is about the supposed rape of Mrs. Bukola Dakolo, wife of celebrated Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo, by a pastor of the COZA church, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. An aide to former Gov. Fayose called it 'consensual rape', whatever that means. Knowing how our discourse space is fiercely divided over religious and ethnic lines, I may perhaps limit or skip any commentary over the matter until we hear the end of it, as the pastor has indicated that he will sue over the false allegation as he put it, saying that he has never raped anyone in his life. Amazingly, CAN has not said a word over the rape allegation, very unlike the body that is fond of issuing categorical statements all the time on virtually every other issue as it affects our society; meanwhile such a matter that involves a pastor has been ignored. This matter ought to be a front burner in CAN's usual public statements because of the person involved. The fact that a pastor is involved has made it necessary for me to mention this unfortunate revelation, as it touches on the substance that almost all decorum is lost in our society. We have lost our morals, our ethics and virtually nothing is done with any noble intentions, and we continue to behave like an un-cultured lot.

Back on the 30th of November, 2018, elsewhere, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of United Airlines, gave up his first class seat for a senior citizen as a gesture of kindness. Rebecca Kuchar Krutz, who witnessed the encounter said, "I was a bit surprised seeing him walk back into the economy section of the plane to take his seat. Seated in front of me on the plane was an elderly lady in her 80s maybe even early 90s. She didnt appear to be in great health and had a bit of a hard time with her speech prior to boarding. I overheard the elderly lady telling the man she was seated next to, how she couldn't believe the kindness of Oscar, giving up his seat in first class just for her". Rebecca says, "that ladies and gentlemen, is how it should be done. Treat our elders with the respect and care they deserve". Rebecca says, because of that incident, she may very well be a lifetime customer to United Airlines.

Fast forward to last week, here in Nigeria, billionaire Tonye Cole, brought our attention to an incident where a young man asked Professor Wole Soyinka, the nobel laureate writer and poet, with his elderly frame and thick white hair, to vacate the window seat allocated to him, which the Prof. was occupying. Mistakenly or not, the Prof was astride the seat, strapped on and going over some papers. Though Tonye Cole was castigated over his description of the young in a rather thuggish way, which demeaned the lad's character, he elicited a lot of sentiments and commentary, over how it was uncouth for the young man to ask an elder, to vacate a seat for him, albeit the window seat was assigned to the young man. If the young man had a medical condition that made it uncomfortable for him to sit anywhere aside the window seat, he could courteously explain to the Prof, why he has to vacate the seat for him. But he did ask him off his seat, simply because it was allocated to him. Now we know that airlines can actually swap one's seat without giving any reason or notice. Where are our morals? Where is our upbringing? Has it come to this? Asking an elderly man to vacate a seat for you? An elder with a status like the Prof's? Things have really gone awry and the distinction between right and wrong has gone down hill, a very steep hill. 

In another twist, just a day after Tonye Cole's revelation, one Tosin Odunfa came forward and claimed to be that uncouth young man, trying to justify his actions. He claimed he had a PhD in Electrical Engineering and was teaching Nano Electromagnetic theory at The University of Mannittawiw. The Guardian newspapers went with his story without confirming any of the claims. It took the sanity of one Gimba Kakanda to alert everyone that there was no such course, neither was there any such institution. Guardian simply deleted the news from their website. Journalism too has lost all decorum. Media houses are now competing with junk journalism found on social media and other news sites that are fond of going to press with unverified news items. Investigative Journalism has suffered a painful death in Nigeria and all the media cares for is sensationalism. Most others are sponsored with very sinister ethnic and religious bigotry, that further divides us as we lap up all that the media says, in the twisted and misconstrued ways they present the news to us.

A week ago, local news media were filled with news about a rich man being airlifted by a helicopter, to escape the traffic jam in Lagos. Some even said it was a rich man's girlfriend that was picked by the chopper. 2 days after, BBC came up with the authentic story of how a stroke victim was picked up by a chopper and rushed to the hospital. Where are our ethos in journalism and the delivery of accurate and verified news? A media house cannot be run like a blog or behave like a social media influencer where bragging rights and increased followership is all that matters - and to hell with the facts of the news. A fulani young man kills a fulani girl, but its reported as a fulani boy kills a girl from another tribe, just to create a tribal crisis between fulanis and . 'Herdsmen' are reported as arrested and they are named fulani herdsmen, meanwhile their specific names are Jacob and Isaac, definitely non-fulani.

If Prof. Wole Soyinka would be excused off a seat by a young man, probably the age of his grandchild, and a pastor would be accused of rape, where is our decorum? Are the end times near, or are they here already? Prof says it's just fine, but the truth is, it's not fine for our society. There is already a generation of over 20 to 30 million Nigerians that have been denied their youth and are over the age of 40, yet are looked down upon as youths. This set is full of unprincipled people who are neither here nor there. What more of the youths of today that are between 16 and 39? Can one imagine the rot and decay in their moral values? Can we explain the rationale and morality in the trip of a youth group in a chartered private jet, over to Ota, to gift a former head of state 1 million naira, just as courtesy? Shouldn't they have been chased back home? Have the elders too lost their decorum? Just as history has been brought back to the primary and secondary schools syllabus, perhaps something similar should be done to teach and mentor an awareness of moral obligations and decorous conduct. Maybe it will be in schools, maybe by the National Orientation Agency, maybe by the Ministry of Youths and Sports; but something must be done in that regard, otherwise, the brigandage to come, is of immeasurable proportions.

By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi.

Friday, 28 June 2019


Wrist Watches are one of the most important devices in the daily lives of human beings. It is required for keeping track of time during the day or night. They are available in various types of designs and models though this option is not a problem as far as wrist watches are concerned.

The Importance of Wrist Watch in our Everyday Lives.

Portable Piece of Fashion and trending Accessory.

Watches, fashion, and trend goes hand-in-hand. For this reason, I have for you the significance of fashion and watches in our everyday lives. 
Wrist Watches and fashion are intertwined together. In fact, no jewelry wardrobe is complete without a watch; also, good dressing is not complete without a good wrist watch to go with it.

Fashion watches are associated with lifestyle, and many of the leading watch companies like Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani and others have positioned themselves to appeal to certain segments of the consumer market.

These consumers are the reasons why most of these manufacturers are still in business.  For example, in this day and age, big face and chunky straps watches are trending. In fact, most of the popular celebrities are also wearing them to complement their dressing. Because of that, on its own, this timepiece device is proving to be an important fashion accessory on a daily basis.

Class and Status.

At this time a watch is an ornament to show status and social class in the society. Wearing a designer wrist watch and shoes, defines your personality. Therefore, people attach so much importance to the type, make and brand of their wrist watch. 
Through a wristwatch, Identity and class can be expressed. As it was in the time of its invention, watches have been a status symbol, and at this present time, it is still a status symbol.

Generally speaking, wrist watches have been transformed from an object of necessity into a luxury item. 
A watch is important in modern life. It affirms your style in respect of your age and your social class. Wrist watch is functional, convenient and makes your life easier by having a good relation with time.


Thursday, 13 June 2019


One Adamu Mohammed was taken to court on May 29th, 2018, after killing his girlfriend Hauwa out of jealousy.

Justice A. Jauro of Yobe state high court sentenced Adamu Muhammad to death by hanging, for killing his 24-year-old girlfriend Hauwa Muhammad out of jealousy.

Justice Jauro delivering judgment in the case on June 11th, held that it has been proven beyond doubt that Adamu indeed killed his girlfriend Hauwa. The presiding Judge then found the suspect guilty of murder under section 221 of the penal code.

After the judgment, Mr. M. Dauda, counsel to Adamu, said that he will carefully study the case and possibly file an appeal.

The suspect, after the judgment said he accepted it as the will of god.



In Okoko area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria a 61 year-old-man named Jeremiah Obifor, cut off the hand of an 11 –year-old boy named Goodluck Amechi, because he alleged the boy wanted to steal his fish from his fish pond.

Doris Isaac reported to the police station on the same day that her foster son, Goodluck Amechi was attacked with a machete by Jeremiah Obifor.

According to the police public relation officer, Bala Elkana, the boy’s right hand was cut off as he was rushed to Igando general hospital. 

”The 61 year-old man alleged that, he saw the 11-year-old boy around his fish pond and thought he came to steal his fish, that was why he cut off his hand.

“Investigation is going on and the suspect will be charged to court” he said.



The commissioner of police, Abia state, Mr. Ene Okon, declared a sergeant name Collins Akpugo, who allegedly killed a 21 year old, Mr. Chukwuikem Onuoha, wanted.

The commissioner also added that a reward of N500,000, awaits anyone with information about the sergeant.

Collins Akpugo shot the 21 year-old Chukwuikem Onuoha to death, at Afaraukwu community in Umuahia, when the deceased asked him to dim the headlights of his vehicle.

According to the police public relation officier in the state, Mr. Geoffrey Ogbonna, the suspect was declared wanted because the five days grace given to him to surrender himself had elapsed.

He also added that the gun used by Mr. Collins was recovered by the police investigating team where he abandoned it.


Tuesday, 11 June 2019


A boy known as Ezekiel Kuti who lives with his father and step mother in lagos, was badly burnt on the face by his step mother using a hot electronic iron.

A twitter user took to his page to narrate how Ezekiel was maltreated by his step mother. He shared a picture and a short video on how disfigured the boy's face is, and also how the incident happened.

According to the boy, on the 5th of June, he spilled a gallon of groundnut oil and because of how scared of being scolded he was, he decided to fill the gallon with water. 

His step mother got angry with him when she noticed what he did, and burnt his face with hot electronic iron in the presence of his father, but his father did not say anything; even though he witnessed the incident. When asked if he was taken to hospital for treatment, he said no, that he was the one treating himself.

The twitter user @opomulero-007 calls out to NGOs and government agencies to help Ezekiel Kuti from his wicked step mother, who burnt his face with an electronic iron, and also his father, that could not do anything after witnessing the incident.


Monday, 10 June 2019


The Nigeria women senior volleyball team has qualified for the all African games billed for august in morocco. 

The Nigeria women qualified without playing any game because of the failure of their west African opponents, cote Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Ghana to show up for the zone 3 African volleyball qualifiers which was to hold in Abuja from 2nd to 6th June. 

The president of CAVB zone 3, Paul Atchoe, therefore announced Nigeria as the qualifier since they are the only once that participated, Nigeria will represent African zone 3 in morocco.


Monday, 3 June 2019


A 22-year-old man from Thailand was electrocuted to death while charging his phone in bed.

The victim who was not named, was alone at his apartment waiting for a relative in Thailand's Nakhon Ratchasima on Monday night.

When his relative arrived, he found the man not moving in bed and also gripping his phone tightly, which was still connected to the wall socket.

His death came a month after a factory worker was electrocuted while charging his phone, and also using earphones at the same time in Thailand. The factory worker was found dead on his bed with his phone plugged with a cheap charging cable.

He was found dead the next morning on his mattress when the property owner visited the room due to the fumes from his room. He was found with burning around his ears. He appeared to have been listening to music or talking to someone, with the microphone section of the earphone on his lips.