Thursday, 31 August 2017

Sport News

D’Tigress Win Confirms Nigeria’s Africa Dominance
The D’Tigress have restored the Nigeria’s lost glory in the just concluded Women Afrobasketball championship having defeated defending champions, Senegal to clinch the title for the third time after 12 years. D’Tigress coaches Sani Ahmed and Scott Nnaji have said the victory of Nigeria’s basketball team at the FIBA Africa Championship for Women which took place in Mali has confirmed the country’s dominance of sports in Africa. Nigeria won Afrobasket Women title after beating former champions Senegal 65-48. The former national team coaches said that D’Tigress shows what Nigeria could do on the world scene with adequate preparations.
President Muhammadu Buhari has congratulated the female basketball team for winning the 2017 FIBA Women Basketball World Cup in Spain. The president commended the players for displaying uncommon strength, confidence and skills over their victory. He assured the team, its managers and the Nigeria Basketball Federation of his support and that of the federal government to ensure they excel against other competitors.

Mikel Obi and Victor Moses Leads 24 Others in Super Eagles First Training
Mikel obi and Victor Moses lead 24 others super Eagles players at their first training session which took place at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium Uyo. The training session was in preparation for Friday’s mega clash against Cameroon which is the 2018 World cup qualifier. Also present at the training is the technical crew led by Gernot Rohr while goalkeeper’s coaches Enrico Pionetti and Alloy Agu took the three goalkeepers through their paces.

My presence in Super Eagles will bring Good luck - Nwakaeme
Nwakaeme has predicted that his first call up to natural team will be a good omen for the super Eagles. The striker expressed optimism that he would be able to help in stopping Cameroon in the double-headed fixture.
He said, “First of all, I am happy to be here and it feels so good to be a part of the national team set up. I have always wanted to play for my country and now that the opportunity is here I hope to seize it with both hands and do my bit when called upon to do so”. He also said, “It does not matter who plays or gets to start, the most important thing is that we are one team and whether I start from the bench or don’t even get to play at all, I want to support this team 100 percent, on or off the pitch, I want to do my part whenever and in whatever capacity I am called upon”.

Akide- Udoh at 42
The federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has sent birthday wishes to legendary former Super Falcons striker Mercy Akide-Udoh, who turns 42 on 27th August, 2017. Akide-Udoh made her debut for the Super Falcons in 1994 under Ismaila Mabo and represented Nigeria at three FIFA Women’s World Cup. She was a member of the Falcons Squad at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic games. She helped Nigeria win three Africa Women’s Cup of Nations titles in 1998, 2000 and 2002. In 2001, she was named the First African Women’s Footballer of the year and was a 1999 and 2004 FIFA World All-Star.

Omagbemi Nominated for Best FIFA Women’s Coach Award.
Former Super Falcons captain Florence Omagbemi has been nominated for the best FIFA Women’s Coach of the Year Award. Omagbemi coached Nigeria to an unprecedented 8th Africa title with a 1-0 victory over host Cameroon 1-0 last December. She contends for the prestigious award with nine (9) other nominees shortlisted by a panel of women’s football experts. The winner will be chosen by a process involving national team coaches, captains, selected media and fans.

By Mercy Kukah 

Dos and Don’ts of Shoes

Shoes happens to be one of the most loved fashion accessories by men and women. When it comes to buying shoes, some women or even men will shop till they spend the last money they have got  on them till they drop for the perfect shoe. Shoe shopping is such a glorious activity and enjoyable for must shopping lovers . You walk straight into a boutique and take a walk round to see if you will get that shoe that you have been dreaming of.
People can tell a lot about you by the shoes you are wearing. The common misconception about shoes that people have is that they are meant to bring out your fashion side. The truth is that shoes are good for your feet as well as your overall health.
Thus, this article will update you on the rule book to the dos and donts of wearing shoes. Read on:

Dos of wearing shoes.
Do wear shoes that you will feel comfortable in: People especially ladies like wearing tight shoes which is very part for your foot and toes. It is better and also advisable that your shoes allow freedom to move your toes. Pain and fatigue result if shoes are too narrow or too shallow. Your feet can only be as comfortable as the footwear permits.

Do choose fit over style: You won't look great if your feet hurt. Wearing tight shoes will definitely change your foot in such a way that you will be embarrassed to even wear open shoes. Always make sure that the size of your shoes is not too tight or too big. Your shoes should always be comfortable and it should also be the type of shoe that you can wear and will not cause pain and sore for the rest of the day.

DO choose footwear according to the hazard at your workplace:  If your workplace is the type that requires you to move up and down a lot, then there is no need to wear heels you should rather opt for ballerinas or flat shoes . If you are a man, buy a nice pair of loafer, they go with almost anything.

DO ensure that your shoes have arch supports: Lack of arch support causes flattening of the foot. When your foot gets flatten, you will lose a good walking posture. It will look as if you are struggling to walk and this can be quite embarrassing when people get to know it was shoes that cause it.

DO choose shoes that provide a firm grip for the heel: If the back of the shoe is too wide or too soft, the shoe will slip, causing instability and soreness.

Always wear shoes that are close in colour to your trousers: Men spend a lot of money when it comes to their shoes, wristwatches and belts. One of the dos of shoes for men is to wear shoe that is of the same colour or close to the colour of their trouser. This will make you to stand out and also make you a fashion inspiration to people. 

Donts of shoes       
The donts of shoes, otherwise known as the disadvantages of wearing or buying shoes are many. Read below the donts of shoes and try as much as possible to abide by the rules.

DON'T wear shoes with heels higher than 5 cm (2 inches):  Just like every girl out there, we love our heels. They are trendy, have a beautiful arch, and more importantly, they look great with anything. But lets be honest, ladies, they dont exactly feel as great as they look, do they? Whats the point of getting shoes so high that you can barely walk in them for like 10 minutes let alone walk straight in them.  The shorter the inches of your heels  the better.

DONT wear socks with sandals: This is one of the fashion blunders that men commit. How will you feel as a man when your fellow  man laughs at you when he sees you on sandals and socks? Always look yourself at the mirror before going out or ask people around you. Socks and sandals is a big No!  

Dont wear flip-flops at work: This is a no no for wearing shoes and definitely it is a big crime when you wear such to the office. It is better to wear loafers as they are flat and will make you comfortable when you are walking around.

Don't wear sandals if you have bad toes and feet:  It is better to wear covered shoes so that you dont leave people staring at you.

Dont go for quantity but rather go for quality: Buying like 3 to 5 pieces of shoes because they are cheap doesnt mean you are going with trend. What if after a while the skin of the shoe start coming off ? Always opt for what you know would last and  you wont regret buying. Go for quality great looking shoes, it would with it at the end of the day.

Dont Wear Suede and Canvas Shoes During Rainy Days:  How many times has it happened to you that you wore the wrong kind of shoes during a rainy day? Well we have all fallen victim to this situation too many times. While the first instinct is to advise you to wear waterproof shoes, its also important to know what not to wear during the rainy season. Unless you want them to get ruined in the downpour, you better equip yourself to be safe.

If you will incorporate these  into your dos and donts of wearing your shoes, you will definitely be a fashion icon to a lot of people around you. 

By Pupwaya Timothy Dibal 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Food that destroys your figure 8

A little bit of belly fat is said to be good for you, as it protects the stomach, intestines, and other delicate organs in there. But too much fat is anything but healthy. In fact, excessive belly fat has been associated with heart diseases, diabetes, certain forms of cancer, etc. There is no single cause of belly fat says the experts. Genetics, diet, age and lifestyle can all play a role. Whether you wish to minimise abdominal weight for health reasons or to fit into your cloths, a healthy, balanced diet can help you do so. Changing dietary habits can help fight the battle of the bulge and fight belly fat: Read labels, reduce saturated fats, increase the amount of fruits and veggies you eat, and control/reduce your portions. And try to stay very far away from the foods listed 

1. Potato Chips
It’s not just that potato chips are saturated with saturated fat which causes abdominal fat gain, nor that they are crusted with salt, causing mid-level bloat. It’s not even about the quantity of calories in them – there are plenty more calorie-dense snacks out there. What makes potato chips so terrible for your tummy is not what they have, but what they lack: the ability to make you feel satisfied. A handful of chips can very quickly turn into a big empty plate in no time and you’d still be craving more. Cut out potato chips from your daily food consumption and you will see noticeable weight lose especially in mid-session.

2. Diet Soda
Recent studies have found an association between the consumption of diet sodas and a wider waist circumference. If you want to trim your tummy fat, cut out sugary beverages, including cokes and other soft drinks (including those with ‘diet’ written on them). Even worse, an obesity journal found that diet soda drinkers have a higher percentage of belly flab than those who don’t sip the beverage at all. Replace your sodas with tea instead. Green tea is especially good for trimming belly fat.

3. Pizza
Stay away! Pizza is high in calories, saturated fat and sodium.
4. Fries
Trans-fats can damage your cholesterol levels, wreak havoc on your overall heart health and promote abdominal weight gain. Common sources of trans-fats include fried foods such as doughnuts, French fries, etc. One Harvard research found that French fries eaters gained 15 pounds of belly flab from fries alone. Instead of commercially fried products, eat homemade fries, prepared with healthy choices of oils such as sunflower or olive oil. It's far much better for your health than the commercial fries.

Sources: Eat this, not that!

By Akaomachi B

Poor hygiene destroys health

First of all, let's find out the ingredients of poor hygiene.  Poor hygiene is a situation whereby an individual fail or neglect to attend to his/her personal and basic needs, such as personal hygiene, keeping healthy, feeding properly, proper clothing and keeping his/ her environment clean. It is a sign of self-negligence, inability and unwillingness to attend to ones hygiene.

Many people especially here in Nigeria are suffering from "Poor hygiene syndrome". We have situations where you would accidentally bump in to a person or a friend in the office and you would find out that he is smelling like sewage due to his Hygiene status. Some people don't even bath nor use deodorant. Many don't brush their mouth in the morning and or in the evening. Some wear and re-wear their dirty underpants causing them to have a distinctive smell everywhere they go.  

What should be noted here is poor hygiene does not only affect you, it affects your friends, family and neighbours. It also affects your interpersonal relationship, social interaction, work and school performances. Personal hygiene is very necessary but it is always overlooked all in the name of being in a hurry to work or am so busy. Mind you, caring for your personal hygiene should be your number one priority in your everyday life. Good hygiene does not only make you stand out, it gives you confidence and boldness in everything you do.

 Some everyday bad habits that can destroy your health include are as follows:

Not brushing your teeth: Brushing your teeth should be the number one thing you do every morning before anything else. It is also advisable to brush your teeth at night time before going to bed. Not brushing your teeth can lead to bad breath and dental disease, this may occur as a result of the food particles we eat which sticks to your teeth. These food particle rot in the teeth and lead to bacteria which result in bad breath and dental diseases.

Poor Environmental Sanitation: Many health issues we face today are associated with poor environmental sanitation and poor waste management which lead to environmental pollution. Poor sanitation can lead to health issues such as malaria, diarrhea, fungal infections, respiratory infections etc. it is important that you keep your environment clean for proper health.

Drinking contaminated water: Drinking dirty water can affect us in so many ways, the effect can be immediate or it can last over a long period of time. Water is considered unsafe to drink when it has taste and colour, so it is important to treat your water and ensure that the water you use your household chose are free from germs and bacteria. Contaminated water can cause nausea, diarrhea, typhoid, malaria etc.

Dirty clothing: Dirty clothing may include, bed sheets, pillow case, curtains, inner wears, leggings, tight clothes and socks. They harbour microorganisms. Re wearing dirty clothes can cause skin infections and rashes and can also lead to unpleasant odour. To stay healthy, avoid wearing and re wearing of dirty clothes. Always wash your clothes with soap, water and detergent and dry it under the sun to dry properly. We should also avoid wearing sole clothing as sole clothing can cause skin irritation and other diseases.

Dirty and smelling Shoes: Our shoes should be among the personal hygiene we should not overlook; shoe hygiene is also very important as our feet produces a lot of sweat when we wear cover shoes. Some shoes provide a warm, moist and comfortable environment for bacteria growth which can lead to fungi infections and bad smell. Always air your shoes outside for some minutes after wearing it to avoid bacteria growth and infections.

Re-wearing of inner wears:  Most if not all people are guilty of wearing their inner wears more than once. Dirty inner wears affect our overall health and for ladies, it affects the health of your vagina. As a lady, you should have the habit of washing your pant and bras every day.  Wearing moist and dirty inner can lead to rashes, yeast infections and so many deadly diseases such as cancer. It is also medically advised that we should avoid wearing too tight under wears, it may cause medical conditions that are detrimental to our health.

Dirty hands and fingernails: No matter how often you clean your nails, they will always be dirty, so it is very important to always pay special attention to your nails. We do so many things with our hands that the dirt get stock in our fingernails such as shaking hands and forgetting to wash your hands after using the rest room. These and so many more habit harbour germs which make us fall sick. Research shows that bacteria which makes people vomit and have diarrhea are often found on our fingernails. So, always wash your hands with soap and water and always remove the dirt in your nails.

Unkempt hair: The beauty of a woman lies on her hair and an unkempt hair reduces a ones physical attraction. Dirty hair leads to ringworm, lice and dandruff which will eventually lead to itching, when your hair start itching you, you cannot help but scratch it in a public place and that's totally not cool. Dirty hair also reduces your hair natural shine. For healthy clean and shiny hair, always wash your hair with shampoo at least twice in a month.

Not bathing every day: Washing and bathing are the most important ways of maintain good Hygiene and protecting ourselves from infections, illnesses and ailments. It's is at least advised that a person should bath at least once a day, with soap or shower gel. Failure to do that would attract bad health and sometimes bad odour. Maintaining cleanliness is also important for our self-confidence, physical and emotional well-being. The main purpose of washing is to remove dirt and odours.
Health is wealth, so always practice good hygiene.

By Mercy Kukah 

Friday, 25 August 2017


Teens face real problems in their everyday lives. During this time, they are exposed to overwhelming struggles. I guess I can say I made it out of my teenage years successfully, not trying to brag, but I’m in the position to motivate you on how to deal with the problems you are facing. Trust me it’s nothing you can’t get through! Everyone including our parents have passed through “teenage crisis” Let’s get started, the first and the most obvious step in life is to live, so who decides how you live? To me truly the answer is YOU. During my teenage years I told myself “Do not fall victim to human emotions” such as sorrow, pleasure, pain and so on. I often visualized the future, you know? The bigger picture ahead. As a teenager you go through awkward growth spurts and gain various experiences from reading novels, social media, breaking and building relationships. “The brain continues to change throughout life, but there are huge leaps in development during adolescence” said Sarah Johnson, professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School. Adolescence is considered a time of critical development between ages 11 and 19. Most times teenagers go through difficulties that are not worth it in the end. In life, the choices you make depends solely on you and nobody else.

First and foremost Parental Guidance, Teenagers need parental guidance. I mean who else is going to take care of you and direct you? The basic needs in life include shelter, food, and clothing, things your parents provide for you without you having to ask. Dads work so much and moms sacrifice almost everything for you. I use to think my mom didn’t like me having any fun! I didn’t understand why I had to be back home by 5pm while my friends could be out till 10pm. I felt like the black sheep among all my buddies. I’ll stop and tell you right now, always follow the rules and guidelines your parents set for you. Trust me in the end its all for your own good. As you get older, you begin to see your parents as real people and why they did the things they did (“Oh, wow, dad worked so late to keep up with my wants and sponsor school trips.”) Do not distance yourself from either of them, they want you closer to them than ever. Speak up on how you feel on certain topics they discuss with you. I’m not saying you should be an open book but personal talks with them help. Honestly, you will like them the second you move out, most teens don’t believe it until they go through it. To avoid feeling like a total jerk in the future for all the hell you put them through, go make up the rest of the time you have with them starting NOW!

Do you have a best friend? The one you call “wifey”, “twin”, or “husband” and spend literally every hour with? Be careful with how much you share with that person, try not to trust them blindly because the bitter truth is they may not be your best friend in a few years. You might get into a big argument and never speak to each other again or worse if you have deeper feelings for one another and slowly start to drift away. At first it may make you cry but you will laugh about it in the next five years. Don’t misunderstand me, you may just find that one friend who completely understands and accepts you and that’s awesome! I’m only warning you of the race before you reach the finish line. Trust me when your emotions get tampered with it feels like a needle being pricked on your skin over and over again. If you are the extremely sensitive type my advice to you would be cherish the moment’s you have now and don’t get distracted with trying to fit in, looking for acceptance from others, all that gets you riled up and confused. Oh! And of course peer pressure, avoid it. Surround yourself with people you like, and like doing things together. (Things that won’t get you in a large amount of trouble.) If it’s a little more complicated, take a chance and join a peer group. Peer groups encourage you to try new things, and hang out with others who easily understand you.

Hormones, hormones and more hormones! Teenage hormones are the chemicals that cause the physical growth and sexual development from your teens into adulthood. You’ll notice that your emotions, moods and sexual feelings are much stronger. Teenage hormones are mixtures of vulnerability and potential. Automatically everything you do has a high feeling of intensity about it. Your first kiss, first time you fell in love, the first time you drove a car will still be remembered 10-20 years from now. At times you may also feel more impulsive and more inclined to take risks, like experimenting with drugs or alcohol, driving without a license or having unsafe sex. It was hard for me to understand all the changes my body and mind was going through, I thought they were weird, a little freaky and unnatural. But I was so wrong, developing hormones are pretty much normal for everyone. We’ve all been there! Dating isn’t just about building social skills or finding a romantic partner; it’s an opportunity to learn about your personal values, needs, and desires. Spending time with others is a way to identify what you like and don’t like in other people and in yourself. If you aren’t ready, that’s fine too. Always go at your own pace. In addition don’t let rejection tear you down, I know sometimes mood swings get the best of you but it can be used to your own advantage. Learn how to accept rejection without taking it personally. Once you master that skill it will help you throughout your life. Never rush into intimacy, don’t bother about what your friends are doing. You are who you are never be ashamed of what you stand for and believe in. Honest and comfortable discussions on sexuality with your parents can help ease your nerves and also clarify any possible questions that you have.

Discovering who you are is one of the biggest challenges as a teenager. (I know that was a tough one for me.) It’s possible your identity may change from one month to the next. You have the opportunity to experiment with your personal values, style, beliefs, and sexuality. All you need to have is healthy self-esteem and a strong support system, you can build your new identity with confidence. You don’t need anyone’s acceptance and the moment they make you feel like you do, walk away. It may be difficult at first but if I can do it, then so can you!

BY: Aishat. B

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Nigeria: A Once Vibrant Country Dwarfed by Criminals and Rogues

To the criminally minded, an opportunity once given should be exploited for personal advantage. Some would say, “All those shouting about stealing, diversion and corruption in Nigeria are not opportune to be in position of doing so”. That is the mindset of criminals that see stealing as the shortest route to success for ostentatious living.

Nigerians have of recent been regaled with sleazy deals in arms procurement, with several highly placed individuals and past public office holders summoned by the Department of State Security (DSS) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to explain their roles in sordid deals that turned into complex cobwebs involving politicians who once wielded enormous power.
First to be arrested by EFCC was the former National Security Adviser, a Sokoto Sultanate prince who desperately wants to be a Sultan, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd) for allegedly expending $2.1billion in arms purchase with nothing to show except deaths of military officials and civilians from insurgents.

Nigerians and the rest of the world may not yet know those fully involved in the messy arms deals until further investigation is completed.
What the public know is that a lot of their money meant for arms purchase ended up in private vaults in the better-forgotten, yet difficult to forgive and forget the dark years of the Jonathan administration. Budget allocations to security/defence, is not enough evidence of what was truly sunk into those areas, sadly, without positive result. In 2008, Nigeria expended N444.6billion on security; 2009: N233 billion; 2010: N264billion; these were in the days of Umaru Yar Adu’a. In 2011, after Jonathan took over from where Yar Adu’a stopped, Nigeria committed N348billion for security; 2012: N921.91billion; 2013: N1.055trillion. It fell to N968billion in 2014, about 20percent of the year’s N4.962trillion budget.

These were budgetary allocations alone to security. Going by the on-going revelations after the arrest of Dasuki and his co-travelers in the sleaze, it is getting clearer that the Jonathan administration went beyond budgetary provisions in disbursing funds to the National Security Adviser, ostensibly for security purposes.
Former finance and coordinating minister of the economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, testified that she also disbursed $322million to Dasuki from the recovered loot of the late Sani Abacha who stole more than he needed.
In her words, “the NSA made a case for using the retrieved funds for urgent security operations since, he noted, there could not be any development without peace and security”.

Those defence disbursements are laced with several mindboggling dimensions beyond human reasoning. One, the Jonathan administration seemed to have no value for money. And no one would have expected that a country at war with terrorists would have been so inhumanly raped by those supposed to execute the war to logical conclusion. There is also another dangerous implication for the armed forces whose men and officers were ordered to confront the murderous terrorists literally with bare hands while Dasuki and his gang stole the funds meant for arms.
Perhaps Nigerians need some statistics to drive the points vividly home. Boko Haram from a rough estimate has murdered over 20,000 people since their insurrection in 2009 and displaced over 2.3million from their natural habitats.

Indeed, the terrorists had wrecked havoc that may take decades to reverse particularly in the north-eastern part of the country. Boko Haram has carried out successful abductions including kidnapping 276 school girls from GGSS Chibok in April 2014 without resistance. All these form part of why there was joy across the country when EFCC began to arrest suspects in connection with the N2billion arms deals. Others that are now having their day with the embattled Dasuki in court are former Sokoto state governor, Attahiru Bafarawa who allegedly collected N100million from the arms deal through former PDP national chairman, Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu; Bashiru Yuguda, Jonathan’s minister of state, finance, told EFCC that he gave N600million to six (6) PDP chairmen of contact and mobilization committee for the 2015 general elections. Beneficiaries of the loot were; ex-convict, Bode George from South-west, Peter Odili from South-south, ex-convict, Jim Nwobodo from South-east, Amb. Yerima Abdullahi from North-east, Attahiru Bafarawa from North-west and Ahmadu Ali from North-central whose biological son is standing trial for another offence on fuel subsidy scam. Others were; Former head of terrorism in the office of the NSA and PDP Kebbi state 2015 gubernatorial candidate, Sarkin Yaki Bello who received N200million without sweating for it. Former Zamfara state governor, Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi received N100million. Emeritus chairman of Africa Independent Television (AIT), Chief Raymond Dokpesi allegedly collected N2.1billion from Dasuki for what he claimed to be money for advertorials aired by AIT for Jonathan’s 2015 presidential campaign but despite that huge sum of illicit money, he failed to settle several months of the same AIT staff salaries. But if one may ask, when has the office of the NSA become the platform to settle fees for political advertisements? Was Dasuki a member of the PDP publicity committee or expectedly a neutral servant entrusted with the security aspect of the country? Was the NSA’s office an extension of Wadata Plaza managed by PDP crooks and rogues guarded by Dasuki? Was Jonathan presidential campaigning funded from with public funds meant for development? What went wrong with the billions claimed to have been ‘realized’ at his presidential campaign launching? Who then must have funded the notorious Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) and the several other mushroom groups under PDP? EFCC has a long way to go in its assignment as most of the criminals are within and outside Wadata Plaza. The anti-corruption agency has also launched a manhunt for another suspected high profile criminal, onetime national chairman of the PDP, Muhammed Halliru Bello Gwandu in connection with some diverted arms cash. One of the suspects in EFCC’s custody is said to have refunded N200million and pleaded for bail to enable him refund about N1billion credited to him from the stolen arms funds. If that is done, let him be sent to Sambisa forest to assist the military in the fight against Boko Haram.

One joyful aspect of the unfolding drama is that those who hitherto classified themselves as untouchables are now touched and frightened. That is the best way it should always be; the law should be no respecter of persons – soldiers, police, governors, ministers, religious and community leaders, lawyers, journalists, media owners, even former presidents and Heads of state. Although the court process is yet to start, Nigerians and the international community are already being treated to melodious songs; some are singing like canaries already. Honestly, one is impatient waiting to hear more melodious tunes from the onetime untouchables that would now sing- treble, tenor alto, bass – from the suspect box in the coming harvest of songs.
But Nigerians should thank their God for not allowing their military to commit serial senseless murders in the name of punishing soldiers for mutiny because it could have been disastrous with the on-going revelations after those innocent soldiers had been killed. Yet the sacked Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Sabundu Badeh had endorsed the summary trials and execution of the soldiers and officers who deserted the war front because they did not want to commit suicide that the Nigerian authorities wanted them to commit.

Regrettably, Badeh was quoted to have said: “In fact, may be you will now push us to go and start doing field court martial in the bush. We try them, in five minutes we would have finished the trial, kill them, bury them and we go on with the fight,” Badeh said in reaction to the barrage of criticisms that trailed the sentencing of 12 soldiers to death for alleged mutiny and other military offences. Now, the question is: Do you confront better armed bandits with superior weapons with bare hands just because you want to carry out an order from your superior officer who failed to even secure his ancestral home in Adamawa state? Only God knows how many soldiers and officers had gone the Badeh way in the military era over coups, real or phantom. This was simply the height of man’s inhumanity to man. The same Alex Badeh had testified that he headed a military that lacked equipments, when he was handing over to the new Chief of Defence Staff, Major- General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin following his well deserved sack alongside other military chiefs by President Muhammadu Buhari on July 13, 2015.

“The task of coordinating the military and other security agencies in the fight against terrorists is perhaps the most complex and challenging assignment I have had in my over 38 years in service. For the first time, I was head of a military that lacked the relevant equipments and motivation to fight an enemy that was invisible and embedded with the local populace”, Badeh confessed at the occasion.
This reminds me of the sincere situation report made by Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima that attracted him attacks from Jonathan for saying, “Boko Haram insurgents were better equipped than our soldiers and better motivated”.
Now, if Badeh knew his troops were not properly equipped for the war, why did he approve the killing of soldiers who refused to make themselves, available for suicide in the hands bandits? Perhaps it did not occur to him and his colleagues that those soldiers are entitled to right to life and loved by others. Again, was Badeh not aware of the billions of naira and dollars that had been budgeted for same military he was coordinating to buy arms and ammunitions? What then happened to the monies and why would the military be left without the budgeted weapons and motivation as even confirmed by foreign observers of the situation? If he was not aware, did he raise any alarm to salvage the situation? Why did he wait for a sack while losing the war until he was disgracefully made to vacate the position?

Honestly, if security is a function of huge budgetary and extra-budgetary allocations, then Nigeria under Jonathan could have been one of the most secured countries on earth, given the stupendous amounts security swallowed in the country’s budgets in the last three years.
This has never been and is depressing and insulting enough. The matter is worsened by the un-Godly manner the military authorities handled it in collaboration with criminally minded politicians amongst who messed-up their states when they held sway as governors. Indeed, one begins to agree that the Almighty God may create a special Hell fire for Nigerians on the Day of Judgment especially those who presided over government affairs. Those who say the furnace in hell would be reinforced seven times more than usual on that Great Day of Judgment must have had Nigerian leaders in mind. Very soon, some of the big crooks already in the net would start to claim strange ailments and ask the courts to allow them travel overseas for proper medical attention. But the courts need to be vigilant and in some cases, ask the vandals whether their itchy-fingers are not responsible for the absence of state-of-the-art medical facilities in public hospitals.    

Part of the beauty of the arms deals case is that it would check impunity on the part of public officials and their collaborators. Those close to the seat of power have over the years committed several atrocities with impunity that even the blind could see especially during the dark days of Jonathan.  Honestly, Jonathan needs all the angels to swear on his behalf that truly, he was not aware of those monumental scams because in terms of whistle blowing, he had a surfeit of it; but, rather than doing something, he busied himself trying to distinguish between stealing and corruption while the likes of Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu, Prof. Ahmed Alkali, Udenta Udenta, Peter Odili, Tony Anenih etc were busy diverting monies budgeted for arms to the PDP through Sambo Dasuki who has now brought shame to the Sultanate of Sokoto.

EFCC should better cast its net wider to get in all those who might have partaken in the stealing and diversion of the arms funds. President Buhari needs to be reminded of the implication of the scam on loyalty, professionalism and cohesion in the military. It has implication for national security beyond being, kept in the cooler and later destroyed.

By Sanusi Muhammad