Monday, 30 June 2014



In 2006, Nigeria’s Department of State Security Service (DSS) reported the possibility of a breakdown of law and order in the North-East sub-region if the activities of Yusufiyya Movement remained unchecked. Little was done to implement the report to its logical conclusion until the situation snowballed to a catastrophic dimension in 2009 following the ‘gruesome murder’ of the sect’s leader allegedly on the order of the then Borno State governor, Ali Modu Sheriff. It is the opinion of some analysts that lack of proper investigation by security agencies into the killing of Yusufiyya Movement’s leader triggered off revenge missions by members of his sect.  It appears that the capacity of the sect for revenge was underrated.
As the sect launched guerilla attacks on security formations, killing, maiming security personnel and ransacking villages, government continued to underrate their capacity despite genuine efforts by those with direct contacts with a cross section of the sect’s leadership for possible solution. Some of the suggestions proffered were utilized by the DSS that maintained high class professionalism and proved its commitment to overcome the problem. Majority of arrests and relative peace enjoyed in prone areas then were due to the efforts of DSS, until the deployment of military personnel at a later date to complement their efforts.

While Nigeria was under threat, the international community kept silence erroneously believing the insurgency was an isolated local crisis as the country’s leadership portrayed it until the worst happened, when over 270 innocent students were lured and kidnapped by the insurgents: an incident that exposed the weakness of the government and security agencies in the prone areas.
Since 2009 when the sect launched its guerilla assault, it is yet to be defeated despite several claims. But before the sect was engaged in full scale battle, some of those with an inkling of their modus operandi had advised government against declaration of a war. In his wisdom, the former Chief of Army Staff, General Iherijika, declared a war against the insurgents, ignoring the fact that they were already prepared for such an encounter having stock-piled enough arms (some seized from police and military formations). Government was alerted on their capability to stand the war, but that warning was ignored. Government is being criticized in some quarters for not reaching out to those with genuine contact with the sect leadership and for appointing wrong people for the job of dealing with the insurgents that has not paid any dividend. In most cases, expired administrators, politicians and retired security personnel were entrusted with such an important assignment. The result of the lukewarm attitude and mistrust of government is what Nigerians are witnessing with regrets. Galtamari, Tanimu Turaki and General Ibrahim Sabo Committees appear to have been put in place for mere administrative convenience. The various reports have not yielded positive results. What were they meant to achieve? Were they supposed to be mere waste of resources?  It has been reported that certain personalities that established the necessary contacts and built confidence with the sect were ignored or denied audience with the Presidency for brainstorming for a way out by those expected to act promptly, while others systematically dodged from involvement for fear of their lives.
The spoke person of the group addressing top government officials during their visit to the presidency, demanding the government to rescue the Chibok girls
Some Nigerians think that engaging the insurgents in a war was not the best of ideas; others maintain that dialogue remains the only solution, there are yet others whose only concern is for government to end Boko Haram insurgency and free the Chibok girls irrespective of the method applied.  
It is being rumoured  in some quarters that the major routes used by insurgents to smuggle arms into the country were exposed for action and some of their training camps and corporate headquarters located in the notorious Sambisa forest were identified, but no action to flush them out  was taken until they established other hideouts and escape routes. If this rumour is true, then Nigerians in general and the parents of the affected girls in particular have cause to doubt the sincerity of government about tackling Boko Haram and rescuing the Chibok girls.
The situation has continued to escalate and Nigerians are worried about the safety of the girls as days run into weeks since their abduction. President Jonathan should re-examine the composition of Nigeria’s security agencies and his executive council for possible decisive action if safety of lives and property means anything to his administration. Members of his executive council from the North-East should be temporarily redeployed to the sub-region to proffer immediate solution to the lingering problem as their own contribution to nation building on a solid foundation of peace. As indigenes of the region they should be familiar with happenings of the region and be able to employ whatever strategy they deem best to bring normalcy to the region.

Nigeria was told by some foreign experts that poverty, under development and massive unemployment including illiteracy were responsible for the escalation of the insurgency and once tackled, the terrorists would be defanged because their recruitment may no longer be enticing and gainful.  As Nigerians continue to suffer in the hands of Boko Haram, one wonders why it took the world so long to respond to the challenge posed by terrorists. One wonders even more why the Northern States Governors Forum remains inactive to supporting the efforts of the Federal Government to crush the terrorists.
In 2011, NSGF appointed a committee to proffer solution to the insurgency. The committee report obviously went the other way similar reports went with the North-East left for Kashim Shettima, Ibrahim Geidam, Ibrahim Dankwambo, Isa Yuguda, Murtala Nyako and Garba Umar to manage. Where then is the northern brotherhood and solidarity? Plateau, Benue, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Zamfara and Kogi have had their own bitter experiences to tell. What role did the NSGF play to cool tempers and restore confidence in those States? The antecedents of the forum once forced Governors Yuguda and Suswan to suspend their membership to protect their integrity.

Today, the world is weeping along with parents, brothers, sisters and relatives of the Chibok abducted female students now languishing in the hands of terrorists. The world is imagining what the young innocent girls are going through physically and psychologically in the hands of faithless beasts masquerading as religious extremists. But is Nigeria doing everything possible to ensure the safe return of the girls? Is the international community sincerely involved in searching for the girls?  As we join other sympathizers shedding tears with intensified prayers for the immediate release of those innocent girls, we reflect on the recent revelation by Amnesty International that Nigeria’s security agencies had information four hours before the girls were wickedly abducted and yet within those four hours, there was no positive action to prevent the heinous crime.  If Amnesty was right, then Nigerians may well start preparing for self-defence. However, security agencies have since debunked the report of Amnesty International. 

Thank goodness, Nigerians can take solace in the fact that the Jonathan administration has finally invited the international community for a rescue operation. With their joint efforts rescue operation, Nigerians may soon heave a sigh of relief from terrorism. The repercussion of Boko Haram insurgency is that we have almost reached a point of no return in our ethnic, regional and religious relations expected of a united people that fought a civil war to remain united.  Escalation of corrupt practices, insincerity, selective justice and infrastructural development and protection of identified suspected criminals are responsible for the ugly situation we have found ourselves in. It is only by divine intervention that Nigeria can bounce back as a united and prosperous country. So, let all patriotic Nigerians join in the prayer to BRING BACK OUR GIRLS.                                                                                                                  
 By Sanusi Muhammad

Friday, 27 June 2014

Real People

The wedding ceremony of Fatima Ummy Kolo was the kind of wedding some girls can only fantasize. Being the only daughter of the family of justice Mohammed Mamman Kolo, her parents didnt hesitate to give her a fairy tale wedding which took place in the calm and tranquil city of Minna, had seven elaborate events and was beautifully decked out in traditional attire of the nupe people. Assorted foods and drinks of all kind were in abundance. The beautiful nupe culture was displayed in a different dimension. this wedding has made it in to the list of Tozali top 10 weddings of the year.

It was excitement and glamour all the way as Hon. Ibrahim Ballah was joined together in matrimony with his damsel, Fatima Ahmed Alwan. The event which had all pecks of royalty and grandeur started with a classic dinner. The couple's family as well as their friends all came out to show their full support. the grand ceremony was about fun and celebration. The bride, who is beauty  personified in her warm smiles, dazzled in grand style. The couple looked Amazing with graceful radiant elegance that eclipse s even the majestic trapping of royalty. their wedding was a world class wedding indeed that deserve a place in the Guinness book of "weddings" for its unique taste in style and class.

Don't we all love a good end to a love story, one that ends with the two living happily ever after? This exquisite wedding ceremony was a simple but classic one. It was a dream true when kabiru Yahaya and Khadija Usman shared their vows in a grand style. The couple shone in grace and splendour while their friends and family members were vibrantly dressed in sparkling outfits which perfectly complimented the venue of the wedding without any doubt this is a dream wedding for most girls. 

The wedding ceremony of Hamama and Mahmud Abacha shook the whole of Abuja city as the Abachas are known to always stage high class events. The wedding ceremony was attended by dignitaries from across the globe, friends, well wishers and the creme de la creme in Nigeria. The beautiful bride wowed everyone with her winning smiles as she shone in her long flowing white pronovias dress which had gem stoned embroideries. The groom cooled off in a black bow tie and they both looked stunning. known for their taste and class, the Abacha's elaborate wedding was celebrated amidst splendour and flashy display. The wedding souvenirs ranged from customized items to elaborately designed mementos.

What would you expect when the son of former Vice President, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar  walked the isle with his beautiful princess Badariya Ahmed Muazu, daughter of former Governor of Bauchi State, now the PDP chairman ? It was a wedding of weddings and the bride was no doubt an epitome of beauty. The A-list wedding was marked by series of spectacular events which were graced by prominent Nigerians and their associates from foreign countries. The wedding was one of a kind and therefore considered as one of Tozali top 10 Weddings of the year.

The daughter of ambassador Tukur Mani, the nigerian Ambasador to Iran,married her prince charming of many years, Bashir Mohammed Ibrahim. The solemnization began with a grand reception in Abuja while rest of the event took place in Katsina. The beautiful venue of the reception was decorated in colours of blue and orange to match the anko colour ardoned by many guests. The bride and the groom looked regal in their elegant outfits. The couple's parent also looked beautiful in their outfits as they pulled a lot of crowed at the wedding. Friends  and family members were up and doing as they gave their best to make the day memorable. The colourful wedding had the presence of important personalities from both in and out of the country.   

Just recently, the serene town of azare in bauchi state came alive as former secretary of the federal goverment  Alh. Yayale Ahmed held an elaborate marriage ceremony for his beautiful daughter Sadiya. The event which pulled dignitries from across the nation will remain a topic of discussion in the city and its environs as it shook the entire comunity of Azare with flamboyance that characterized the grand event. Aside the of high profile personalities, the wedding ranks the biggest wedding in Bauchi state.

Ask Aisha Mohammed Aliyu the happiest day of her life and she will gladly say it was the day of her wedding. Though the wedding wedding has come and gone, it has left sweet memories in the heart of guests as well as the bride and groom, who could not hide their joys that most memorable day. Those who attended the wedding couldn't help but talk about it, while those who couldn't make it only wished they were there.

One fact still remains that every girl wants to have a wedding of her dreams. That was the case on Zeenah(Tozali Award winning bride of the year). many considered this wedding a match made in heaven, wile some say it was a divine union. The obvious fact remains that the wedding of Zeenah Ameen and CPT. Lawal Aliyu Hayat will, for a long time, remain in the memory of family, friends and well-wishers who attended the ceremony. Guest who came from far and near were fascinated by the spectacular display of the Nigerian military parade. The bride was a sight to behold with a display of beauty and colourful outfit. the groom was not left out, as he was looking elegant. The elaborate wedding left in the minds of guest a memory they will never forget. 

what could be more interesting than a father giving out his two lovely daughters for marriage on the same day? It was indeed a memorable day when the proud father , the MD Federal Mortgage Bank, Alh Gimba Yau, gave two of his daughters hands in marriage to their respective  heartthrobs in Gombe state. the wedding was the talk of town in Gombe state, and it was a three days classic ceremony which showcased the rich Kanuri culture and style through songs, dance, attires and delicious delicacies served at the event. Invited and uninvited guest were thrilled as they had more than enough to eat, drink and even take home. This unprecedented plural wedding is chosen as one of Tozali top 10 Weddings.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Farida's Atelier

Designer farida showcasing her designs on the runway at the recent Tozali Henna Ball & Award Night held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja

Designer: Farida



An explosion occurred at one of Abuja's busiest shopping malls Emab plaza in wuse 2.Claiming more than 20 lives, 17 injured and about 40 vehicles reported destroyed.  

The incident occurred around 4 pm yesterday, the 25th of June,and said to be the 3rd deadly explosion in Abuja, the Capital Territory in the last few months. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


On the 24th may 2014, all roads led to the international conference centre, Abuja as Tozali, the eyeliner Magazine held the 3rd edition of Henna Ball and Award night, with the theme "Girl Child Education and Protection in Nigeria" .
The Hon. Minister of Women Affair Haj Zainab Maina presenting Tozali Big Heart Award to Her Exc. Haj Amina Namadi Sambo, represented by Hon. Saudatu Sani

Her Exc. Lady Valarie Ebe (deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State) with her Exc. Haj. Adama Dankwambo (Wife of Gombe State Governor
Chairperson of the Occasion, Minister of women affairs Haj. Zainab Maina 
 The event which was chaired by the minister of women affairs, Haj Zainab Maina had so many dignitaries in attendance. The special guest of honor was wife of the vise president, Her Exc. Amina Namadi Sambo who was represented by the senior special assistant to Mr president on national assembly, Haj Saudatu Sani and the Chief host was wife of Gombe State Governor, Her Exc. haj Adama Dankwambo. 
Dr. Datti Baba Ahmed
Speakers at the event included Dr datti Baba Ahmed who gave the keynote address, Dr Hajo Sani (Fmr. Minister of Women Affairs) and Haj. Aisha Dukku (Fmr Minister of education) among others.
The Minister of women Affairs presenting the most performing Governor Award to her Exc haj Adama Dankwambo
Her Exc. Haj Adama Dankwambo presenting Governor's of the year Award to his Exc. Alh. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso represented by his comissioner of information, Hon Danburan Abubakar Nuhu

Award Recipients included her Excellency Haj Amina Namadi Sambo (wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ), Godswill Akpabio (governor of akwa ibom state), Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo (Governor of Gombe State) and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (Governor of Kano State).Two Legislators were also honoured: Hon Elsudi and Hon Dogara. 
The event also featured Fashion Show which saw one of the the competing designer picking up a ticket to Netherland as the best designer of This year's Henna Ball and Award Night. Indeed Tozali the eyeliner magazine gave back to society in GrandStyle  as part of her corporate responsibilities. The camera captured the high points.

Monday, 23 June 2014


Mahmud sani Abacha weds Hamama Mohammad Abdulmoula
The city of Abuja and environs were agog as the families of former head of state, late general Sani Abacha  and Mohammad Abdulmoula played host to prominent Nigerians, international business investors and big wigs when alh Mahmud Sani Abacha took matrimony his sweetheart and every man"s  dream woman,Hamama Mohammad Abdulmoula.