Monday, 22 December 2014


Your Emotions and Your Heart

You might be surprised to learn that how you feel emotionally can have a big effect on your heart health. In fact, the relationship between depression and heart disease is a two-way street. Not only does depression appear to promote heart disease, but it can also result from a heart attack. And depression can sap your motivation, make it hard to concentrate, and leave you feeling hopeless, all of which can make it much harder to take medications as prescribed and stick to a treatment plan.

Depression is also an important consideration for people with heart failure. For people with heart failure who are also depressed, symptoms are likely to worsen more quickly. One study demonstrated that the rate of death and hospitalizations among depressed individuals with heart failure is much higher than in those who don't show signs of depression. And, while depression is more common in women with heart failure, it appears that depression tends to be more severe in men with heart failure.

The good news is that depression can be treated successfully with medications, psychosocial therapy, or both. And research has shown that for people with both heart conditions and depression, treating the depression can improve outcomes for the heart condition. In people who’ve had a heart attack, for example, treating depression with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can reduce the risk of another heart-related event.

Earlier diagnosis and improved treatments are now making it possible to slow the onset of heart failure symptoms. And research has shown that managing depression can lead to better self-care and fewer symptoms in people with heart failure. Successfully managing heart failure involves working closely with your medical team and sticking with your treatment plan. Don’t let depression get in the way. 

Culled from: A Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School

By Rifkatu Yusuf

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Stay Beautiful During Stressful Times

I believe that being prepared for all the things that might come your way really relieves stress, keeps you calm and gives you a confident feeling. And you need that confidence to put your best foot forward (like the catwalk). Maybe you can use some of these simple tips to be prepared and calm when you have a stressful time coming up. Finding peace and being relaxed during busy times are the right feelings on the path of success.

Sleep is very important to a healthy lifestyle, but what if you have a few weeks coming up when your schedule just does not give you enough time to rest? Most people have weeks when they are likely to get stressed out. Are there other things you can do to take care of yourself when getting enough sleep is not an option? My secret is to be as “Organized” as possible. Be organized and bring the right things with you. I think when you go somewhere, whether it is an event or a long trip, what you bring in your bag is quite important. Nothing is as annoying as being hungry, cold, tired or stressed out, and not having anything to take care of it right then and there. You don’t have to bring three suitcases, but in your purse or travel bag you can bring a few things that can come in very handy while rushing around.

Here is a checklist of items you go along with to help you stay relaxed during crazy times:

A Bottle of Water: Always have something to drink so as not to be dehydrated on those stressful moments. Aside that, drinking water is still very important to getting great looking skin. The water gives your skin a plump and fresh appearance and, it helps your skin in regeneration, getting rid of old skin and birthing new ones. With a bottle you can see exactly how much you drink a day.

Something healthy and tasty to eat: Bring something healthy to eat. A handful of nuts can be helpful in this situation. Nuts are healthy, and will stop your hunger and make you stay away from bad foods.

Phone charger: You always want people to be able to reach you and vice versa. What if the people you are going to visit need to call you to get picked up, but you have to make last minute work calls while you wait for them? This way you can avoid the stress of seeing the bars on your phone shrinking as it starts to run out of juice.

Gum and freshening products: It is not fun if who is right in front of your face or next to you smells exactly like what you ate last night. Also, deodorant, toothpicks, toothbrush and paste, and a hair brush will help you feel pulled together if you are running around.

Vitamins: When you know you are going to lack some essential nutrients for a few days or weeks, it’s helpful to take some nutritional supplements and multivitamins. 

Makeup and makeup remover: I am allergic to some products so I try to bring my own makeup remover and my own makeup, if I need to “fix my face” at any time. You always want to look flawless when the whole world is watching you. Well, sometimes when I just don’t care and exhausted you may see me with a bare face *eyes rolling*

Entertainment: Whether you are stuck in the waiting room or have been sitting down for the long journey, having a book or iPod (or even Smartphone these days) with you can help ease the stress of the whole thing.

Business cards: If you happen to meet someone new and interesting, you want him or her to remember who you are or reach you next time.

Pen and Memo: Hey, you never know! You may need to take an important note.

Something warm: A sweater, big scarf or blanket.

Don’t forget a small portable umbrella for unpredictable weather.

By: Chizzy Okoye

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Effective Ways to Keep Your Lips Smooth This Season

Apart from the fact that this harsh and dry season affects our skin generally, it particularly affects our lips. When the lips are affected by the weather, they become dry and sore, cracking, peeling off and looking very rough and unattractive; and this is a condition many of us have to deal with this season. Though a lot of us want our lips to look smooth and luscious, yet we don’t want to spend money on lip plumper and moisturizers. Give your lips that nice seasonal boost by regularly exfoliating them before bedtime. Carry a moisturizing lip balm all the time, especially in this season. A good lip balm will nourish your lips with vitamin E. Whether it’s rainy season or Harmattan season, always make sure your lip balm has an SPF protection of 15 or higher, which will keep your lips from burning and flaking. Use these simple methods below and achieve that desired smooth lips without spending much.

Use lip balm as a base for your lipstick. The lip balm will create a protective moisture seal beneath your makeup, and it makes it easier to apply.

Use a moisturizing lipstick in the daytime, and then switch to lip balm at night: You will wake up in the morning with smooth, luscious lips. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline onto your lips so that they are heavily coated. Though it may look a little gross, it sure does work like a dream.

Take plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is a great way to keep your lips moist, drink at least eight cups of water per day. The issue of taking enough water can never be over emphasized. Water helps to keep your skin clear, to say the last of all the benefits it will have on the rest of your skin. Avoid thick or dark coloured lipsticks. A thinly applied, semi-transparent lip stain will show off the texture of your lips, which will make them appear smoother.

Add moisture before sleep. Apply a little bit of baby oil on your lips. Put it on before you go to bed. Put Chap Stick on at night. Be aware that this isn't for every person; it can actually make lips drier for some users.

Exfoliating the lips

When you are exfoliating your lip, first of all, dip a plain toothbrush in petroleum jelly or Vaseline, and then use it to brush off all the dead skin on your lips. Alternatively, you can mix a tablespoonful of honey with enough sugar until you get a body scrub-like texture, then scrub it across your lips with a toothbrush. Exfoliating will leave them smoother and make them look healthier at the end of the day. You can also use warm water with a toothbrush and gently get rid of the dry skin. A mixture of sugar and Vaseline can also do the job perfectly for your lips. It will get the dead skin off in no time.

Keep your lips safe from environmental harm

You should avoid eating salty foods that leave a build-up on your lips. Salt draws moisture out of things, which is why people use it to dry and preserve foods such as meat. Eating salty foods, for example, will cause your lips to dry out.

Avoiding the bad habits

Licking of lips is a bad habit, so avoid licking your lips. Saliva dries out your lips, especially since licking your lips is a quick way to remove the lip balm.

Don’t bite your lips. This habit will not only scrape away the protective seal formed by your lip balm, but can also cause trauma to your delicate skin. So don’t bite your lips.

Always breathe through your nose. Breathing through the mouth will dry out your lips just like dry and cold weather.

If your lips do get chapped, don’t pick them. It disrupts the healing process, makes them look blotchy, and can cause bleeding. So to avoid any dry, flaking lips that might look unattractive, follow these few steps and get those smooth and luscious lips of your dreams in this season.

By Rifkatu Yusuf

Monday, 8 December 2014


5 Ways to Get Your Skin Glowing From Within

We are at that time which brings with it dry wind and dusty air. This could also have a negative effect on your skin, so you may want to make an extra effort to make that skin glow. Here is something interesting I found on BellaNaija and I thought it would be nice to share. Enjoy!

Nothing beats a glow! Your skin is illuminated, you feel bright and bold and even when you don’t have makeup on, you’re comfortable enough to head out and still feel 100%.

1. Add more Veggies/Fruits to your Meal 

Whole foods are a great way to get your skin looking great and glowing. When you eat more fruits and vegetables, you get all the essential vitamins you need for your wanted glow. The vitamin A in greens and watermelons help in skin repair; while the vitamin E in nuts and avocado help protect your skin from sun damage. Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) are also very important and can be found in nuts, seeds, prawns and soya beans.

2. Hydrate

You may have rolled your eyes at this, but drinking water is still very important to getting great looking skin. The water gives your skin a plump and fresh appearance and it also helps in cell turnover, in other words, it helps your skin in regeneration, getting rid of old skin and birthing new ones. This is not just about giving yourself a water overdose, but also taking hydrating fruits like watermelon, cucumbers and more.

Also, if you just can’t stand the taste of regular water, you can try infused water. This involves you adding bits of fruits and vegetables to your water to give it a fun and new taste while still getting all the benefits.

3. Say No to Caffeine & Alcohol

Not all goodbyes feel great, but like breaking up with a bad boyfriend, some are necessary.

Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the skin which is the opposite of what our aim is today. If you know you can’t say no, then you might want to try limiting your intake or replacing with something less harmful. Don’t worry; you’ll be okay without your caffeine fix.

4. Reduce Your Salt & Sugar Intake

Getting rid of processed sugar and salty foods help give your face a new glow that you’re looking for. If you have too much salt in your system it can lead to water retention which can lead to you feeling bloated, your face looking puffy and giving you a tired look in general. And refined sugars can lead to high blood sugars ultimately leading to inflammation which will irritate your skin.

5. Last but not the least is – you need to get some Zinc.

Zinc helps in the repair of damaged skin and helps keep your skin soft and supple. You can get Zinc from fish, lean red meat, nuts, seeds and shellfish.

By Chizzy Okoye

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Make a Statement with the Bold Earrings

Jewellery, especially earrings, is a perfect way to add beauty and bring life to your face and outfit. Earrings that make a statement are designed for you to have fun and look more attractive, but they can make all the wrong statements if they are not worn correctly. The beauty of this is to make your whole outfit stand out elegantly. When it comes to earrings, I would say the bigger the better. Many ladies, of course, are not afraid to stick on those bold rings on their ears. Whether you are going for a conservative look, bold earrings are explicit any day. You can complete your beauty look with a touch of elegance and sophistication with a pair of beautiful bold earrings. You can attract attention and draw all eyes to you by accessorizing with bold earrings. Personally, I love bold earrings and they are my favourite accessories especially when I go on short hairdo. Meanwhile, some ladies would prefer not to have the bold earrings as part of their accessories; they are afraid that bold earrings make too much of a statement. Well, I would say this piece of article may just make you have a rethink.

The size you choose for your earrings is all up to you. While some ladies prefer bold and big earrings, others dread them. If you like them large, then go large. However, in certain environments, like a conservative workplace, or in situations where you don’t want to distract others with your dangling baubles, you may want to appropriately go bold. Again, this tip applies in situations where you don’t want focus pulled from your face or what you are saying. You can wear bold earring without massive chandeliers, i.e. those earrings that are massively dropping. 

The length of bold earrings matters. Well this is your call; I have come across some women with earrings that drop down their shoulders. I think it’s too much for me, to each their own, however. In the situations described earlier, times when you want the focus on your face or what you are saying, the length of your earrings are best if they don’t hang longer than where your jawbone angles. Big earrings are best worn with simple clothes, so be careful when you choose to wear your earrings, always consider your outfit first.

Bold earrings are beautiful and cannot be missed. They will be the first thing that anyone talking to you will notice. To make sure they frame your face, choose a pair that suits your face shape and enhances your features. Choosing the wrong pair can be distracting, so take details such as length, colour, shape and outfit coordination into consideration when choosing adornment for your ears. When wearing dangly statement earrings, it is better to keep your hair sleek and not too big. Remember, it’s all about style and elegance, so while you can increase the volume with simple earrings, larger ones will look and balance better with loose wavy hair or straight hair. Alternatively, pull your hair up into pony tail or bun. You should make sure that your make up balances well with your earrings. If you are wearing something bright in colour, they may look best with beautiful and simple makeup.

Rifkatu Yusuf.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Maintaining Personal Hygiene during Menstrual Period

Most women, if not all women, never enjoy menstrual period because of the associated pains, stomach cramps, lack of energyand general discomfort. In some cultures and in some centuries past, menstruating womenweresecluded for the period.This treatment wasprobably because women did not have the sanitary measures available today. They would use old cloths as napkins and often had to wash and reuse them; apart from that they did not have access to running water and proper sensitization like we have today. General ignorance about a woman’s body and method of functioning led to a large number of myths, like not going near a holy place and not being allowed into the kitchen.But times have changed and so have we; so it is important to maintain optimum personal hygiene during menstrual period.Improper personal hygiene during menstrual period will make you smell; not just smelling but emit offensive odour that you would be ashamed of and which will make you avoid going near people for any kind of activities (ladies you know what I mean).

As you get to puberty and start menstruating, you have to carefully choose what kind of sanitary towel to use. Most ladies will go for either sanitary pads or tampons, but if you’re just starting, it is better you make use of sanitary pads.Sanitary pad is easier to maintain than tampon, but the only discomfort with pad is that it gets bulky and noticeable when you have heavy flow. You’ll need to avoid fitting clothes during this period and ensure you use proper sanitary pad size. Here are some tips to help you stay clean and hygienic during your periods.

Change regularly:

It is important to change your sanitary pad or tampon regularly. The standard time for a sanitary pad is once every six hours, while for a tampon it’s once every two hours. While some women might have a heavy flow and would need to change more often, others will need to change less frequently. Sanitary napkins are made of cotton wool and gel. When you bleed into one, most of the blood gets soaked in, but at a certain point the pad gets saturated and may leak. Another consideration is that menstrual blood,once it has left the body, gets contaminated with the body’s natural organisms. When these organisms remain in a warm and moist place for a long time they tend to multiply and can lead to conditions like urinary tract infection, vaginal infections and skin rashes. Therefore, changing is essential.In the case of tampons, it is very important because, if left inserted into the vagina for long periods of time it can cause a condition called toxic shock syndrome. This is a condition where bacteria infiltrate the body leading to severe infectionknown with severe vomiting, high fever and diarrheathat can send the body into shock.

Wash Your Body Regularly

Ensure you take your bath daily and as many times you want it in a day, not just for the cleanliness only, but also to avoid offensive odor from the menstrual flow.It is sometimes preferable to bathe with warm water which will also help you to prevent menstrual cramps. And before and after changing the pad, always wash your hand to prevent bacterial infection in your private part. There’s not much need to clean the inside of your vagina when menstruating, because, it can disturb the normal body flora and encourage infection. There are many moisturizing products you can use to make you look and feel fresh with good scent after taking your bath.

Discard Your Used Sanitary Product Properly

Whether you are using a sanitary napkin or tampon, it is important to know how to dispose it correctly. Properly wrap it so that it does not open and discard it in a dustbin meant for used sanitary products.It is essential to discard your used napkins or tampons properly because they are capable of spreading infections, will smell very foul and is just disgusting for the person using the washroom after you. Do not throw it without a wrapping or bag, do not leave it on the window sill or on the floor of the toilet, and never flush it down the toilet. Also remember to wash your hands well after you change your sanitary pad.

Treat Pad Rash with Care

A pad rash is something that you might experience during a period of heavy flow.It can be extremely uncomfortable and painful;in some cases they may get infected and lead to a more severe condition. Moreover, constant pad rashes tend to stain the area causing it to darken. To prevent this from occurring, try to stay dry during your periods. If you do have a rash, change your pads regularly and stay dry. Apply an antiseptic ointment after a bath and before bed, this will heal the rash and prevent further chaffing. If it gets worse, do visit your doctor who will be able to prescribe you a medicated powder that can keep the area dry.

Use Only One Method of Sanitation during Your Periods

Some women who have a heavy flow during their periods tend to use two sanitary pads and a tampon,or sanitary pad along with a piece of cloth. This might seem like a good idea, but it actually is not.Changing regularly is a better option.Using two pads, or a tampon and a sanitary pad is bad because the two pads absorb the blood and you don’t feel the need for regular changes. This can lead to rashes, infections and in the case of tampons, even toxin shocks.

Be Ready with On-the-go Stuff during Your Periods

When you have your periods it is important to be ready. It is important to have extra sanitary pads or tampons properly stored in a paper bag, a soft towel, some paper tissues, hand sanitizer, a healthy snack, bottle of drinking water, a tube of antiseptic medication (if you are using one for your rashes).Your hand sanitizer is a very important factor here. You will need it to clean your hands and you can use it to clean the flush knob and tap faucet as well. The snack is a backup in case you feel weak or run down during the day, and the bottle of water is to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

It is important to understand that periods are a sign of fertility and good health. Shunning it and the woman who is having it will only lead to depression and a sense of self hate in the girl.

By: Okoye Chizzy

Friday, 28 November 2014



Many people only take water when they eat or when they are thirsty and this can lead to mild dehydration, which can in turn, cause damage to your physical and mental well-being.Most of us do not realize the harm we do to our body when we do not drink enough water. The human body tends to be dehydrated when we don’t consume enough liquids to supply our bodies with the hydration it needs to function at its best.Dehydration stresses our organs and can interfere with bodily functions, leading in some cases to illness, irritability, fatigue, difficulty focusing and more. Hot weather and physical activity drain our body’s water, making drinking water essential in warm climates, especially during Harmattan months, before, during and after exercise.

Below are some simple signs to lookout for that could indicate you’re dehydrated:

· You feel thirsty often.

· Your skin and mouth are dry.

· Constant headache(that does not mean that every headache is caused by dehydration).

· You feel sluggish and foggy brained.

· You’re constipated.

· You constantly crave snacks and sugar.

· In extreme cases, you might experience confusion, fainting, weakness, decreased urination and 

· In severe cases, seizures. 

These symptoms require immediate medical attention.

Good hydration on a regular basis will keep you physically and mentally at your best, whereas, severe dehydration which is a medical emergency, can cause:

· Extreme thirst

· Extreme sleepiness in infants and children; irritability and confusion in adults

· Very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes

· Any urine that is produced will be darker than normal

· Hollow eyes

· Shriveled and dry skin that doesn’t “bounce back” when pinched into a fold

· Low blood pressure

· Rapid heartbeat

· Rapid breathing

· Dry eyes even when crying

· Fever

· In the most serious cases it can lead to unconsciousness

Treat children and older adults with greater caution. 

Of course all of the above can be caused by a variety of things; the older we get, the more prone we are to dehydration with serious consequences.Therefore, let us be mindful and take water as often as possible. Experts recommend six to eight glasses of water on a daily bases. Just keep a bottle of water nearby and sip as often as you can. Do not wait until you are thirsty or hungry before you drink water!

By: Okoye Chizzy

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Women and High Blood Pressure

A lot of people believe that high blood pressure is more common among men, but the truth is that high blood pressure is an equal thing between both men and women. It is important to note that high blood pressure is not directly related to gender, but certain women’s issues can increase the risk of it. It is also important to know what a healthy blood pressure is. Researchers have found that birth control pills can increase blood pressure in some women. However, it’s more likely to occur if you are overweight or having some other issues related to pregnancy. A family history of high blood pressure is also a risk factor. So before you start taking any contraceptives, talk to your physician. 

To know if you have high or low blood pressure, you need to know what a healthy blood pressure level is. According to health experts, optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg (systolic pressure is 120 AND diastolic pressure is less than 80). Within certain limits, the lower your blood pressure reading is the better ( 

While high blood pressure might seem dangerous, low blood pressure could also be dangerous to health as well. In dealing with low blood pressure, it is important to know that dehydration can sometimes cause blood pressure to drop. However, dehydration does not automatically signal low blood pressure. Fever, vomiting, severe diarrhoea can all lead to dehydration, a potentially serious condition in which your body loses more water than you take in. Even mild dehydration (a loss of as little as 1 per cent to 2 per cent of body weight) can cause weakness, dizziness and fatigue. Lack of concentration, blurred vision, pale skin, shallow breathing, fatigue and depression are all associated with dehydration. As long as no symptoms are present, low blood pressure is not a problem. However, if your blood pressure is normally higher and if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, your low pressure may have an underlying cause.

High blood pressure is said to be the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. The heart pumps blood into the arteries which carry the blood throughout the body. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and it is dangerous because it makes the heart work much harder than normal to pump blood to the body. High blood pressure is a major cause of heart failure. The causes of HBP are not yet known, but several factors and conditions may play a vital role in its development, and these are:

Over weight 

Lack of physical activity

Too much salt in food


Too much alcohol consumption

Stress (Emotional as well as physical)

Old age

Chronic kidney disease and 

Family history of HBP

Symptoms of high blood pressure are usually not obvious. There are no signs usually to indicate that one has HBP; headaches may occur in rare cases. One can have HBP for a long time without knowing it, and during this time, the condition can damage the heart, blood vessels, kidney and other parts of the body. That is why it is advised to regularly check your BP to avoid any delay in any case. 

People whose blood pressure is above the normal range should consult their doctors about steps to take to lower it and enjoy every day healthy life.

Rifkatu Yusuf.

Friday, 21 November 2014



Every woman’s dream is to have a beautiful, soft and glowing skin; and when this is not achieved, we tend to lose our confidence in the public especially now that most ladies go all out to tone up their skins. I’m not saying you should join the bandwagon of skin toning ladies, but there are things you have to do to make your skin stand out anytime any day. 

Skin exfoliation is a must for your body; remember that your body sheds skin frequently, and you need to help it get rid of the old and dead skin so that the new skin can emerge. However, one important thing you should note about full-body exfoliation is that not all body parts are the same, some parts are tougher than the others. For example, your feet (underneath) is harder than your facial skin.

There are facial scrubs (Home-made or store-bought), lip scrubs, hand scrubs, foot scrubs and body scrubs. Below, I’ll show you how to exfoliate every part of your body.


· Wet your face.

· Squeeze out or scoop out a little quantity of your facial scrub and smear all over your face.

· Rub gently in circular motions for at least 1 minute and at most 2 minutes.

· Rinse your face.

· Moisturize.

For my face, I use St. Ives apricot scrub. It does a good job for me and I love the smell of it.


· Wet your lips a little...or not

· Apply a little of your lip scrub on your lips and scrub gently back and forth for a minute

· Rinse your lips.

· Apply a moisturizing lip balm or apply lipstick

If you don't have a lip scrub/exfoliator, you can wet your lips or apply a little lip balm to moisten them, and then scrub gently with a toothbrush with soft bristles. If you don't want to use a toothbrush, you can mix a little quantity of lip balm and sugar and use the mixture to scrub your lips. Scrub your lips at least once a week; at most 3 times a week. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells, keep your lips supple and soft and ready for lipstick.


· Get your whole body wet.

· Rub the body scrub all over your body (excluding your face)

· Put on your exfoliating gloves/mitts and scrub your body thoroughly

· Rinse off.

That way, old dead skin gives way and my new skin glowing and beautiful emerges. But please, whatever you do, don't use your body scrub on your face. You know that the skin on your body is tougher than the skin on your face, so the granule and exfoliating beads in body scrubs are usually harsher and rougher than those in facial scrubs. This would mean that using your body scrub on your face might hurt your delicate facial skin.


· Wet your hands.

· Smear your hand scrub all over your hands.

· Scrub for about a minute.

· Rinse off.

· Moisturize.

If you don't want to buy a hand scrub, here's a recipe that works just as well: mix a tablespoonful of granulated sugar, a tablespoonful of olive oil (or coconut oil) and a tablespoonful of honey together. Rub all over your hands and scrub gently. The sugar exfoliates while the honey and olive oil moisturize, doing this once a week is okay.


· Wet your feet

· Apply the foot scrub and exfoliate properly

· Rinse

· Moisturize

You know that your feet usually take a beating, so it's essential that you pamper them by having pedicures done regularly.

By: Okoye Chizzy

Thursday, 13 November 2014



We all are aware that eating immediately before going to bed is an easy way ticket for gaining weight and sleeping poorly, plus it can seriously damage tissues in your throat. I’m sure most of us are familiar with acid reflux, which occurs when digestive juices back up into the chest or throat and cause a burning sensation. There’s also something called “silent reflux,” which is different from common heartburn (I have been faced with such condition before and the feeling was awful). It has the same causes but without the usual symptoms. Instead of indigestion, sufferers get sore throats, chronic coughs, and difficulty swallowing. Nearly 50 per cent of people have silent reflux but don’t know it, said aryngologist Jamie Koufman, M.D., who has been studying and treating the condition for about 30 years in America. “The single greatest risk factor is, by far, the time that people eat dinner,” she said. She recommends having supper no later than three hours before bed. But even if you manage to do that, be aware that late-night snacking can have the same ruinous effect. A lot of people can actually do without food at night. But if you must eat, here are few kinds of food you should never have a grab on.

Citrus: Citrus is also highly acidic. A glass of orange juice or green apples are not your best choices, but some people can eat red apples without problems, it depends on the person. The fact is that Oranges, green apples, lemons are highly acidic, and therefore, should not be consumed at night and worst, on an empty stomach.

Alcohol: Alcohol relaxes the valves that connect the stomach and the throat. When you consume alcohol, what happens is that your body will be unable to keep food where it belongs. Alcohol doesn’t really do well to your body system. Jamie says, ’’If you have alcohol just before bed, you’re pretty much asking to have reflux’’. In other words, it is not advisable to consume in whatever case. 

Nuts: Fat is fat, whether saturated or unsaturated. So despite the fact that nuts generally contain a healthy dose of the latter, they should be avoided before bed. Cashews, walnuts and peanuts are the worst, while almonds are not quite so bad, according to experts.

Coffee: Coffee is usually inherently acidic, but the caffeine it contains can also generate stomach acid. If you must drink coffee at night, decaf is a better choice because it generally has lower acid levels than the regular. So what options are left when the midnight hunger strikes? Well, whatever is low in acid is a good choice for you. This could be taking cereal with milk, consuming banana or taking a cup of tea, preferably a chamomile tea.

Chocolate: we all love chocolates and a whole lot of us cannot do without it. It is important for us to know that some flavours are high in fat which comforts and relaxes the valves too, and it contains caffeine and a lesser known stimulant called theobromine, essentially making it a triple magic, and this are found in chocolates. Foods like shawarma and pizza are not a good alternative either.

Rifkatu Yusuf.