Thursday, 31 May 2018

Foods That Can Help Relieve Menstruation Pains

Have you ever stopped to think that what you eat before and during your period could help your body deal with menstrual cramps/pain and reduce other symptoms?
There are certain foods which when eaten regularly, can provide us with a lot of benefits and help relieve menstrual stress and pain that some women go through every month.
Here are some food that if eaten regularly, and in addition to other healthy choices, can make a big difference:
Water: Drinking enough water can solve so many problems on its own. Hydrating can prevent acne, keep away cramps, and can also help with bloating. If you are getting enough water every day, your body won’t retain liquids, keeping you comfortable all day.
Calcium: Getting some calcium in your diet can be a huge help in terms of cramping. However, you don’t want to get your calcium from dairy products, because they can actually trigger cramps. Other sources of calcium include almonds, sesame seeds, and leafy green vegetables. There are also supplements available, but make sure to consult your doctor before taking anything he or she has not recommended.

Bananas: Have you ever heard that you should eat a banana after exercising to stop muscle cramps from setting in the next day? The same thing is true for menstrual cramps. Eat a banana before or during your cycle to avoid cramps and reduce bloating. 
Dark Chocolate: It’s not unusual to get cravings for chocolate while you’re on your period, but you want to make sure to choose a more healthy option. Dark chocolate will satisfy your craving, help relax your muscles, and keep you happier without consuming the fat and dairy in other types of chocolate.
Celery: This crispy, light vegetable is full of water and has zero calories. It will help with bloating and is just good for you overall. If you don’t like the taste, spread it with peanut butter or consume it into the next food on this list!
Pineapple: This summery fruit helps your muscles relax, which in turn reduces your cramps. It also helps with bloating and can even boost your mood, making you feel happier! You can eat it plain, drink it as juice or a smoothie, or grill it for a delicious treat.
Tea: You should be avoiding caffeine during your period, since it can make you anxious and retain water, so kick that coffee addiction and replace it with tea. Different types of tea can help with different symptoms. For example, green tea can help with cramps, while peppermint tea can soothe an upset stomach.
Vegetables: Leafy green vegetables are a super food and one of the things you should always have in your diet. During your period, they can help with cramps and be a great source of the calcium you need. If you hate the taste, try blending it into a smoothie with some fruit and almond milk.
Salmon: This delicious, flavourful fish is stocked full of omega-3 and vitamin D, both of which help with PMS symptoms, so make sure you eat this the week before your period. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, keeping your cramps in check and reducing bloating.

Nuts And Seeds: Rich in magnesium, nuts and seeds help alleviate cravings for sweets and other junk foods. This helps prevent bloating and other related discomfort. You can opt for nuts like walnut, peanut and the likes.
Low-Fat Yogurt: Foods that are rich in calcium will also help reduce the pain of cramps.
You’ve now got your breakfast idea for the length of your period. When that time of the month comes along next, try some of these foods and see if they help.

By Mercy Kukah

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


It’s a lovely Wednesday and today, we are crushing on Laura Sule Ahman.

Laura Sule Ahman is a 23 year old young lawyer who has delved into shoemaking.

The Kebbi State indigene was born and raised in Kaduna, into a family of five, to Brigadier-General Sule Ahman and Barrister Hafsatu Ahman.

Laura attended Zamani College in Kaduna and then obtained an LLB Law in Management from Aston University, Birmingham.

Laura Sule Ahman is a creative designer for the brand ‘Laura Ahman’, which was established in February, 2014.

Laura Ahman is an emerging Nigerian brand that specializes in making luxury slippers and handmade shoes by a team of skilled craft men who use our local leather and other materials available in Northern Nigeria to make beautiful products.

Laura’s creativity earned her Guardian's Young Designer of the Week. This beautiful and talented young lady is so passionate about what she does, as evidenced by her offers of interstate as well as worldwide delivery of her products.

"The main aim of Laura Ahman", she stated recently, "is to make international standard designs with local resources at comparatively more affordable prices in Nigeria".

No doubt, our Woman Crush Wednesday is one with vision, focus and love for her country.


Why Do Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women?

Marriage is a holy binding of two individuals. Marriage takes a lot of commitment and adjustment to make them work. However, once you are bound in a holy matrimony, the promises are supposed to be kept for a lifetime. 
The real scenario, however, looks a lot different. Every passing day, we read and hear about incidences of divorce where the husband commits infidelity without his wife finding out and in some cases, the wife does find out and all hell is let loose. The relationship turns sour and ultimately, the marriage hits the rocks.
But have you ever thought about factors that induce married men to fall for other women? Let’s take a look at some of them;
More a friend than a lover: A man desires his woman to be his best friend, a good listener, a good talker and to be there beside him through thick and thin. Rather than being judgmental, she will accept him for how he is and will be his constant pillar of support. She will give him his own private space, yet be concerned about him all the time. She will love him unconditionally, despite all odds.
Fun & Spontaneity:
Marriage requires serious commitment and handling of responsibilities. That is why it gets monotonous in a few months’ time. A man always likes a woman who can bring in some change. She can make their stay together fun and interesting. She may plan trips or surprise dinners and flatter him with gifts. Such gestures easily attract men. This also cuts off the boredom and makes their relationship unique from the rest.
Moreover, men appear to be getting more impatient nowadays. They hardly give the needed time to make a marriage work, probably because they are so busy as breadwinners or because they have too many other choices of willing women to choose from to fulfil their fantasies, increasing their chances of infidelity.
Independence & Confidence:
Women who have a strong sense of individualism are usually desired by men. Men like women whose life is not simply confined around her children and husband alone. They admire and desire women who are highly ambitious and work hard to take themselves to the highest point of life. Such women are hardworking and do not like to be limited to just being a domesticated housewife. They pursue their own dreams despite being married. Such women have charismatic charm and are smart. These characteristics make men tick.
Pursuit of Happiness:
Men love women who make happiness their primary concern in life. Such women can tolerate any and everything - pain, hardships, obstacles trouble - she always stays happy, keeps her family happy and keeps all problems at bay. Every marriage comes across hurdles and arguments, but the key is to work around them and find happiness in everything by considering solutions such as negotiation, communication and forgiveness. To allow bitterness to persist between you can result in the end of the marriage. Being understanding and compassionate sustains a marriage for a longer time.
He finds his favourite qualities in someone else: For no fault of yours, you may end up as unfortunate in this situation. Sometimes, men find some of their likeable qualities in other women apart from their wives. Their qualities surprisingly match and therefore, a great bond is formed between them. They connect effortlessly, can fathom the deepest truths inside them; understanding each other’s character, likes and dislikes; they find themselves alike in several aspects. This can lead the man to have an affair outside his marriage.

By Mercy Kukah


Our fashion icon of the week is the brains behind the stylish hijab wearing Barbie, 'Hijarbie', in person of Haneefah Adam.

Haneefah Adam, also known as 'Muslimahanie' is a medical scientist, designer, visual artist, chef and hijab stylist.

She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and she's one of the pioneer modest fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

Haneefah Adam bagged her first degree in Physiology and a Masters degree in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery from Coventry University in the UK. 

Haneefah is passionate about food, fashion, her faith and her creative outlets which include mixed media and food art.

In February, Haneefah broke the internet with her Hijarbie project; a Muslim Barbie which drew inspiration from designs of popular Muslim fashion bloggers like Habiba Da Silva and Leena Asad. 

Haneefah is also the winner of the 2016 #TechMeetsArt competition, a food art competition held by Re.le Art Gallery and sponsored by Samsung Mobile.

Haneefah isn’t just incredibly gifted, but very stylish as well, she makes some of her outfits herself, and her unique style has been commended by the likes of CNN style and Metro UK.

Haneefah is a modest and well dressed fashionista. Her styles are in accordance with her religious beliefs.

The 24 year old created ‘Hijarbie’, an Instagram account showing Barbie modeling ’mini hijab fashion’, ditching her usual hot pants and body con dresses in favour of hijabs (head scarves) and abayas (traditional robe-like garments). The Hijarbie is gaining momentum with 12.8 thousand followers and counting.

Haneefah, who has launched a modest lifestyle brand called Hanie collection, designs all of Hijarbie’s dresses and hijabs and gets her inspiration from many Muslim fashion bloggers.


Things That Men Love To Hear

In a relationship, it's not only women who like to hear that they look nice or that they are desired. Whether it's a simple compliment to kick off his day or something deeper, these affirmations will strengthen your bond. Whether you are starting a new relationship or already married, there are some things that don’t change, like the need to feel sexy, appreciated and needed. Partners love to hear these things from each other at all times.
Saying “I love you” at all times is not all that your partner needs, there are a hundred and one more sexy and charming affirmatives you can use to help build a stronger relationship with your husband or partner.
Below are some things that men love to hear;
Asking them for help: When you ask them for help, they feel like they are needed and it makes them happier in the relationship.
When you appreciate them for something good they have done, they get a childlike delight out of it. Don’t forget to acknowledge his input in the relationship, and he’d be more than happy to contribute more.
That being with them makes you happy: While most men are not very expressive of their emotions, letting them know you enjoy being with them makes them feel very happy.

When something is urgent: They are afraid of turning you down but they also might be taking on too much in terms of financial pressure from relatives or stress at work. They are smart enough to sense when something is wrong but not smart enough to figure out what, so if you have something weighing on your mind, it's best you let them know spot on.
Compliment their looks: Appreciate their style and clothing choices as this boosts their confidence.
When you want to get intimate: Don’t be shy in telling them when you want intimacy. Every time that you take initiative, inside their head, Christmas has come early. Give them these little surprises, they deserve as much.
Encourage them to have their personal space. When they spend time with their friends, they recharge their batteries and even you get peace of mind for a little while. Not to mention, to them, it would be getting the best of both worlds.
Let them know that you are always there for them: If they ever want to share anything with you, no matter how insignificant or embarrassing, you should listen and not judge. Cheer them on when you feel that they are a bit down. Support from a loved one can make all the difference in crossing a big hurdle.
Assurance: If you are parents, you need to assure your man that they are doing a good job. Parenting might be too new for them and feeling appreciated makes the tough job a little easier. Show them that you trust them and their judgment. It says a lot about the strength of your relationship.
Appreciation: When they do something for you, acknowledge it. Appreciate their little gestures. It makes all the difference in the world for them.
Take the time to tell them everything that you like about them. The little quirks, the small gestures or the big decisions, whatever it is.
When you're hurt: Let them know when you have been wronged. Pointing out what they've done that offended you doesn’t make you any smaller in their eyes, but it can save them a lot of hurt and you both minor misunderstandings. The two of you are part of a team. Show them support and love whenever they need it, both in words and in actions.
Go out of your way for them: Give them surprises. Plan a dinner date or a fun outing with your family. Give them time to relax with their loved ones. There is nothing in the world that they would appreciate more.
Always be there for each other, even if neither of you speaks a word.

By Mercy Kukah

Monday, 28 May 2018

Ahmed Musa Frees 40 Prisoners, Donates Millions Of Naira

Nigerian international footballer, Ahmed Musa, paid a visit to Tudun Maliki Deaf and Dumb School, Taurey, Goron Dutse Prison Yard, Remand Home For Children and Kurmawa Prison, where he freed more than 40 prisoners comprising males, females and children and donated more than 3,000 bags of rice and millions of Naira as part of his charity work for the fasting month of Ramadan.
The Nigerian professional footballer was frozen out of Leicester team at the beginning of last season, but joined CSKA on a short term loan deal where he scored six goals in 10 appearances. He has also joined the Super Eagles World Cup squad and he might feature for the national team against DR Congo in a send forth game.
The 25-year-old also scored one Europa League in six appearances as they were ousted by Arsenal in the quarter finals stage of the championship. The CSKA Moscow striker took to his Instagram page to send holy greetings saying 'Ramadan Kareem' with a picture of a bag of rice that has his picture imposed on it along with a 'Not For Sale' sign.
The former Leicester City striker is expected to make Gernot Rohr's final 23-man list to the World Cup in Russia.

Martial Set for New Contract Talks with Man United
Manchester United striker, Anthony Martial has reportedly opened talks with the club over a contract extension despite being out of favour.
The 22-year-old has endured a tough year since the arrival of Alexis Sanchez at Old Trafford in the January transfer window. The Frenchman has performed well when given the chance to play in a united shirt, scoring 11 times and providing nine assists. Jose Mourinho led the side to finish in second position in the Premier League, their highest position since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club.
However, United has ended the year with no silverware, losing to Sevilla in the Champions League's last 16 and falling short to Chelsea in the FA Cup.
Earlier in the season, United suffered an embarrassing defeat after crashing out of the Carabao Cup to Bristol City, and the Portuguese manager has turned down the former Monaco ace in most part of the season.
In the recent loss to Brighton in the Premier League where United succumbed to a shock loss, Mourinho was quick to blame his players.
“It was not good enough,” said Mourinho. “The players who replaced others did not perform at a good level and, when individuals do that, it is difficult for the team to play well."
And now, according to the Sun, Martial is prepared to make a U-turn over his summer plans amid transfer speculation. The France international was expected to pack and leave Manchester but the youngster is settled in the city. But details of the deal are yet to be given and the Red Devils expect an uphill struggle to convince the youngster to stay at the club.
Phil Jones brought down Eden Hazard in the box to hand the Blues a penalty as the Belgian stepped up to convert the resulting spot kick. United came close on a number of occasions but were denied by Thibaut Courtois, who was brilliant on the night for Antonio Conte's side.

By Mercy Kukah


Our celebrity of the week is the slim, dark, talented and beautiful Kannywood actress Nafisat Abdullahi.

Nafisat Abdullahi was born 23rd January 2001, she jails from Jos, in Plateau State. Nafisat Abdullahi is the fourth daughter of Abdulrahman Abdullahi who is an automobile dealer and an elder statesman.

Nafisat attended Air Force Private School in Jos and moved to the Federal Capital Territory where she attended Government Girl’s Secondary School, Dutse Abuja. 

As a teenage girl she joined the Kannywood movie industry where she began her career under FKD Production with Ali Nuhu as her first mentor.

 She began her movie career at the age of 19 with FKD Productions where she first appeared in ‘Sai Wata Rana’ in 2010 produced and directed by award winning actor, Ali Nuhu. 

Nafisat’s appearances in Alhini and Marainiya in 2012 moved her career to new level as the two movies were one of the highest-grossing firms of all time.

In 2013, she attended Berlin International Film Festival as one of the only two attendees from Nigeria alongside a Nollywood Cinematographer. 

And in june 2013, she was suspended by a disciplinary committee of Arewa Filmmakers Association of Nigeria for failing to appear before the committee after being summoned for organizing a banned event by the followers of the Hausa movie industry. 

She was handed a two years suspension by the disciplinary committee which was lifted in August 2013 before she went on the star in Aminu Saira’s Kalamu Wahid and Ya Daga Allah in 2014. 

Nafisat Abdullahi has innocent looks that makes her a delight of many. She won the 2013 Best Actress in City People Entertainment Awards and also in 2014 when she won the MTN Nigeria Best Kannywood Actress, popular choice Award.



Today on man crush Monday; we will be crushing on the young and handsome Nasir Abdulqadir Yammama.

Nasir Abdulqadir Yammama is a creative technologist and entrepreneur from Katsina State who founded Verdant AgriTech in 2014, a social enterprise to support rural farmers with mobile technologies for sustainable farming and improved food production.

The company was founded on the premise that small holders should be able to produce more, sell more, make more profit and there by attain an improved standard of living by using simple technologies.

When Nasir was six-years-old he walked the field with his father and there he saw the workers sweating and vowed to improve the work of farmers in Africa.

Yammama, who carries the name of his village, began with 50 farmers in Katsina his home state. He taught them to use their basic phones to gather market information, weather, management skills and financial services.

Nasir studied information technology and business information systems at Middlesex University London. He also has a master’s degree in creative technology from the same institution.

Nasir Yammama was selected among 50 Global Entreprenures for the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and won numerous awards, including the British Council and Virgin Atlantics Enterprise Challenge in 2015. 

This gave him the chance to be mentored by Sir Richard Branson and receive a state up grant for Verdant.

Nasir also received the Queens Young Leaders Award in England. Yammama has profited from linking technology to Africans rich red soil.


Friday, 25 May 2018


I have never been a fan of the boarding house system; reasons are that for me it’s not a best way to bring up a child. And it doesn’t help in growing and building a relationship between children and their parents.

I am not saying the boarding schools are a bad idea but simply that it has its disadvantages and advantages. Let us begin with the advantages of attending a boarding house is; Children become stronger, more independent and they strive to work hard in their studies.

Children also have more time to make relationship with their peers and generally have more experiences in social activities.

And the disadvantages like I earlier stated is the relationship between the parents and children could be alienated and also children who are more independent could probably become self-centered and intractable.

I attended a boarding house from my junior class to my senior class and I had my own bitter sweet experiences which has helped me in life and on the other hand didn’t go down well with my family and friends I later made in life. And of course I had no option than to shift grounds and adjust to so many things and it took me time to accomplish it.

A lot of people who attended the boarding house have lots of stories to tell which of course I know my beautiful readers will love to read. I got to speak to some few people to get the low down about their experiences of attending boarding schools I was amazed at what I got at the end of the day.

Check out some experiences and compare it with yours and don’t forget to send your own boarding school experience to us. I will be waiting! 

NURA YUSUF: first day in boarding house when I resumed JSS1. I was 9 years and some few months old. As my parent turned back after dropping me off that night, I tried to familiarize myself with my new environment. The so called seniors were looking much matured with moustache and huge (Lol…) to the extent of when I am being called by them I unconsciously answer ‘sir’ only for them to shout back ‘’Are you mad’’ am I your father? Go and fetch me water.

I taught to myself I am just resuming today, I don’t even know where they fetch water from. I reluctantly took the bucket and went to get the water. I made a friend whom later told me I should always get my water at night before the next morning to enable me take my bath early in the morning or else I won’t be able to have my bath in the morning before going for classes(God it was that terrible) the first experiences I had was when I got water before going to class I used my padlock to lock my bucket of water under my bunk only to come back to the hostel and found out that my mattress and water of bucket were both gone(Chai which kind wahala be this) I later found out a senior in my hostel called ‘blood’ took my mattress and bucket of water but out of fear I couldn’t approach him. The experiences are countless and I became wiser and smarter.

SEGUN ADEBAYO: As a guy that spent just 3 terms in the boarding school, I have little experience to share. My sole aim of joining the boarding house was just because if you weren’t a boarder, you didn’t belong to the clique of biggies in school, and no girl would agree to date any day-student unless one got real swags to beat the boarders.

Those days in school, we were not allowed to cook but we would sneak a boiling ring into the peeled wire to boil water in the ceiling. Any of the neighboring hen or fowl that enters into the school compound would be killed, prepared and steamed with our boiling ring in the bournvita can.

The bathrooms are just unbathable to be mild so also the toilets. Early in the morning we would go out to the back of the hostel to bath outside. The terrible part of what cut my hostel duration short was when 2 friends and their girlfriends, I and my girlfriend sneaked out of school to a club in the evening.

We didn’t know our principal also clubs there, the principal saw us without us being aware he was there and the following day, he called us out on the assembly, told us to prostrate and spanked us with many strokes of pankere (one Hausa stick). We were suspended from the hostel and never to return.

SA’ADAT YUSUF: Maimuna where do you even want me to start eh…. (Lol…)

Well my experiences in the boarding house were terrible. First to start with the sporadic punishment, even when you’re still on bed! And such were despicable punishment, waking you up with dish water, plank, cane or sometimes pillow slaps. The worst of it all is the stealing of provisions (Ahh…) this one na normal thing, but it really got me out of this world when my emptied milk and chocolates can were filled up with sands….. (Ahh… I fainted twice).

The poor meal timing were just ‘Hell timing’ I had my breakfast by 11am almost throughout my stay there, am sure anybody that lived in the hostel would find it easier adapting to life in ‘Hell’ (Lol…) Away from the timing, you need to have a peep at what am made to eat, this morning could be 2 balls of Akara and watery pap, the next morning its half-cooked beans. The list plenty eh…. But I really had to enjoy the school a little bit when I graduated into the SS-class come see payback!

CHUKUMA ORJI: chaii my boarding house experiences were horrible and funny at the same time.
I usually sleep in class because I’m always a most wanted at the hostel, they usually call assembly because of me (for refusing to give out my meat at the dining hall or been seen with a senior’s girlfriend)

Ismaila and Kpangolo are always bugling my locker stealing and selling my provision to some hungry senior’s (hope you guys are not criminals now? Lol…) getting punished for writing my name on the ceiling (bad guys things) sneaking out with my ‘mofty’ (baggy jeans and over sized T-shirt) with my favorite school daughter to club (Lol…. May God forgive me) I’ll stop here because the talk plenty.

Use the comment box and kindly share with us your boarding house experience. I will be waiting……


Wednesday, 23 May 2018


There comes a time when you date longer just for the fun of it; and let’s face it when the time comes, you’d want someone whose dating ambition matches yours. 

Laid back, purposeless relationships and dating to see where things lead will no longer appeal to you because you would have gotten to a mental space where you are prepared for something more serious, more intentional. 

Unfortunately, being at that place does not mean your partner is too, your readiness will not automatically transmit to his.

 And even if you have been together for a bit, being prepared for that level of commitment won’t automatically translate to his preparedness.

To know that you and your partner are or are not on the same wavelength when it comes to commitment and readiness to settle down; to know that he’s not ready for marriage like you. Here are the signs you will see.

1. Not eager to meet your friends and family

He hasn’t met your family or friends and he’s not eager to. If you were interested in marrying someone, wouldn’t you want to know who their friends and family are? So if he doesn’t want to attend your parent’s anniversary party with you, then he probably isn’t thinking of them as his future in-laws.

2. He dodges marriage discussions

Does he try to escape marriage discussion? Does he suddenly remember that he has errands to run and tasks to complete on his laptop whenever you try to steer the conversation to marriage and commitment?

Well, he’s likely not ready for what you are going to suggest. If he would rather be anywhere else but in that conversation every time you try to bring it up, best believe that unlike you, he’s not ready for it just yet.

3. He expressly says so

If he honestly says he’s not ready, that’s the ultimate signal of his reluctance to get into anything serious. It’d be ill-advised to try to force him or cajole him into it. If he’s willing and ready to settle down with you, he’ll be just as pumped up about the whole idea as you are.



Would you be cool with inviting your ex or exes to your wedding ceremony like Prince Harry who invited two of his to the royal wedding on Saturday? It really got me thinking deep. 

Now the Prince and New Duke Sussex tied the knot with Meghan Markle in a lavish, hugely celebrated wedding ceremony on May 19 and of only 600 people who could get an invite to witness the royal wedding, the prince deemed his two ex-girlfriends- Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas- worthy of two seats. 

Mind you, this is a ceremony to which Barack Obama, Donald Trump and British Prime Minister, Theresa May didn’t get an invite! Of course, for these people to have been ‘snubbed’ there’s a suggestion that despite the breakup and whatever reasons they had for doing so, the Prince and his exes have remained friends and that’s an admirable thing. Let’s view his exes a little………….

PRINCE Harry’s most serious ex-girlfriend is Chelsy Davy, whom he dated on and off from 2004 to 2011. She got an invite to the church ceremony, all right, but was overlooked for the intimate, exclusive 200-people reception later in the evening. 

Also Cressida Bonas, his most recent known ex-girlfriend before Meghan Markle showed up at the ceremony (not uninvited, of course) Bonas and the Prince dated from 2012 to 2014, reportedly breaking up partly because she didn’t like the royal life.

Would you invite an ex to your wedding?
Do you think it’d be cool to have your ex or exes at your wedding? 

Before you drop your comment below, one of the things you should know is that; to invite your ex, you guys would have to be on good terms. If not, what’s the point? 

Without an existing cordiality, he or she would probably fling your invite back in your face!
Also, you should also note that your partner has to be cool with it for you to send that invitation. 

If your fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e says they’re not cool with having any of your exes at the wedding, then why bother? Having said that, we now need to know; how great exactly is your relationship with your exes? Is it good enough to send them an invite for your big day? Let’s know your answer by dropping your comments on the comment box!



On our woman crush Wednesday, we are crushing on the super talented young lady by name Haowa Bello.

Haowa Bello is the CEO of ‘’Madame Coquette’’ and ‘’Fula Farms’’ a commercial goat farm in Lekki, Lagos.

Haowa Bello is a Nigerian Camerounian. She is the daughter of a career diplomat.

Haowa graduated from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU) where she studied Bsc in Economics after which she decided to pursue her passion.

A self-proclaimed bag enthusiast with a line of luxury handbags made in Nigeria with minimal use of machinery.

She launched the company in 2008.

Haowa attended Parsons New School of Design in New York where she did an intensive course in fashion Design. She later attended Academia Riacci in Florence, Italy where she did a bag making course.

The quality of her products can be compared to high end brands in the fashion world due to the meticulous nature of which they are finished. This talented young businesswoman has expanded her label to North America, Europe and the rest of Africa.

However, even with her vast recognition, Haowa is highly committed to promoting artisanship and skill development in her community.

Her brand is truly a reflection of heritage and character. Haowa has been in the handbag business for eight years and her company in that time has produced over 600 handbags and has been sold in New York, Berlin and London.

She won a grant to set up the goat farm less than two years ago.

Recently Madame Coquette held an exhibition to reveal her new collection of bags titled ‘’Bringing colors Backs’’ with vibrant color and textures.

Haowa Bello is working with local tanneries to produce customized leather to boost the leather industry in Nigeria. The desire to do this is what gave birth to Fula Farm.

Fula Farm is a commercial goat farm which is not only expected to provide healthy meat, but also supplies tanneries with a superior source of goat skin which will be processed into high quality leather.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Former president's son sentenced to 8 months in jail after he was found guilty of stealing Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone

The son of Zambia's second republic President Frederick Chiluba was on Wednesday, May 16, sentenced to eight months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a mobile phone by the Lusaka Magistrate Court, Lusaka Times reports. Frederick Chiluba Jr, a retired ZAF officer who graduated in 2014 was convicted of stealing a Samsung S7 edge, valued at K8, 500 from Chisha, on September 2, 2017 and traded it for drug in Chibolya. 

Chisha in her testimony, told magistrate Chabala that she met Chiluba in Woodlands on September 2, 2017 and he asked to use her phone. “I have known him for years and it was an S7 so I gave him and he used it for two minutes then gave it back to me. About 10 minutes later, he came and asked to use the phone again and I gave him but he started moving further and further away from where we were. I then asked Isaac, who will be a witness to get my phone from him and that was the last time I saw the phone.” “On Sunday he was caught and taken to Kabwata Police. When I asked him where the phone was, he said he had forgotten it somewhere.

That same day, the uncle came and assured me that they would buy me another phone,” Chisha said. Chisha suggested that she wanted to withdraw the case as they were family friends but magistrate Chabala ordered that she would proceed to hear the witnesses. Chiluba in his defence, denied stealing the phone and insisted that he returned it to the complainant. He recounted that on the material day, he was having drinks with Chisha at Mommas Pub in Woodlands when he asked to use her phone to call his uncle because his phone had gone off. Lusaka Magistrate Nthandose Chabala delivering judgement said she handed Chiluba Jr a custodial sentence as a deterrence to him and other would-be offenders.

By Mercy Kukah

Roll call of Tozali Brides

Tozali, is one of the fastest growing magazines in Nigeria that covers high class events especially weddings. Memories of occasions are not forgotten in a hurry as we always try to refresh the memories of clients both past and present by bringing to them a roll call of brides that have featured in the past editions of the magazine. 
Tozali have attended many weddings and saw different and beautiful brides with different styles and designs across Nigeria.
Here, we bring to you a roll call of Tozali 2017 brides whose wedding ceremonies will remain evergreen in our hearts.

Zainab Muhammed Kabir: The love story of Zainab and her heart throb Abdulkadir is one in a million as the couple met through a social network called Tango in June 2014 and got married in December 2016. The most interesting part of their story is that Zainab’s maternal grandparents and Abdulkadir’s parents were neighbours in Kano in the 1970s. The lovely bride, who could not hide her feelings for her husband said he is a loving, caring, understanding and religious person and the perfect man for her.
The wedding was graced by many from across the nation. Guests were hosted to a lunch followed by the kamu and budan kai. The event was finally wrapped up with a dinner and guests were entertained by a stand-by-live band.

Hadiza Balarabe: The beautiful and gorgeous Hadiza married her prince charming Mal. Anas Ibrahim. The bride was looking all beautiful in her beautiful outfits and flawless makeup, she crown her looks with her beautiful smiles all through the event. It was indeed a glamorous wedding that saw a lot of crowd both within and outside Kano state.

Maryam Abbas: The glamorous wedding of Maryam Abbas was held in the beautiful city of Kaduna State. Maryam got married to the love of her life Alh. Ahmed Adamu Mau’zu, son of former PDP chairman and former government of Bauchi state. The wedding ceremony was an intricate and gracious three days spree of events which include; ruffi, dinner, yini, Fathia, Kai Amarya and budan kai. The excited bride could not hide her happiness on her most memorable day. Tozali, bring to you memories of the event.
Pictures Speaks……

Zainab Sani Sadiq: Zainab is the beautiful and gorgeous wife of an Abuja based business tycoon, Alh. Nura Manu Soro. The wedding was graced by many dignitaris as well as friends, families and well-wishers. The wedding ceremony took place in Bauchi with series of events. The bride was an epitome of beauty as she was gorgeously dress and smiling all through the events. Everything in the wedding was superb as the atmosphere was comforting and blissful.

Aisha Baba Ahmed: Aisha is the daughter of the former deputy governor of Jigawa State Alh. Baba Ahmed (Sarkin Yakin Kazaure) and she married her prince charming Alh. Umar Gubio Kyari. It was a gathering of cream da la cream of the society as high profile dignitaries, friends, families and well-wishers attended the glamorous and colourful event.
The series of event include; mother’s night, kamu and Fathia. The bride was looking breathtaking and was all smiles with her flawless makeup. Enjoy the colourful pictures…..

Amne Kam-Salam: Amne is the beautiful wife of Alh. Nasiru Danu who is a business mogal, a politician and the “Dan Amana Dutse”. The wedding ceremony was a convention of the who’s who in high society as captains of industries, politicians, socialites and celebrities stepped out in expensive convertibles bedecked in costly and glamorous outfits. The bride also stood out among her friends as she looked gorgeous and beautiful in all her wedding attires. Families, friends and well-wishers all came out en mass to celebrate with the couple.

Amina Suleiman: Amina’s wedding was indeed a fairy tale wedding. The beautiful bride was an epitome of beauty as she looked ravishing from her budan kai to the wedding dinner. A lot of public office holders such as the executive governor of Gombe state, H.E Ibrahim Dankwambo, H.E Badaru Abubakar, Senators and former minister of transport Barr. Idris A. Umar among others were all in attendance.
Tozali captured all the glitz and the glamour of the event.

By Mercy Kukah