Thursday, 26 February 2015

Overcoming Undesirable Situations

First, what do we mean by undesirable situation? There are many situations that can be termed undesirable:

. It can be an abusive marriage or relationship

. It may be a stagnant or dead-end job that holds neither job satisfaction nor prospects for growth or advancement.

. It can be a business that makes you compromise your integrity.

. It might even be a religious or social organisation that you feel uncomfortable with. You feel mentally and emotionally enslaved

Whatever situation that qualifies as undesirable for you can be overcome with a few simple steps:

. You must first become aware of the undesirability of the situation without trying to diminish the gravity by living in denial. 

. Decide that you want to change the situation and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to break free from the situation

. Then seek counsel from those who have been there before you and find out how they were able to overcome. Bear in mind that no two situations will be exactly the same and so there would be different approaches to handling adverse situations.

. Be willing to suffer inconveniences; you might have to leave your comfort zone, especially if the undesirable situation has to do with abusive marriage or relationship. Face the fact that there will be challenges. Freedom has a price tag; be willing to pay it, otherwise, endure your situation and stay where you are.

. Do not rush; take the time required to make preparations against unforeseen circumstances. There will be disappointments.

. Go for training: You will need to acquire new skills that will help you survive. You will need mental and emotional survival skills; you will also need physical, financial and management skills to manage your new life.

. Pray and be at peace with yourself and with your God.

. Remove bitterness and resentment from your mind. Be objective and take responsibility for your decisions and your 
actions. You don’t have to fix blames to anybody.  All you need to do is fix the situation.

. Read mind liberating and emotionally stabilizing books (e.g. the   Bible and other great books)

. Stay focused on changing your undesirable situation. Take one positive step forward at a time.

. Don’t rush into another relationship. Build yourself up to be both emotionally and financially independent. When you are truly independent, you may wish to have a relationship on your own terms. You’ll be free from manipulative influences of romantic affairs.

Ola N. Uchendu

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Helpful Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Radiation

When you are staring at the computer screen for most of your day, you probably must be familiar with dry, red and tired eyes. Yes, I know that feeling! When using your computer for a prolonged period of time, for whatever reason, either work or pleasure, it's important to protect your eyes from long-term damage. Most of the time we don’t really feel it’s important to protect our eyes from the computer, or perhaps, many of us don’t know the damages that the screen can cause our eyes. Well, the good thing is that there are things you can do to protect your eyes from getting destroyed from computer screens. Here are a number of things you can do to help protect your eyes:

Always ensure that you clean your computer screen periodically to remove dust and dirt. This can make it easier on your eyes, so you do not have to focus harder to see what is on the screen, especially if there is text to read.

Keep the monitor a few inches away. Like about 20 to 30 inches away from your face. This range has been found to be the best distance for proper viewing and for reducing eye strain.

The use of anti- glare filter on your monitor is very good, because this will help to prevent glare and reflection from lights in the room.

Use larger fonts and icon sizes that are easy for you to view and read. Avoid using small fonts and icon sizes as it can cause eye strain.

Adjust the height of the monitor so that the top of the monitor is just below your eye level so that you are looking down slightly when viewing the screen.

Always ensure there is proper lighting in the room. Because over dim lighting or over bright lighting can cause strain to your eyes, making you feel not too comfortable.

Use a document holder for placing documents that you look at regularly, and place it at the same distance as the monitor.

The most important things you can do to protect your eyes is to take regular breaks. Be sure to keep blinking, and look away every now and then to avoid constant stare at the monitor.  This is always advisable. Taking several minutes to get up and not look at the monitor can greatly help in protecting your eyes and reducing any strain. Another good recommendation is to use an LCD monitor (aka flat panel display). The older CRT monitors are harder on the eyes, due to the lower refresh rates and general design of the monitor. LCD monitors feature higher refresh rates; high enough, such that most people are unable to see the refreshing of the screen. LCD monitors in general are easier to view for longer periods of time and cause less strain on the eyes. It is better to go for the LCD monitors which are less harsh to look at than CRT monitors. So with the new discoveries nowadays of harmful rays, we should be more careful than ever when it comes to protecting our eyes.

By: Rifkatu Yusuf

Monday, 23 February 2015

Natural Skin Care Tips

It is important to practice a regular cleaning routine along with proper nutrition. Yes, I’m talking about natural skin care products that can work wonders even without the use of cosmetics or plastic surgeries. If you find yourself coveting the gorgeous skin of models and celebrities, here are tips that will help you achieve a beautiful skin.


Aloe Vera is one of the best skin care products; the raw one directly from the stem. Apply the gel on your face to get rid of wrinkles. Aloe Vera gel can be used for healing purposes too; for cuts and burns. For sunburns, it can serve as a remedy for damaged skin too.


This is the best natural skin care product for hands and feet. Mix sugar and lemon juice, smooth the paste over your hands, rubbing in lightly. Allow to soak in for about 10 minutes before washing your hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water. The granulated sugar will help to remove calluses from your hands and feet.


Carrot keeps your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Take a carrot, cut it into two pieces and extract its juice with the help of a juicer. Add yogurt to the juice to form a paste. Apply this resultant facemask on your skin and wash it off after 20 minutes. Regular application of this skin care recipe is highly beneficial for toning up sagging skin, particularly for dry skin.


Tomatoes can be used alone or mixed with avocado, lemon or lime juice to create a facial mask. If you are out of fresh tomatoes, tomato paste can be used as a substitute. Blackheads home remedies are not only affordable, they are effective and safe to the skin as well. Mash the tomato, use its juice and peel as facial treatment. You have to concentrate on areas where the blackheads are found. If possible, let it stay overnight on your face. This tomato treatment will dry up blackheads and make them naturally fall off from the surface of the skin.

By: Chizzy Okoye 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Pamper Those Nails to Keep Them Pretty and Healthy

The finger nails hold lots of attractions to both ladies and gentlemen. It is not uncommon for romantic relationships to be sparked off from merely looking at well groomed and manicured finger nails. Our hands speak volumes about our personality. Yet, for some people, nails are the most neglected part of their body.  Nails that are unkempt reflect lack of personal hygiene, while well-groomed finger and toenails, might indicate a person’s neat, polished and healthy attitude.  The person with well-groomed nails already has an edge over others, particularly during job interviews, social and business engagements.  Despite sincere efforts to make their nails look beautiful many people are bothered with cracked, rough and dry nails that look awfully bad.  However, for the nails to be beautiful, they must first of all be healthy.  Weak, rough nails are often an external indication of health issues, often suggesting some nutritional deficiency.  Therefore, it is important to keep your nails healthy. Pampering your nails with tender loving care and treating any underlying medical condition, can sure make them healthy and pretty.  Before going any further, let us take a quick look at the structure of the nail. reveals that the fingernails and toenails are composed of millions of tiny keratin cells tightly packed together.  The cells produce keratin fibres which cross each other intricately, like a net keeping the whole composition hard.  The strength of our nails depends largely on the arrangement of the cells, their precision in clinging to each other and the way they are interlinked with the keratin fibres.

How to identify unhealthy Nails

The fingernails will reflect health problems or any kind of deficiency, when these changes are taking place.  Here are a few listed below:

Change in nail colour

Any kind of discolouration that occurs in the nail can signal health problems. When a dark mark forms under the nail and increases with time, this can indicate health problem.

Change in the nail shape such as curling
Nail thinning or thickening can be a sign of liver and kidney diseases, heart and lung conditions, anaemia and diabetes. Nail separation from the surrounding skin can also indicate an underlying health condition. It is advised to quickly consult your doctor or dermatologist immediately, if you observe any one of the above conditions.

How to get a Healthy and Strong Nails

Quit Biting the Nails
To achieve that pretty and healthy nail you desire, you must stop biting your fingernails or pick at cuticles. (Well, I am guilty here.) This has a great chance for developing bacterial infection, which can be transmitted from your fingers to your mouth.  Furthermore, biting can damage the skin around your finger leading to painful ingrown nails.  Both are painful medical conditions that require prolonged treatment.  Therefore, if you have a tendency to bite your nails, dip them in some bitter substance or polish your fingernails to avoid doing so.

Fingernails Abuse

Avoid using your fingernails as tools.
Many people use their fingernails to open cans, or for removing dirt and gum from surfaces.  Besides breaking or peeling away a layer, you are also risking weakening and bending your nail.

Fake Nails
Avoid acrylic fake fingernails, they cause damage to your natural nails; though a lot of people I know cannot do without fake nails. Instead of acrylic fake nails, simply get your natural nails well-groomed and painted.  This will help your nails stay healthy and undamaged.

Cuticle Care
A lot of times, our cuticles are often left untreated and neglected.  However, the cuticles at the base of the nail are responsible for the health of our nails. Therefore, give a gentle massage to stimulate blood flow, enhance growth and prevent dryness and hangnails from developing.

Proper Personal Hygiene
It is always good to maintain good personal hygiene to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing under the nails.

Dry Hands
Always keep your hands dry.  When hands are constantly in water, the nails become soft and that has a tendency to tear and break easily and quickly.

Not forgetting a Healthy Diet
Apart from everyday nail care, consuming a healthy diet comprising whole grains, raw foods like vegetables and fruits along with protein-rich foods like fish, is very crucial and helps build healthy fingernails and toenails.  Take a glass of milk and a hard-boiled egg every day to increase zinc intake.  Zinc works wonders to promote healthy nails sans white spots, a sign of zinc deficiency. As far as vitamins are concerned, take fish oil supplements to keep your fingernails and toenails pretty and very healthy.  Besides this, a well-balanced diet and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which is most important, are just a few of the simple ways to keep them strong and healthy always.

By: Rifkatu Yusuf

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Are you going to have a camera moment, a red carpet appearance, or any event? Our aim is to highlight various points which, in applying makeup, you have to pay proper attention to in order to get a good result on camera.

Applying More Makeup 

What I mean here is applying more of your foundation, powder and other products to achieve flawless finish. The reason for this is that for makeup on camera to appear neutral, it has to be overdone slightly because, at the end of the day, it does not capture the exact way and so you actually need more to work with.

Natural Light

When doing make up for camera shots, I advise you to work on natural light; this is because the way you see yourself with natural light is exactly the same way you will appear on camera. Regardless of the fact that the makeup is slightly overdone, you should apply and observe it in natural light. If it looks great in natural light then it will surely look great on camera. 


Be it face primer or eye primer, the work is to keep makeup in place, smoothen and perfect your skin; giving your skin a nylon touch. While taking photos or filming, there is a lot of movement and you do not want your makeup fading off, or skin looking rough after a few minutes. Therefore, priming is an important aspect before applying makeup.

Avoid SPF

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It refers to the ability of a sunscreen to block ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, which cause sunburns, but not UVA rays, which are more likely to cause skin damage. Most makeup products contain SPF that is made up of Titanium Dioxide or bits of Zinc Oxide, which contains white particles that reflect on camera. Avoid lotions, primers, concealers, make up with SPF, even if it is just a tiny bit. 


Our brows define and structure our face; take time to properly define and outline your brows by filling them in a little bit and cleaning up the edges just to make sure everything looks neat and well defined on camera.


Define your face with blush, bronzers and a bit of contouring. Just applying foundation and powder all over can make your face look flat on camera. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks; use darker shades to contour and lighter shades of concealer/powder to highlight the bridge of your nose, under your eyes, on your forehead and chin. 

With these few tips, you should be picture ready.

By: Okoye Chizzy

Friday, 13 February 2015


Have you been missing your daily routine at the gym probably because of your busy schedule or laziness, and suddenly you realize that you have started gathering fats round your abdomen? Have you ever wanted to wear your figure hugging dress for a wedding only to see your flabby stomach bulging out? The best way to get a slim waistline is by exercising, and the focus of this write-up is on the reasons why fat accumulates in the belly and the causes of abdominal fat. 
Here is a last option for you; you do not have to alter your daily habits to get a flat stomach. Just follow this few steps.
Before we proceed, let us find out some of the major causes of abdominal fat.

1. Genetics:
This has to do with heredity where parents pass certain genes on to their children, and abdominal fat might be one of them.

2. Hormonal Changes
Hormonal imbalance can cause abdominal fat. Hormones control the functioning of human organs, including growth and development. They regulate fat gain by influencing the rate at which human body uses and stores calories.

3. Stress:
If you are under a lot of stress, you are likely to be emotionally sensitive. Stress causes people to deviate from their normal routines (like going to the gym after work, eating healthy and living healthy life style); and causes them to adopt a "who cares" attitude. Stress can lead to binge eating disorder which can definitely grow your tommy fat.

4. Alcohol: 
Alcohol calories are so easy to overdo. A typical beer has 150 calories and if you down several bottles in one sitting, you can end up with serious calorie overload. Do not forget calories from the foods you wash down with those beers. 

5. Late Night Eating:  
While it is true that your body naturally burns some excess weight as you sleep, aside from causing belly fat, eating late and reclining on a full stomach increases your risk of developing indigestion, since gravity is no longer able to pull everything in your tummy straight down. To prevent these conditions, consider eating smaller meals at night and do not lie down for at least three hours after dinner. If possible, just snack on fruits in case you feel a bit hungry at night, instead of raiding the fridge for sweet desserts to satisfy your craving. 

6. Sedentary Lifestyle: 
Your regular life style that might include little or no physical activities can cause abdominal fat. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many preventable causes of death.  

7. Disease: 
Some diseases, which are fat related diseases, can also contribute to abdominal fat.

8. Poor Posture:
Sitting up straight and having strong abdominal muscles help hold in not only your fat but also your internal organs. Even skinny persons will look like they have flab tummy, if they do not have good muscle tone and if they do not sit properly too.

However, to check bulgy tummy we should be committed to these practices:

If you want to muscle up and burn fat at the same time, you have to perform full body exercises like lunges, push-ups and pull-ups, for one set of fifteen repetitions. Do not forget to follow every routine with a one minute of jumping rope. You should be able to burn around 500 to 600 calories per day. In addition, you can work on your abdominal muscles three times in a week by doing crunches and leg raises for three sets of every 20 repetition.  

Eat Right: You can reduce abdominal fat by eating the right food. There are many natural ways to reduce fat. Garlic, onion, cabbage, tomato and spices like ginger,    cinnamon and mustard are some of the fat reducing foods. Consuming a few cloves of raw garlic and a 1-inch piece of ginger every morning is good for fat metabolism.
Having a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey in the morning, is a popular option for weight loss. In addition, when trying to get rid of bad cholesterol, addition of good cholesterol can be helpful. Avocados, olives, coconut and nuts are few sources of good cholesterol.

 Drink Water: Many get confused about being thirsty, tired or hungry, and end up with sugary or fatty food. Always carry a bottle of water and make sure you keep sipping water throughout the day. One needs to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water, though this depends on your weight and lifestyle. Calculate accordingly and make sure you consume enough water.

 Avoid Sugar: Sugar is one thing you should greatly reduce, if not omit from your daily dish. There are many sources of hidden sugar, so it is a good idea to reduce sugar. Use alternatives like honey, palm sugar and licorice extract.

Reduce Sodium intake: To avoid water retention you have to reduce you salt intake. Of course, you need to add salt to your food but you can consider potassium, lemon and sea salts. You can as well flavour your food with other herbs and spices instead, to help reduce salt requirement. 

7. Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is important for the secretion of carnitine, a compound that helps body convert fat into energy. Besides, it also helps block cortisol, a hormone that is
secreted by the body when under stress. Spike in cortisol levels is the main reason for abdominal fat.

8. Do not skip breakfast:
Many think skipping breakfast helps with quick weight loss. On the contrary, skipping breakfast is a major blunder. It increases bloating and pushes your body into starvation mode, a key for abdominal fat gain.
Latest studies reveal having smaller and frequent meals is the key to maintaining a healthy metabolism rate, which is important for weight management. So, reduce the size of your meals and make up for it by snacking healthily. You could consider having dry fruits and nuts, raw veggies or fruits and steamed veggies.

10. Sleep:
I know you might be wondering why we are talking about sleeping here? Adequate sleep is very important for weight management. Everyone needs 6 – 8 hours of sleep. According to a recent study, too much of sleep or the lack of it can lead to weight gain.

BY: Okoye Chizzy

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Simple ways to keep your ears clean from clogged wax

The ears can become clogged when too much earwax accumulates inside them. Though it is an important part of our body’s natural defence system for keeping dirt, bacteria and other  unwanted thing out of the ears, too much earwax can decrease your hear ability. First and foremost, before you think of having a home treatment therapy, be sure you don’t have an ear infection or a perforated eardrum, because when you clean your ear under these circumstances, it can be extremely dangerous for you. So, do not use this method if you even suspect a problem. But instead of using this method, it is advisable to see the doctor immediately. Symptoms of an ear infection include: fever, vomiting, green or yellow drainage from the ear and persistent and severe ear pain. 

Here are Facts on Earwax
You might wonder about earwax and whether it needs to be cleaned out. Actually, even though earwax seems sticky, it serves a purpose. Your ear canal makes earwax to protect the ear. After it is produced, it slowly makes its way to the opening of the ear. Then it either falls out or is removed when you wash. If you want, you can clean the opening of your ear gently with a washcloth. Though a lot of people feel comfortable to use the cotton swab, it is safer and better to clean the ear with a washcloth. Note that you can hurt your ear by poking around in there. It's not even a good idea to use a cotton swab. This can push wax deeper in your ear, where it can get stuck. Irritating the ear canal with a cotton swab can even lead to an ear canal infection. And definitely don't put anything sharp object in your ear because it can cause bleeding or serious damage. If you think you have dirt or too much earwax in your ear, ask someone to check it out for you and help you clean it out. When you have excess earwax accumulated in you ear, it tends to cause a blockage on the affected ear making hearing difficult, and cotton swab cleans your ear less than you think. 
You can make a wax-softening solution by yourself. Here are the simple steps: 
You can purchase a peroxide cleaning solution at a local pharmacy near you, or you can make your own. You can combine warm water with one of the following; a teaspoon or two of olive oil, baby oil or mineral oil, a teaspoon or two of glycerine, or a teaspoon or two of hydrogen peroxide solution. 

Surprisingly, the best way to clean ears is not to.
You can leave the ear canal alone and the wax will naturally move out by itself. But if you are concerned, see an otolaryngologist (head and neck surgeon). The surgeon will use a microscope and microsurgical instruments to comfortably remove the wax from your ears.
For swimmers, wearing wax earplugs and waterproof foam ear bands can keep water and other particles out of the ear. More severe cases should be attended to by a doctor (an otolaryngologist) for antibiotic ear drops.
There are also alternative ways to maintain ear health; over-the-counter wax dissolving drops can be used.  But it is better to speak to a doctor before actually buying them; as the saying goes, self-medication is dangerous. If you have a hole in your eardrum and you put drops in to dissolve wax, you could cause an infection. Some people have very narrow ear canals and using the drops could actually make things worse.

Never stick hair pins or cotton swabs into the ear as this increases risk of infection and pushes wax deeper into the ear, forming a complete blockage and causing severe infection.

Rifkatu Yusuf. 

                              DIFFERENT EYE SHAPES                  

Determining your natural eye shape is just as important as finding the most flattering colours for your lids. Knowing how to apply eye shadow and liner will help you better translate trends and techniques to fit your face. Have you ever bothered to ask yourself what type of eye shape you have? Or why are some people’s eye shapes different from others? We tried to answer these few questions by explaining various eye shapes for easy clarification. You can start by holding to a mirror, read and determine yours yourself.


If you can effortlessly pull off winged eyeliner, chances are you’ve got almond eyes. If you have almond shaped eyes, then you’re in luck. You have a shape that’s been linked to a standard of beauty for centuries. How do you know if you have almond shaped eyes? If you look straight into a mirror and you’re able to see the entire iris of your eyes, then you have round eyes. If part of your iris disappears under your lids, then you have almond shaped eyes. Lots of people have characteristics of other shapes and almond or round shaped eyes.
When you look at your upper eyelid and the eyelid does not have a crease with a less defined eye brow, you have "monolid" eyes. Note that the eyelid crease does not need to be visible to be counted. True "monolid" eyes completely lack a crease.
The "monolid" counts as a basic eye shape definition. With your eyes wide open, ask yourself if the crease of your eyelid is visible or hidden. If the crease is hidden underneath the upper part of your lid or your brow bone, you have a "hooded" eye shape.

Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller. To draw the focus upward, diffuse darker shadow over and out past the crease;tight line the top waterline to intensify and enlarge your eye shape, and thicken the lash base, which also can disappear under the lid fold.

Deep set eyes are large and set deeper into the skull, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. Most individuals do not need to take depth into consideration when determining the position of their eyes. Deep set eyes appear as though they are tucked further back into the socket, causing the upper eye lid to appear short and small.

Protruding eyes create the appearance of projected lids in the eye socket area. Luckily, the bulge gives you plenty of lid space to play with! Smoky eyes work great with this eye shape. Apply thick liner along your upper lash line to further diminish some of the space.

The upturned eye takes the form of a classic almond shape, with a natural lift at the outer corner. The lower lid has more emphasis and looks longer than the top lid. To even out the upper and lower proportions, apply dark shadow or pencil along the outer lower corner to bring down the lifted effect.

Downturned eyes have a slight dropping on the outer corners. This is the perfect shape for creating a sexy cat’s eye shape. Apply a liquid liner along the top lid and extend outward and upward at a 45 degree angle to create a symmetry effect.

Close set eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. You can create an illusion of more space by using a light shade of eye shadow. Dab extra mascara or add individual lashes to the outer corner to pull the focus outward.

Wide set eyes are more than one eyeball width apart. To bring your peepers closer together, rim your top and bottom lash line with a black liner as close to the inner tear duct as possible. Use a mascara comb to swipe all of your tiny lashes from mid eye to nose.


Friday, 6 February 2015

Choose sparkly Eyeliner Color
Before now, ladies who wear glasses used to feel ashamed of it; people often dreaded the day they had to wear glasses to either school or work. But these days, girls who wear glasses are rather fortunate and feel more comfortable in it. This is because we live in a moment when there are so many cute glass frames available. So when next you are stepping out to hang out with friends, don’t feel different as these few beauty tips will help you look hot in your glasses, and bring out the true beauty in you. First of all, when you are wearing glasses, you already have a lot going on; so keep it simple and keep the eye makeup simple as well. For starters, stay away from strong colours. Let’s start with eyes.

Choose sparkly eyeliner colour

When applying liner to your eyes, go for a navy blue or deep burgundy liner instead of a black liner, since these colours are beautiful on everyone. Black eyeliner or black eye shadow can appear to be too heavy for most girls with glasses, but a blue or deep burgundy liner is warm and makes everyone look good, no matter what skin tone or hair colour you have. This also brightens up the eyes and gives it a cool and trendy look. When you have a mix of confident colours on your hair, lips and frames, keep your eye makeup simple. Go clean and simple with little liner and mascara; in this case, eye shadow won’t be necessary. Tip: Use a soft and lighter shade to play up the eyes.

Apply concealer under your eyes
Always apply concealer under eyes to cover up the dark circles. A lot of women have dark under eye circles. A lighter shade of concealer will help cover up the unpleasant and dark round circles around your eyes; and for those who wear glasses, this is not the time to skip concealer. Although you might think that glasses hide your dark circles, but the lenses can actually magnify the circles and make them look more obvious. If you have a lot of under eye darkness, skip lining the lower lash as this will only draw attention to the already existing problem. Instead, just use waterproof mascara on the lower lashes.

Complement your bold frames with equally bold lips.

Your finishing is important here. A great pair of statement frames and classic eye makeup will always look best, but the lips don't have to be glossy or totally traditional. A gorgeous bold eye with boxy glasses and powdery bold lips is girly and modern.  A hot pink lipstick or a true red can also be the perfect finishing touches to your overall look. Every girl in glasses deserves to feel pretty, so be a proud four-eyed girl!

Monday, 2 February 2015



Black is beautiful, they say, and there is no doubt that we Africans are black and that says it all. You make your look more attractive when you use the right eye shade to open up the eyes. It is important that you don’t over apply your eye shadow, and don’t forget the power of blending. Do not forget to line your eye with a black or brown liner (which ever you choose). Apply several coats of your mascara on your eye lash for more glimpse and glamour.

With these simple steps you can improve it to a great extent:

Primer: Most people don’t know about this, while some do but neglect its importance. Before putting your eye shadow, you can start by applying primer from the lower lash line to your upper lash line, depending on your eye shape. Soften the edge to erase any shape line. The work of primer is to hold the eye shadow and make it last long.


Highlight: This is important especially when doing formal make up. It opens up the eyes; you can choose colors from silver, gold, beige or light copper, depending on your taste and choice.

Shadows: The idea here is to choose colors that match your clothing for the occasion, to appear stunning and gorgeous.

Different types of shadows

Powder Eye shadow: It gives you a matte effect and is best in casual days, powder eye shadow is most widely used.

Shimmer Eye Shadow: Have you seen someone wearing shinning shades? (Think bride). Those are shimmer eye shadows on her eye. They are used for formal occasions, like weddings, engagements, evening parties or a night out.

Creamy Eye Shadow is more dramatic and beautiful; easy to apply and is ideal for a girlish and modern look. Have you seen a lady on Corporate Adverts? That’s powder or Creamy Eye Shadows.

NOTE: Consider your eye shape when applying any shade.

Keep a date next edition when we will be discussing various eye shapes for different face types, and the appropriate shades for the different types.

BY: Okoye Chizzy