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The kitchen is a hotspot for bacteria and parasites. This is why good kitchen hygiene during both food preparation and cooking are extremely critical in terms of preventing food borne illnesses. 

Bacteria may sit on kitchen counters, stick to your raw meat, and end up contaminating all those delicious foods. These being germs, they are for the most part responsible for bacteria caused illnesses. Many people tend to assume that diarrhea and other forms of sickness only come due to food poisoning from outside our homes. While you may never guarantee 100% protection against a diversity of food borne illnesses, there are several simple good kitchen hygiene precautions which you can implement towards reducing the risk.

Here are 10 must-follow kitchen hygiene rules: 

Wash Your Hands! Germs can very quickly and easily spread between our hands into food, so keeping clean hands before initiating in any food handling process is essential. Washing hands properly when you are going to touch raw meat, especially after visiting the toilet or using the kitchen bin significantly helps in reducing the spread of several types of harmful bacteria. 

Proper Food Storage: is as critical as correct cooking. When storing cooked food in your fridge or cooler, ensure it is at room temperature or even lower. Placing warm food inside a fridge implies it has not cooled evenly and could as such, cause food poisoning.

Cook Food Thoroughly: you are perhaps thinking this is obvious stuff! But you will be surprised by the number of people who actually under cook their food. With under cooked food, there is a higher risk of harmful bacteria getting ingested which may trigger food poisoning. All animal foods ought to be cooked to a minimum of 170 ° F, if you want to get rid of viruses, bacteria, and parasites which bring food borne illnesses.

Clean Up and Down: after cooking, keeping a clean kitchen is very important. It is estimated that the average kitchen chopping board carries more faecal bacteria compared to the average toilet seat. Damp kitchen sponges and washing brushes are known bacteria havens. Washing your kitchen and wiping down your equipment with the good hygiene products greatly reduces cross-contamination risk dramatically. 


Tips On How To Boost Your Child's Confidence.

Self confidence comes from a sense of competence. A confident child needs a positive and realistic perception of his or her abilities. This arises out of achievements, great and small, which ever way, your encouraging words can help develop your kid's confidence, especially when you refer to your child's specific efforts or abilities.

Here are some tips that can help build your child's confidence level:

1. Praise your child - It is important to give your child praises more often when they do something positive no matter how little because children measure their worth and achievement, by what you the parent thinks; and even when a child fails, you praise the little effort he has made and encourage him to do better.

2. Love your child - This is the most important thing you can give your child. Your child needs to feel loved and cared for. By so doing, he will feel accepted, comfortable and confident.
kiss them, give them a hug always and assure them you love them all the time.

3.Teach self-love - You can teach your child how to love himself by praising and rewarding yourself when you do something good. Celebrate your success with your children. Tell them stories on how you reached that height and always motivate them on how to improve in themselves.

4. Support their pursuit of passion or career - Everyone excels at something, and it's great when your child discovers that something. As a parent, respect and encourage your child's interests even if they don't interest you. Praise your child when they accomplish something in their budding pursuits. Unless if that passion is against your religion or beliefs, or it will interfere with their academic pursuit, then you should make them understand why they shouldn't pursue it.

By Maryam Islam

how to make super soft chocolate mug cake


* All-purpose flour 1 cup

*cocoa powder 2 tablespoon

*baking soda ½tSp

*baking powder ½ tsp.

* butter 2tbSp

* oil 2tbSp

* sugar ½cup

*milk 1 cup

* Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

* Pinch of salt

*vanilla flavor


1. Add your milk into a bowl, add your lemon juice, oil melted butter, sugar, and salt then stir together for 4 minutes.

2. Add your sieved flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder to the wet ingredients and mix together thoroughly till everything is Well combined.

3. Add your vanilla flavor.

4. Put your chocolate batter in a mug and cover tightly with foil paper and microwave on medium heat for 20 minutes.

5. After 20 minutes take it out and allow it to cool down enjoy

By: Firdausi Musa Dantsoho

how to make delicious beans soup (gbegiri)



*palm oil


*locus beans




*dry fish



1. Wash your beans thoroughly to remove the shaft.

2. Boil the meat with enough onion and spices till tender.

3. Put the beans in a pot and allow it to cook a little.

4. Add your pepper, onion, locus beans, Cray fish, salt, spice.

5. Wash your dry fish thoroughly to remove the dirt, add it to the beans.

6. Allow your beans to be well cooked then mash the beans, and add your meat and cook.

7. Your gbegiri Is ready. Serve with Swallow.

By: Firdausi Musa Dantsoho

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Regardless, when feelings begin to fade in any relationship, it can hurt, or be confusing, if you can’t pinpoint an exact moment things went awry. I’m by no means an expert on love or friendship, but seeing as I’ve been through the gamut, here are some tried and true ways to deal with the inevitable end of your most treasured bonds. And know that if something fades and you grow apart, that’s OK—sometimes it happens. 

Talk to each other about it. 
First things first. If you feel the slow fade in action, talk about it. Maybe your partner or friend doesn’t realise they’ve been distant or they’re taking forever to respond to a text or maybe they’re cancelling plans too often. 

If it doesn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up. 
Let's say you’ve tried to talk things out but that didn’t help or maybe even made things worse. Maybe it’s something that you don’t feel you can or should fix. That’s OK. Sometimes it makes the most sense to make it a hard break-up instead of a soft fadeaway. And sometimes, in order to heal, that means de-friending this person on all social media fronts, avoiding the places you might run into them, or ridding yourself of any physical memories you’re holding on to. 

. Reach out to new people, too! 
On the flip side, if it’s a close friendship you’re losing, reach out to some people you might’ve kept in your acquaintance circle. I know this sounds daunting but sometimes the only way to move on is to gather whatever support you can. Your next new BFF might be at that work meeting you never went to or that party you didn’t go to. Take some chances and put yourself out there for new experiences. You might be surprised at all the things you have in common with your hairdresser, mailman, or barrister! 

Give yourself space. 
Losing love or a friendship that meant something to you is taxing. Give yourself permission to do nothing. No, really! Spend this time on you, what you love to do, discover who you are. Another person cannot fill you up. You have to do that on your own. Use this time to do that, unapologetically, and you’ll come out of it stronger than before. 

Reach out to other friends. 
If you’re going through a never-ending, silent break-up, good friends can rescue you from seeing the bottom of an ice cream carton alone or bring you some when you need it!. Friends not only find the humour in situations but they make good shoulders to cry on, too, so even if it’s hard or not in your character to reach out when you’re in need, ask for help, compassion, whatever it is you need. That’s what friends are for, right? 



Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts. 

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, but it's far more common in women. 

Substantial support for breast cancer awareness and research funding has helped create advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer survival rates have increased, and the number of deaths associated with this disease is steadily declining, largely due to factors such as earlier detection; a new personalized approach to treatment and a better understanding of the disease. 

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer may include:

• A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue

• Change in the size, shape or appearance of a breast

• Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling

• A newly inverted nipple

• Peeling, scaling, crusting or flaking of the pigmented area of skin surrounding the nipple (areola) or breast skin.

• Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange 

A breast cancer risk factor is anything that makes it more likely you'll get breast cancer. But having one or even several breast cancer risk factors doesn't necessarily mean you'll develop breast cancer. Many women who develop breast cancer have no known risk factors other than simply being women. 

Factors that are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer include: 

• Being female

• . Women are much more likely than men are to develop breast cancer. 

• Increasing age.

• Your risk of breast cancer increases as you age.

• A personal history of breast conditions.

• If you've had a breast biopsy that found lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) or a typical hyperplasia of the breast, you have an increased risk of breast cancer. 

• A personal history of breast cancer.

• If you've had breast cancer in one breast, you have an increased risk of developing cancer in the other breast.

• A family history of breast cancer.

• If your mother, sister or daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer, particularly at a young age, your risk of breast cancer is increased. Still, the majority of people diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease.

Inherited genes that increase cancer risk.

Certain gene mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer can be passed from parents to children. The most well-known gene mutations are referred to as BRCA1 and BRCA2. These genes can greatly increase your risk of breast cancer and other cancers, but they don't make cancer inevitable.

Radiation exposure. 
If you received radiation treatments to your chest as a child or young adult, your risk of breast cancer is increased.


Being obese increases your risk of breast cancer.
Beginning your period at a younger age. Beginning your period before age 12 increases your risk of breast cancer.
Beginning menopause at an older age.

If you began menopause at an older age, you're more likely to develop breast cancer.

Having your first child at an older age.

Women who give birth to their first child after age 30 may have an increased risk of breast cancer.

Having never been pregnant. Women who have never been pregnant have a greater risk of breast cancer than do women who have had one or more pregnancies.

Postmenopausal hormone therapy.
Women who take hormone therapy medications that combine estrogen and progesterone to treat the signs and symptoms of menopause have an increased risk of breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer decreases when women stop taking these medications.

Drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer.


How To Make A Lemon And Sugar Facial Scrub

Lemon is a natural anti-oxidant that helps to brighten the skin as well as tighten the pores of the face.
Lemon and sugar facial scrub is the combination of fresh lemon juice, white granulated sugar and olive oil to make a facial scrub to exfoliate and heal the skin. Honey is also added to this mixture to help remove dirt and prevent aging.
Lemon and sugar facial scrub has a lot of benefits to every kind of skin. All you need are:

Fresh lemon juice
½ cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon honey


1. Mix the olive oil with lemon juice in a bowl and mix well.
2. Add the honey and mix well until it reaches a thick consistency and it's well incorporated.
3. Combine the sugar and mix well.
Apply some amount on your face and leave it for 7 to 10 minutes and rinse with cool water.

by: firdausi musa dantsoho

How To Lighten Under Eye Dark Circles With Simple Home Remedies.


Under eye dark circles can be caused by many factors such as: Nasal Allergies, oversleeping, sleep deprivation constant rubbing of eyes, excess exposure to sun etc.
Under eye dark circles can easily be tackled and cured with the following simple home remedies that would lighten your under eye dark circles and also keep your skin nourished and hydrated.


Aloe Vera gel will definitely leave you with bright and relaxed eyes.  It has high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which makes it good for lightening your under eye circles. Apply Aloe gel in the affected area and allow to dry. Then clean it with clean wipes. Do this once at night.


Cucumber is rich in vitexin, orientin and cucurbitacins which help to treat under eye circles. Just like Aloe Vera, Cucumber is anti-inflammatory and helps to get rid of under eye dark circles. Place a refrigerated Cucumber in the affected area making sure the affected areas are well covered. While lying down leave it for 10 minutes.


Almonds are rich in vitamin E. Almond oil is used to soften the skin, leaving it supple and bright. Apply a small amount of it in the affected areas and massage it into the skin and this helps to lighten the under eye circles.


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Cakes are so delicious especially if they are soft and tasty. Here we are going to teach you how to make that perfect soft cake.


· 1 ½ cup of all-purpose flour

· 1 ½ teaspoon of baking powder

· ½ teaspoon salt

· 1 tick softened butter

· 1 cup of sugar

· 3 egg

· 2 teaspoon vanilla extract

· ¾ cup of milk

· Cupcake papers


1. Sieve your all-purpose flour and baking powder together, add your salt and mix together then keep aside.

2. In a separate bowl mix your butter and sugar together then beat till smooth and fluffy.

3. Add your egg one at a time to your butter mixture and beat.

4. Then your vanilla extract and mix.

5. Divide your flour mixture into two portions then add the first portion to the egg mixture and mix together. Then add your milk and mix together, then your remaining portion of the flour and mix together till everything Is well combined together.

6. Put your cupcake papers inside your cupcake pan, and scoop some batter into the cup cake pan.

7. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 20 minutes.

8. It’s done when you insert a toothpick or Skewer at the center and it comes out clean.

9. Allow it to cool completely then enjoy.

By Firdausi Musa Dantsoho


Fruit parfait is the combination of different types of fruit and yogurt, it Is the perfect way to enjoy your fruit. It is so easy and so delicious.

Here am going to teach you how to make delicious and yummy Nigerian fruit parfait.







*Greek yogurt


*coconut flakes


1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Wash your fruit and cut them into tiny pieces so it can fit into your glass.

3. Mix all your chopped fruit together.

4. Start to layer up your parfait. Start by putting your yogurt first in the glass then top it up with fruit then granola and coconut flakes. Repeat this process till it gets to the top of the cup.

5. Enjoy your delicious parfait and stay healthy.

By: Firdausi Musa Dantsoho

Monday, 16 September 2019

Tiwa Savage reveals why Wizkid has been ignoring her calls

Image result for tiwa savage

- African number one bad girl has fans cracking with laughter after she responded to a fan's question

- The Twitter user identified as @williamserena5 had asked who is the richer musician between Wizkid and Tiwa Savage

- In response, Savage stated that she has been calling Wizzy to even borrow money Singer Tiwa Savage has social media users cracking with laughter after dishing a hilarious response after a fan asked who is richer between Savage and Wizkid.

According to reports, Tiwa's current net worth is around N1.8 billion while Wizkid is worth a whopping N4 billion, making him one of the richest African musicians of our time. So it wasn't far fetched when Tiwa laughed off the enquiry of the Twitter user who asked who is richer between her and Wizkid. In response to the post, Savage stated that she has been calling Wizzy to borrow money but the young artiste has been missing her calls. Her hilarious response shows the cordial relationship she has with the musician and it is almost commendable.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Amapakabo, Will Continue As Olympic Eagles Coach Not Salisu–NFF Chieftain

Imama Amapakabo is set to continue in his role as the chief coach of Nigeria’s Under-23 team – the Olympic Eagles despite earlier press statement from the Communication Department of the NFF on Thursday announcing that Salisu Yusuf had served out his one-year ban over bribery incident, reports.

Yusuf was in charge of the team before he was caught on camera taking bribe from journalist posing as football agents, an action which earned him a year ban, prompting the NFF to draft in Imama to take over the side. 

However, a controversial press release on Thursday came from the federation’s Director of Communication, Ademola Olajire suggesting what might have been a reinstatement of Yusuf.

But a top NFF board member in an exclusive chat with Complete Sports revealed that there was nothing like reinstatement of Salisu Yusuf.

He said: “It’s not the NFF [board] that will review the situation. And definitely for Imama [Amapakabo] doing well, the Technical Commitee will surely confirm him to continue with the U-23.

“For your information, even the WAFU Cup, NFF plans to use largely the U-23s so as to prepare the team, and it is Imama that was asked to submit the list and he has done so.”

Amapakabo on Tuesday led led the Olympic Eagles to qualify for the 2019 U-23 Africa Cup of Nations which will take place in Egypt in November after spanking Sudan 5-0 at the Stephen Keshi Stadium in Asaba, and winning it 5-1 on aggregate. 


Arsene Wenger returns to football

Former gunner boss who has been out of work since May 28 after ending his 21-year stay in north London is set to begin a new journey with FIFA. 

According to reports, Arsene Wenger returned to football after taking up a technical role with FIFA. Wenger is set to take up many of the responsibilities from AC Milan new Chief Football Officer and FIFA Deputy Secretary General, Zvonimir Boban. 

Following prolonged talks with FIFA football’s international governing body, Wenger will be confirmed soon.


2019 FIBA World Cup: France, Australia, Spain Argentina battle for final spot

Two European teams (France and Spain), South American giants, Argentina, and Oceania lords, Australia, will today attempt to reach the final spots for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China.

The final which holds on Sunday will no doubt see new champion emerge from the four teams in today’s semi-finals.

France, on Wednesday, caused an upset as they derailed the title defence of the back-to-back champions USA 89-79 in the quarterfinals. 

After eliminating the title-holders, Les Bleus will take on Argentina after the South Americans registered a memorable upset of their own, beating Serbia 97-87 a day previously, also, in Dongguan.

The other side of the bracket will pit Australia and Spain against each other in the semi-finals.

The Boomers punched their ticket to Beijing with a convincing 82-70 victory against Czech Republic in Shanghai, extending their winning streak in China to six games and ensuring their best-ever finish in the competition. Also unbeaten, Spain topped Poland in their quarterfinal 90-78 on Tuesday.

From the four teams still in contention for the FIBA Basketball World Cup title, only Argentina and Spain have captured the Naismith trophy in the past. 


Thursday, 12 September 2019

Nigerian comedian AY raises concern on expectations placed on the rich

Image result for AY
Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Makun, popularly known as AY has expressed concerns over the huge expectations of people seeking assistant from the rich without considering the effect of such on them.

The comic, who took to his instagram handle @aycomedian, lamented on how it affect the rich while pointed out how everyone expects you to help them once you have some money.

The comedian wrote:
“From not wanting to disappoint anybody, people consistently expects u to PLEASE everyone.

“It is only in Nigeria your 1Million Naira will attract 20 friends & family with 100k problems each?Why do they always fail to understand that if you give everybody, you will become BROKE too?

“People around you should understand that you cannot please everyone all the time.

“It usually ends up being a terrible move whenever you try to do that amongst people who fails to understand, or lack appreciation for even the little you do.

“We can only appreciate the sermon of ‘Give and it will come back to you…’ when you are in position to give.

“There’s always going to be someone disappointed, so you might as well make yourself happy and Be You. ‘Givers never lack’ no mean say make you lack sense.


Burna Boy refunds ‘boring’ fan, Nigerians react

Image result for burna boy

Afro-fusion star, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy has garnered controversy after he refunded the ticket of a fan he described as boring.

The incident happened during the Atlanta stop of his ‘African Giant’ tour on Tuesday.

While Burna Boy was performing, he noticed a fan standing in front standing still and not swaying to the music.

He took a break from the energetic performance and called out the fan.

Burna Boy went on to refund the hundred dollars ticket price to the fan.

He also asked a bouncer to escort the fan out of the venue saying, “Your face is not encouraging.”

Burna Boy reportedly called the fan on stage to dance with him and apologised for his actions.

The event, recorded in a now-viral video, has generated mixed reactions from fans of the ‘Anybody’ singer.

While some applauded Burna Boy for correcting the negative vibe the fan put out, others chided the singer for humiliating a fan who came to enjoy the show.


Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Reality film on life in Chibok wins US award

Daughters of Chibok
Daughters of Chibok, a virtual reality documentary of life in Chibok without the remaining 112 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, has won an award in the United States, courtesy of the Venice Film Festival.

The film, produced jointly by a film making firm, VR360 Stories, and a Yola-based regional nongovernmental organisation, the Northeast Humanitarian Hub, portrays life in Chibok through the home of a mother, Yana, who regularly washes the clothes of her kidnapped daughter in the wishful expectation of the return of the daughter.

The virtual reality mode of Daughters of Chibok differentiates it from the more widely known regular documentary productions in the sense of its capacity to virtually take the viewer from wherever he is to the depicted scenes which he sees as vividly as if he were there.

The film had been shown at different times to different audiences earlier this year in Nigerian cities, including Yola where it was shown in August to journalists and civil society leaders.

Daughters of Chibok portrays the misery of life in Chibok without the missing girls and appeals to the sensibilities of relevant authorities on the need to bring the girls back.

The Chief Executive of VR360 Stories and producer of the film, Joel Benson, who received the Venice Film Festival award in the US on Saturday night, said in a video clip on the event, that he dedicated the award to the woman in the story, Yana.

He said it was a deserving honour to her for sharing her story with him, and that because of the award, “the world will hear of Chibok and remember the girls still in captivity.”


Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Emmanuella Mayaki: 10-year-old Nigerian girl gets teaching appointment at UK school

Image result for Emmanuella Mayaki
- A Nigerian whiz kid, Emmanuella Mayaki, has been offered a teaching appointment at an after-school club at the Southfields Primary School, Coventry, England

- Emmanuella got the teaching appointment after she was discovered to be computer proficient

- The school said the young girl is very passionate about sharing knowledge with kids like her because she believes in a better future

- The smart kid advised the Nigerian government to set up infrastructures that would encourage kids to learn coding at a young age for making some technological changes to an Artificial Intelligence project.

it reports that she is proficient in all main Microsoft programs and has even launched a website of her own.

After the after-school club at the Southfields Primary School, Coventry, England realised her technological skill set and her passion for work, it offered the 10-year-old the opportunity to teach so she could show others the amazing things she can do.

Martin Benbeidge, one of the instructors at the school, said Emmanuella is not only the school’s star, but has superior skill and passion for sharing knowledge. Despite what she has been able to achieve at such tender age, the 10-year old is not slowing down as she hopes to learn more programming languages like Prolong and Lisp as soon as possible, a move which would aide her further knowledge of Java and Python Coder.

Speaking with the media, the little girl said she wants the Nigerian government to put up infrastructure that would allow kids in the country to learn some computer skills and be able to code too. “I want to become a machine learning engineer because I have experience in programming and my job is to program a machine to perform specific tasks. My knowledge of modern software such as Eclipse, which I use to program Java applications, is also part of the reasons I want to be a machine learning engineer,” she said when describing what she does.


Monday, 9 September 2019

Dino Melaye speaks on being father of ex-BBNaija housemate, Tboss’ child

Dino Melaye, Senator representing Kogi West has dismissed reports suggesting that he is the father of Ex-BBNaija housemate, Tboss’ child.

Melaye described the claim in some quarters as ‘lies’, adding that he never dated Tboss.

In a tweet on his official Twitter page on Sunday, Melaye wrote: “I naturally should ignore lies making the rounds that I’m the father of Tboss’s child.

“Every child is a blessing from heaven to every new mother and I congratulate TBoss on the new bundle of Joy. As for the father, It’s Not Me. I never dated TBOSS. Olodos take note accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Tboss had already spoken up on her pregnancy after many months of speculations.
Image result for TBOSS

The 35-year-old said she had to keep her pregnancy away from social media because she was scared of the negativity of some users.

According to her, she did not keep her pregnancy away from social media because she was ashamed, she did it just to protect herself from negativity on social media and keep her sanity.

TBoss wrote on Instagram, “What is it about our Generation that’s always so eager to post up our private lives on Social Media?

“We get Good news- SM, not so good news- SM, Someone offends us, someone owes us money, breakups, new home, new car, new shoes, fake designer shoes, borrowed stuff- There’s Absolutely No Mystery anymore. You wanna know about a person? Just look up their SM pages & you’d get a pretty close picture of whom you’re dealing with.

“I agree I’m not exactly social media compliant but I’m also guilty of sometimes putting more than I ought to have out there thereby subjecting myself to being misinterpreted, misquoted, misunderstood and highly misjudged and that’s why it was extremely difficult for me to keep my pregnancy all to myself.”


Nigerian mother of little girl with unique arm celebrates her as she clocks 4

- A Nigerian mother, Adetola Ogunleye, has taken to social media to celebrate her unique daughter, Tiaraoluwa’s fourth birthday

- Tiara was born with one of her arms shorter than the other and the short arm has only three fingers

- Tiara’s mother has now celebrated her daughter’s uniqueness as she recounted how devastated she was when she discovered her child was different.
Image result for Tiaraoluwa

Many children are born with unique or different abilities due to unknown circumstances and it can be a bit challenging for them to adjust or be accepted in a society.
Image result for Tiaraoluwa
As Adetola shared pretty photos of Tiara showing off her unique arm, she admitted that it was not always easy for her to accept her daughter’s difference.

In a post shared by photographer, Mofebamuyiwa, Adetola explained that she was initially devastated when she gave birth to her daughter. The mother added that she had locked herself indoor for a whole year till she came to terms with the situation.
Image result for Tiaraoluwa

Well, it is obvious that Adetola has moved on from the sadness as she revealed that she is excited to have her daughter in her life. The happy mother has now become a limb difference awareness activist as she takes time out to school individuals on other people’s uniqueness and differences. 


Friday, 6 September 2019

Davido vs Chioma: Artist speaks on wedding date, pregnancy.

Image result for davido and chioma

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido has shared plans to officially tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Chioma Rowlands, and has passively reacted to the rumour that Chioma may be pregnant, urging his fans to wait till the ‘pregnancy’ is out.

DAILY POST reports that the 27-year-old had just concluded an introduction ceremony with his would-be wife’s family on Monday.

On photos he shared on his social media handles, the celebrity said 2020 was the anticipated year for the big events, calling on friends and family to get ready.

However, NAN reports that Davido confirmed all pictures and information shared online recently in an interview with Beat FM, saying 2020 is the year for sure.

“We have not started all those plans yet. 2020 is the year for sure,” Davido said.

Meanwhile, he has also addressed rumours that his bride to be was pregnant asking Nigerians to be patient.

“Wait and see now,” he said.
Despite all attempts on him to confirm or debunk the rumors, an excited Davido explained, ‘This one is special”.


Tiwa Savage explains title of new song, says we are suffering and smiling

Image result for tiwa savage
Popular singer Tiwa Savage recently got social media buzzing after she released her widely anticipated single 44-99, along with a music video on Thursday, September 5. Before the release of the project, many fans and supporters of the talented songstress had wondered what the title meant after she flooded her social media pages with the official artwork for the song. Well, it appears fans have now gotten what they want from Tiwa and there is no doubt that the diva is not just about making music that makes people dance, but also committed to steering social conversations with her art.
Image result for tiwa savage

Few hours after the official release of the song, Tiwa Shared a video of her premiere interview with Ebro Darden of Beats1, in which she was heard giving an explainer about 44-99. According to Tiwa, the title was a phrase coined by late afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. She said it refers to the condition obtainable in a popular 49-seater transit bus known as molue, where you have 49 individuals seated while double the number of commuters have to stand all the way through the journey.



After being named the Portuguese player of the year for a record 10th time, Sir Alex Ferguson has sent a special congratulatory message to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Manchester United legend was presented with the gong on Monday night at an award ceremony at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion in Lisbon after beating Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva, Ruben Neves, and Bruno Fernandes to the award.
Ronaldo had a decent year winning the Serie A title with Juventus and lifting the UEFA Nations League with Portugal.

After being presented with the award, a video of Ferguson played in the background as he congratulated his former player, “Congratulations on a great achievement and a wonderful night you’re going to have in Portugal. I’m really sorry I can’t be with you, but I look back and see you as a young lad at 17 years of age who came to Manchester United.
“How you have progressed as a human being and a fantastic sportsman. I want to say to you, and your mother, and all your family, and all of your kids; well done. You have been an absolute pleasure for me to have known, to have worked with, and to have seen you progress into the footballer you were. So, good luck, have a great night, and well done,” he said.


Aderemi ready for final as Zenith B’ball League resumes

The head coach of Mountain of Fire Women Basketball team, Adewunmi Aderemi, has expressed his team’s readiness for the final phase of the Zenith Women’s Basketball League expected to resume on Saturday in four centres.

Aderemi, populary known as Owolo, on Thursday said his ladies would not relent in putting up an impressive show as they did in the first phase.

The MFM ladies won all matches to emerge tops in the Akure centre tagged South East centre with Delta Force, IGP Queens, Coal City Queens, First Deepwater and Sunshine Angels.

“We are ready for the second phase. It is going to be as tough as ever but I am optimistic we are going to win again. Our target is the final phase in Lagos and we will make it,” he said.

While teams are expected to arrive on Friday (today), they would depart on September 13, a day after the second phases.

Other centres are South West (Ibadan), North West (Zaria) and North Central (Abuja).

In Ibadan, the indoor sports hall of the Liberty Stadium will host First Bank, Dolphins, Oluyole Babes, Ogun Babes and Ekiti Angels.

Zaria is the base of the North West centre, which hosts Taraba Hurricanes, Kebbi Angels, Adamawa Angels, Zamfara Babes, Exousia Angels, GT 2000 Queens, Nigeria Army Amazons and AHIP.

North Central base is Abuja with Nigeria Customs, Benue Princess Plateau Rocks, Nasarawa Amazons, Blackgold Queens, Air Warriors Babes, FCT Wings and Kanem Queens of Borno competing for honours.

Defending champions First Bank, Dolphins, MFM and Nigeria Customs are some of the teams yet to lose any match in the 2019 edition of the annual competition.

The Group Managing Director of Zenith Bank, Ebenezer Onyeagwu, urged all participants to be of good conduct.


FIFA World Cup 2022 emblem unveiled

World football governing body, FIFA has unveiled the official emblem for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Qatar in 2020

The Arab country is getting set to give the world a taste of something almost entirely different as the countdown draws closer.
The official unveiling took place in Qatar’s capital, Doha, at 20:22 local time on Tuesday, with thousands of spectators witnessing the synchronised projection of the emblem onto a number of the country’s most iconic buildings, including Burj Doha, Katara Cultural Village Amphitheatre, Ministry of Interior, Souq Waqif and Msheireb and Al Zubarah Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

According to a statement on FIFA website, the emblem’s design embodies the vision of an event that connects and engages the entire world, while also featuring striking elements of local and regional Arab culture and allusions to the beautiful game.
“The swooping curves of the emblem represent the undulations of desert dunes and the unbroken loop depicts both the number eight – a reminder of the eight astonishing stadiums that will host matches – and the infinity symbol, reflecting the interconnected nature of the event.

“Besides echoing the shape of the iconic FIFA World Cup Trophy, the emblem’s central form takes inspiration from a traditional woollen shawl. During winter months, shawls are worn around the world and in the Arab and Gulf region in particular by a variety of people and in various styles.

Two stadiums are already in completion stage, while FIFA said the remaining six venues are scheduled to be completed before the end of 2020, including the spectacular fanar lantern‑inspired Lusail Stadium, which will host the opening match on 21 November, as well as the final on 18 December 2022.