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Asmau Yari and NGWF: Leading the War Against Drug Abuse and Early Marriage

Her Excellency, Hajiya Asmau Abdulaziz Yari is currently the Chairperson, Northern Governors Wives Forum. Haj. Asmau is a rare combination of beauty, brains, humility and has a heart of gold that has endeared her to the hearts of many people in her state. Her genuine love for humanity birthed a Non-Governmental Foundation called Hanun Taimako, which was established for the purpose of reaching out to the masses in her state. Her Excellency has also foot countless medical bills for the less privileged and organised free surgeries not only in her state but also across the nation. She seizes every opportunity to promote and support girl child education. She is presently working toward finding a lasting solution to drugs abuse or addiction among youths and children.
Despite her tight and busy schedule, the soft spoken and beautiful mother of four, found time to have a chat with us. She tells us what she does with her free time, her style, what she loves doing, and most importantly how to help the North to move forward. Excerpts:

Good day ma, please can we meet you?

My name is Hajiya Asmau Abdulaziz Yari, I am the wife of the Governor of Zamfara State. I have combined Honours in French and Linguistics; I graduated from the University of Maiduguri. I have four children, two boys and two girls. I also have a pet project and the name is in Hausa, “Hanun Taimako” which means “Helping Hands” in English.

What have been your experiences/challenges so far doubling as the First Lady of Zamfara State and Chairperson of Northern Governors’ Wives Forum?

My challenges so far as the wife of the Governor of Zamfara State, or if I will say as the First Lady of my State is so overwhelming, it is neither an easy thing nor an easy task. This is because you have to divide your time between family and the people around you such as the politicians, the people that have supported you and also that have voted for your husband to be in the office. And as always, my role as a wife is to support my husband.  I have to also support the women in my state. I make sure that whatever I do, I put in a lot so that it will be a success, be it Health, be it Education or Agriculture. And concerning my role as the Chairperson of Northern Governors’ Wives Forum, it's so far so good because I don’t want to put it as challenges. The Northern Governor’s Wives Forum is a forum that has been in existence; and I think in 2011 when we came into power we met another Chairperson of the forum, that was Her Excellency Mrs. Suswam and I learnt a lot from how she carried out the affairs of the forum.  Later on I succeeded her. The challenges are a bit different in the sense that northerners are very conservative, and they are not as a group outspoken, or even active as a forum. But in so far as we came together as one big happy family, the number one thing I always try to ensure is that everyone is respected. We also make sure that we are committed to what we do and also communicate, which is very important.

The wife of the president, Her Excellency, Hajiya Aisha Buhari recently played host to the wives of northern governors and the meeting focused on some peculiar challenges facing the northern part of the country. What are the challenges peculiar to your state and what are your plans in tackling them?

I think after our meeting on the 31st October, 2016 we decided to go and visit the First Lady because she is our mother and our leader. We went to brief her on the challenges we are facing as a group from the northern side. And one of the things we discussed with her was the issue of drug abuse or addiction among youths and children; because this problem is a silent killer in the north. We noticed that a lot of people in the north are living in denial. If you have 10 households in the north, I think 9 out of the 10 will have a female or a male that is on drugs. We felt that because it is the north, we tend to keep quiet; we don’t talk about problem maybe because of the way we were brought up or our culture. So this problem tends to escalate and a lot of people are suffering from drugs abuse and nothing is being done about it. So this was one of the few challenges we dicussed with the First Lady and she has a strong passion to fight against drug addiction.  She said she is ready to help us and see how we can come together and also bring the voice of the North together to see how we can tackle that problem. Concerning the issues facing Zamfara State, I think it is not only Zamfara that is facing problems, but a lot of other states are facing it as well. One of the first person to be heard during the meeting spoke to us about HIV among youths and adolescents. He said that the percentage of young girls is higher than that of young males. And I asked him, why it is so; is it because of early marriage or rape cases? He said yes, that there is an issue of early marriage in the north and if you are talking about this in the north then it is also happening in my state. But this is not the major problem that we are facing in my state now in terms of girl child education. And you know it is not just about enrolling them but about retaining the girl child in school. A lot of parents do enrol their girl child in school but the problem we are having sometimes is as soon as these girls get to probably JSS 2 or 3, they drop out of school. And even if they don’t get married, that is the end of their education. So we are trying to appeal to the parents of Zamfara State, especially the girl child parents, to keep their children in school and also to retain them.

Speaking of girl child education, what is the percentage of girls in school in Zamfara State?

I don’t have the figures correctly, but it is a bit low.

What is the mission of the Northern Governors’ Wives Forum under your care?

Our mission is to come together, because we believe that when we come together we will have one voice. And when you have one voice, you will have a stronger voice so that when you sit down to find solutions, or look for a way forward for the North in terms of girl child education, in terms of health issues and even mortality, when we come together, I think it gives us a wider or broader platform to achieving and making a difference in the North. 

What are the challenges and the achievements of the Northern Governors’ Wives Forum under your leadership?

I wouldn’t say it is a new forum, but I was elected as the Chairperson sometime back in January and the first meeting we had was in February and since then one issue let to another issue. We didn’t have any other meeting until October. What I will say so far as our achievement is that sometimes, when we come together as a group there is a lot of interest; there is a lot of things to look at, and when we sit together to discuss what everyone has in her state, this gives another person an insight on what to go back to your own state and probably tackle that same issue; to kind of emulate what others have done.

How do you get support for the forum?

That is one of the challenges we are actually facing, financial challenges. But we try to source  money from ourselves. We have some little dues that we pay amongst ourselves and we also support ourselves.

Don’t you reach out to see if you can get support from other agencies or groups?

Well, that is what we intend to do, to get in touch with international agencies to see if they can come and help us.

Pet projects and NGOs have become a common phenomenon among state first ladies in Nigeria. Your pet project, Hanun Taimako (Helping Hands) Foundation has come a long way. What will you say have been the Foundation’s achievements and challenges so far?

So far I have the Almighty God to thank.  The journey we began so far with my pet project, I am happy that the people, especially the women of Zamfara State, have acknowledged the fact that  Hanun Taimako is really out there to help them. We have done so much in terms of women empowerment, we have done skills acquisition, and we have taken the health sector and also done a lot of surgeries to women and men in the State. We have done free surgeries by taking like 200 people from each local government and we also took some people from Kaduna. After the surgery, we gave them money to go back home. They have various illnesses, we have people that have appendix, eye problem, there were just so many illnesses and it wasn’t just the people that were living in the state capital, but people from the rural areas that probably have no access to health care. And it was maybe difficult for them to go to the hospital, we had them screened and the doctors operated on them free of charge; and afterwards sent them back home. That was something that we felt the magnitude of the help we rendered to the people.

Where do you hope to see the foundation in the next two to three years?

I hope to see it prosper to greater height; I want to keep it flying. It is not just about the fact that now I am the governor’s wife and in few years I won’t be a governor’s wife. But I really want to continue with what I am doing, I want to continue with the humanitarian services because it is always good when you help other people and also feel good about yourself.

How do you juggle between being the first lady, a wife and a mother?

I think my kids are used to it now. So I divide my time between Abuja and Zamfara. My kids stay in Abuja and also school in Abuja. So what I do is, anytime I have a programme in Zamfara, I go back and forth, I will catch the next available flight from Sokoto back to Abuja or sometimes I go by road. I think I am managing it well actually.

What is your fashion style?

These days fashion is evolving. There are so many fashion styles; I just go for chick, classy and comfortable.

What is your best fashion accessory?

I love jewelleries,  I like wearing them. It could be something, if I am not at home, maybe I have a casual outing, it doesn’t have to be dramatic but outspoken. Like in an event, sometimes you want to stand out in the crowd, so it all depends on the mood. 

How do you spend your 24 hours when you are not busy?

How do I spend my 24 hours? Well, I think I like to eat, not that I am the kind of person that eats too much. I just like to munch snacks and all these fatty things you can think of. I also like reading, I read all sorts of books like magazine, I used to read literature books, but not anymore. When I am not busy, I watch the television.

How often do you spend quality time with your family?

Most of the time when I am at home I spend quality time with them because they are always around me and whenever I have guests they are always barging into me, so I am always around them .

What are your hobbies?

I like listening to music because it calms me down, it all depends on the mood that I am in. I like reading and also drawing, like making sketches. I once ventured into the fashion industry too. But I think right now, my actual one number hobby is that I am always on my phone. I listen to people, I have become like their consultant. I listen to their complaints and where I can help them I do that, but where I can't, I just give them a word of advice.

What do you want people to remember you for?

I just want people to remember me for a kind hearted, gentle, generous human being, the one that listens to her people, and the one that communicates well with her people with so much love and so much passion.  Someone who makes a difference, and the reason why I am so passionate with the women in my state is because I am from that state too. It is really difficult for woman that when you come out from the north there are so many issues, like culture and religion, and once you are educated you will have a voice. You should use that voice to become an idea to the young ones so that when they see you, they will want to emulate you and be like you. So these are really the kind of things that I want to be remembered for.

What message do you have for people in your state and Nigerians as a whole?

The message I have for my people in Zamfara is as always, we want their support and we also want their patience. Because things don’t just happen like magic, it is never easy when you are the leader, you need people to support you and believe in you so that the promises you made to them can be fulfilled. So I just want to call out to them to continue to support us and to continue to believe in us and I know that at the end of the day we have their best interest at heart.

 By: Pupwaya Timothy Dibal

Monday, 30 January 2017

Plateau United remain top of NPFL standings

Plateau United yesterday defeated visiting Abia Warriors FC of Umuahia 2-1 at the Rwang Pam Stadium to remain top of the standing in the ongoing Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL).

With the victory, Plateau United now has 13 points from first five games to remain unbeaten in the Nigerian top flight.

The Jos-based soccer lords show the intention early in the game when Golbe Elisha scored five minutes into the encounter from a free kick before enterprising Godwin Zaki equalised with a well-taken shot from outside the penalty area which beat goalkeeper John Gaadi.

Plateau United restored their lead in the 43rd minute, when an Abia Warriors defender handled the ball in the penalty area.

Miss France crowned 65th Miss Universe

Frenchwoman Iris Mittenaere was crowned on Monday in the Philippines as the winner of the 65th Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Haiti, Raquel Pelissier, 25, was named first runner up and Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, 23, was the second runner up.

Mittenaere, a 24-year-old born in the northern French city of Lille, is pursuing a degree in dental surgery. She is only the second contestant from France to win the title in the past 64 years since Christiane Martel won in 1953.

The crowned Miss Universe said after winning the title that she is very proud to bring this crown to Europe. "I think France and Europe really need a Miss Universe because there’s been a lot of time Europe (had) no Miss Universe”. "I really love this crown," she added.

During the pageant in Manila, Mittenaere said countries had the right to close or open their borders to refugees but European countries like France had chosen to welcome refugees.

"Having open borders allows us to travel more to the world and to find out what's out there in the world," she said, in a reply that earned her a spot in the final three.

The new Miss Universe said after the competition that the question about the refugees was "a little bit difficult," but she answered from her heart. She also stated that in French, freedom, equality and fraternity are the three words they believed in.

Sports Minister Dalung loses wife

Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung has lost his wife, Naomi.
Dalung took to his Facebook page yesterday the 29th January to announce the sad news. Naomi who has six children for the Jos-born politician passed away in the early hours. Dalung on his Facebook wrote: “For it is appointed for man to live thereafter come death and judgment says the Holy Bible, while in the Quran, it states that it is appointed that every soul shall test death.
“My heart is heavy, I cannot continue, I lost my first wife, Mrs Briskila this morning. May her soul and the souls of faithful departed rest in the bosom of the Lord, amen. What a black Sunday,” Dalung wrote on his Facebook page yesterday.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Undeniable Facts about Living in Abuja

The 2015 cost of living survey ranked the city as the 35th most expensive in the world. Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, has become an up market city, popularly known as the London of Africa. It is one of the largest cities in Africa that best describes the diversities, characters, foibles and strengths of Nigeria. It is the seat of Nigerian government, and the one city that every Nigerian strives to visit and possibly settle in. It is a fact that the city holds lucrative opportunities for all.

No doubt, Abuja is metropolitan and has a lot to offer in the area of businesses, leisure and even culture. However, there are certain unique facts that every prospective person planning to migrate to Abuja should keep in mind before moving;

Standard of living is high: Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, but the cost of living is very high. The cost of living has gone beyond the average professional’s wages. Renting a decent house is not a poor man’s business in highbrows places like Maitama, Asokoro and Garki. An average family man can do well with #10,000 to #15,000 per week for feeding his family, while eating at a fast food joint and groceries will depend on your taste and choice.

Safety is a huge deal: Owing to its status as the seat of power, there is high presence of security operatives in some areas like Maitama, Garki, Asokoro, and the likes. You do not need to live in fear while staying in the city as both the police and army officers have been deployed to keep guard. Basically, you can live your life freely within these areas. However, in areas like Nyanya and Mararaba, you have to always be on guard as there are bad boys roaming the streets day and night looking for handbags, purses or handsets to snatch. Whichever area you find yourself, it is important to keep your wits about you and refrain from giving anyone the opportunity to rob you.

Transportation is Surprisingly Affordable: For a city that is sophisticated and elitist like Abuja, it is surprising to find that transportation is well structured, organized and super affordable, compared to cities of similar calibre. In places like Lagos, Port Harcourt or Benin, transportation can be very high, where the minimum rate for taxi cab can cost close to #1000, while in Abuja, one can get a cab for as low as #200 depending on the distance. There are also public buses and personal cars that take commuters to certain destinations at affordable rates as well, from as low as #100. However, you have to be very careful with this category of commercial vehicles; some of them are the robbers and fraudsters popularly known as "One Chance". The One Chance phenomenon is a common trend in Abuja.

The weather can be extreme: Abuja may be mid-central, but the weather is similar to the weather in other northern regions and the temperatures are usually at the extremes. The city experiences three weather conditions annually, including a warm, humid rainy season and an extremely hot dry season, in between these seasons, is a short period of harmattan accompanied by Northeast trade wind, with the main feature of dust, haze intensified coldness and dryness. The high altitudes and rolling terrain of the FCT act as moderating influence on the weather of the territory. If you hate extreme heat and cold equally, you may want to think about living elsewhere.
By: Mercy Kukah

Hair Care Techniques for the Harmattan

Keeping a natural hair is one of the fashion trends that will never go out of date. The harmattan season is a period to take extra care of your hair, whether you have locks, loose or natural curly hair. The harmattan season is often characterized by dry, dusty and cold weather. So, it is important to give extra care to our general health, especially our hair. The harmattan tends to dry out the hair much faster, causing it to lose moisture and become brittle. It also causes breakage and makes it difficult to maintain

So, here is how you can take care of your hair during the harmattan to avoid hair loss.

Moisturize your hair: After washing your hair, use your leave-in conditioner and then seal with mixture of olive oil and Shea butter. It is best to use olive because coconut oil dries out faster than olive oil, but you can use coconut oil if you please. Olive oil is more long lasting. Moisture is the foundation of what keeps our hair healthy and strong.

Head Wraps: If you are feeling very lazy, go for head wraps. They protect your hair from the harsh weather and retain your moisture. And at night, keep on your satin bonnet or scarf to prevent moisture loss while asleep.

Deep Conditioning: This is also important as long as hair is not in any protective style. Deep conditioning should be done at least once a week. This helps curb breakage and  keeps your hair healthy and away from the dangers of harmattan.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera Gel helps prevent breakage. It is best to use Aloe Veda Gel straight from the plant. Mix it with your favourite conditioner and olive oil. Massage it into your hair, wear a shower cap, leave for 30 minutes and rinse out.  Pat hair dry and seal in moisture with your Castor oil, Shea butter or a mixture of both.

Protective Style: This is a style that keeps your hair ends hidden. You can decide to put on a weave, box braids, and kinky twists or even have a wig on. A wig should be perfect, or you can do the Ekaete style.

Increase your water intake: Water is good for the body; everyone should drink up to eight glasses of water per day for healthy skin, hair and nails. If you have to take eight glasses of water when the weather is normal, then you certainly have to take more when it is harmattan. So drink up, your hair will thank you for that.

Avoid dust and dusty Environment: It is almost impossible to avoid dust this period, but it's one of the things you should do to care for your hair. When going out, you can wear a hat to prevent dust from settling on your hair

Eat more vegetables and fruits that can provide you with the daily vitamins and minerals that you need. Eat three meals a day or five little ones and keep to a regular healthy eating routine.

Steps to help you Stick to your New Year Resolutions

It’s New Year again, a time for people to reflect on their past years behaviours and promise to make positive lifestyle changes that will better their life. It is a time of the year in which we often feel we want to turn a new leaf, it is an ideal time to kick start a new phase in your life and a time when you must make your most important new year resolution.

It can be setting small attainable goals throughout the year. It is not the extent of the change that matters, but the act of recognizing that lifestyle change is important and working toward it, one step at a time. By making your resolutions realistic, there is a greater chance that you will keep them through the year by incorporating them into your daily life.

Make sure the resolution you set are not difficult to achieve and try to stick to it for your own good.

Here are seven steps to help you achieve the New Year resolution you set for yourself.

1. Just pick one thing at a time

If you are trying to change your lifestyle, don’t try to change everything at once, because It won’t work. Instead, try to pick one area of your life that you feel you need to change. Make it something concrete so that you will know exactly what change you are planning to make. If you are successful with the first change you can go ahead and make another change after a month or so. When you make small changes at a time, you will still have the opportunity to make other changes as time goes on, and it will be a whole new you at the end of 2017. This is a much more realistic way of doing it than trying to change everything at once.

2. Plan ahead

To achieve success, you need to research and identify the area in your life that needs change and plan ahead so you have the resources available when you need them. Read up on it, go to the library and get books that discuss issues that concern the area you wish to change in your life. Whether it is quitting smoking, or becoming a better person, there are books to help you prepare for it. Or use the Internet. If you do enough research you should be looking forward to making the change before the year runs out. You can as well plan for success by getting everything ready so that things will run smoothly. For example, if you are taking up running to lose weight, make sure you have the trainers ready. Then there can be no excuses.

3. Anticipate problems

There will be problems, so make a list of what they will be. If you think about it, you will be able to anticipate problems at certain times of the day, with specific people or in special situations. Once you have identified the times that will probably be hard, work out ways to cope with them when they inevitably crop up.

4. Pick a start date for your Resolution

You don’t have to make these changes on New Year’s Day. That is the conventional wisdom and beliefs most people have, but if you truly want to make changes then pick a date when you know you will be well-rested, enthusiastic and surrounded by positive people. Sometimes picking a date doesn’t work. It’s better to wait until your whole mind and body are fully ready to take up the challenge. You will know when the time comes.

5. Go for it without hesitation

On the big day go for it 100%. Make a commitment and write it down on a card. You just need one short phrase you can carry in your wallet. Or keep it in your car, by your bed and on your bathroom mirror for an extra dose of positive reinforcement.

Your commitment card will say something like:

  • I enjoy a clean, smoke-free life.
  • I stay calm and in control even under times of stress.
  • I’m committed to learning how to run my own business.
  • I meditate daily.

6. Accept failure

If you do fail, maybe by missing a walk or shouting at the kids one , or sneaking a cigarettes, don’t hate yourself for it. Make a note of the triggers that caused this set back and vow to learn a lesson from them. If you know that alcohol makes you crave cigarettes and oversleep the next day, cut back on it. If you know the morning rush before school makes you shout, then get up earlier or prepare things the night before to make it easier on you. Perseverance is the key to success. Try again, keep trying and you will succeed.

7. Plan rewards

Small rewards are great encouragement to keep you going during the hardest first days. After that you can probably reward yourself once a week with a long-distance call to a supportive friend, a siesta, a trip to the movies or whatever makes you tick. Later you can change the rewards to be on a monthly base.

Whatever your plans and goals are for 2017, plan how to achieve them, and go for it. It is your life and only you can make a change.

By: Mercy Kukah

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Petrol tanker crashes on Abuja-Lokoja express way, death toll said to be five

Five persons were burnt to death after a petrol tanker crashed and went up in flames on Wednesday evening at Gada-Biyu village, on Abuja-Lokoja express way.

It was gathered that the tanker with registration number NCH 220 XB lost control and rammed into two other vehicles.

A witness simply identified as Yunusa, said the incident happened at about 5:07p.m. When the tanker, coming from Lokoja axis, lost control and rammed into a Golf car with registration number BAS 304 AA and a Mitsubishi Dynna bus with registration number LSD 804 XQ.

He said the tanker crashed on the Golf car, in which five people were trapped and burnt beyond recognition.

“But the tanker driver and his conductor, including the driver of the Dynna truck were able to escape before the fire went beyond control,” he said

He said the burnt corpses were later evacuated by men of the Abaji unit command of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

Before arrival of fire fighters from Abaji, the fire from the tanker was raving.

It was reported that due to the commotion cause by the tanker crash, two persons were also injured in another accident that occurred at the same scene, after a Mercedes Benz truck with registration number KUJ 273 XA. The driver and a passenger who sustained serious injuries were taken to hospital by the rescue team of the FRSC.

When contacted, the Abaji unit commander of the FRSC, Assistant Corps Commander, Olasupo A. Esuruoso, confirmed the incidents. He attributed the accidents to over speeding, saying the five burnt corpses have been deposited at Abaji General Hospital mortuary.

Mel Gibson welcomes his ninth child with girlfriend

Hollywood star, Mel Gibson has welcomed his ninth child with his 26 year old girlfriend. The baby is the couple's first child together although Mel already has eight children from previous relationships.
The baby boy was delivered over the weekend and is Rosalind Ross’s first child. She is said to be younger than one of his child who is 37 years old.
Gibson has starred in many movies such as Braveheart, The Patriot among others.

Trump withdraws U.S. from Trans-Pacific trade deal

Newly sworn in president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump holds up the executive order on withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership .White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus stands at his side in the Oval Office in Washington as the president signs the paper.
President Donald Trump signed an executive order formally withdrawing the United States from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TGPP) trade deal on Monday in Washington.
This is in line with a promise made during his campaign last year.
In an Oval Office ceremony, Mr. Trump also signed an order imposing a federal hiring freeze and a directive banning U.S. non-governmental organisations receive federal funding from providing abortions abroad.
Mr. Trump called the TPP order a “great thing for the American worker.” (Reuters/NAN)

Monday, 23 January 2017

Ways to Kill Your Child’s Confidence

Kids love to be told that they are good and that they did something right. Whenever you shout at them for making a mistake, they feel bad and lose confidence, which can lead to low self-esteem. As much as these kids are under your care, it’s okay if you let them make certain decisions for themselves. It is wrong to make them feel they cannot do anything by themselves.

As parents, it is your duty to encourage your children to follow their own paths and develop their abilities. That is one way to make your child develop self-confidence. If you are always in the habit of stepping in to help your children in every task, you will ruin their chances of developing the skills and confidence required to navigate through life. Below are some of the ways you might destroy your child's confidence and self esteem. Do well to avoid to avoid them.

Trying to live their life for them: Many parents are in the habit of pushing their kids to be what they (parents) want them to be, not minding if the child is happy about it.  As parents, it is proper for you to wish your children well and to want them to be successful, but if you try to live their lives for them by forcing them into careers of your choice, instead of theirs, you will end up destroying their self confidence.

Trying to do things that they can do:  Yes, it is good that you want to help your child to grow up. But at some point you should allow your child to do it alone. Don’t make that child to become totally dependent on you. Allow them to develop their potentials and grow into wholesome adults.

Comparing them to others: This is one of the many things that will kill a child's confidence.  It is very wrong of parents to compare their child to someone else. For example, a father telling his son “James, can’t you for once get a very good score in your maths like Ahmed”? Instantly the child will start feeling bad. Parents who do this totally destroy every bit of confidence their children may have. Never try to compare your child to anyone. 

Trying to speak for them always: Some parents are always in the habit of speaking up for their children even when they are old enough to speak for themselves. These children can become withdrawn and lose confidence in their ability to speak for themselves. Allow your children to express themselves both in private and in public.

Always shouting at the child: Shouting at your children when helping them out with homework, or teaching them a skill can kill their confidence. As a parent you have to be patient with your child. At some point when you ask a question, they will be too scared to answer because of your shouting habit. Always correct them with care and make them feel that they can do it. But don’t over pamper them.

Help your children to develop confidence in themselves so that they can survive in public without you. You might not know what they go through in public when you are not around.
By: Pupwaya Timothy Dibal

Friday, 20 January 2017

President Obama and first lady Michelle welcome the Trumps

Donald Trump has arrived at the White House. The President-elect and his wife Melania were greeted on the steps of the White House by President Obama and first lady Michelle.                         

Obama and the Trump exchanged hugs and Melania Trump gave Mrs Obama a hug before handing over a gift box from Tiffany's.

As usual both the outgoing first lady and incoming first lady are both looking beautiful.

4-year-old girl sold for N350, 000 recused

A 4 year old girl who allegedly stolen by her mother’s immediate younger sister was named Chinedu Chukwu and her boyfriend has been rescued by police operatives in Abia State.

According to reports, the girl’s aunt went to the girl’s school and kidnapped the girl. She was reported missing to the police on December 15th, 2016.

In the course of investigation, Chinedu Chukwu and her boyfriend, Osunkwo Chinonso, were nabbed. They were said to have sold the girl to a lady for N350, 000. The lady was also arrested and she assisted the police to recover the girl on January 16, 2016, from where she was kept at Faulks Road in Aba, Abia State, awaiting another buyer with a fabulous amount of money.

The girl’s mother, Mrs Irechukwu, was, however, shocked by her immediate younger sister’s involvement, saying that she never believed that her sister could do such a thing to her.

Man United Tops Clubs Rich List

Manchester United has regained top spot in the Deloitte Money League for the first time in more than a decade.

The Red Devils, benefiting from a return to the Champions League, posted record revenue of £515.3million over the course of the 2015-16.

That was enough to knock Real Madrid off the top spot after 11 years at the summit. The Spaniards slipped to third, despite returning their own record of £463.8m – an increase of almost £45m. Barcelona move into second.

Figures were up at Old Trafford across the board, with improved revenues showing in the match day, broadcast and commercial sectors.

Over the course of the Money League’s 20-year existence, United are the only side other than Real to have held top spot, and the huge wealth of English clubs was evident again in 2015-16, as eight teams made the top 20.

Manchester City moved into the top five for the first time, their revenues up £40m to just under £400m, while Leicester made their debut appearance in the list.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all had the money to be placed in the top 10, Tottenham finished 11th and West Ham also made the cut, having seen revenues rise by more than a third.
The report, put together by business advisers Deloitte, uses figures extracted from the annual financial statements of the company or group in respect of each club

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Scores killed, many injured as fighter jet misfires

Many people were killed and over 100 injured at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) yesterday when a military fighter jet mistakenly opened fire on a camp in Rann village, Kala Balge local government area of Borno State.

Also among the casualties are aid workers of the Red Cross and Medecin Sans Frontiers (MSF), otherwise called Doctors without Borders.

The airstrike had been targeted at some elements of the Boko Haram sect who were said to be gathering around Kala Balge general area of the While the government authorities are yet to release the casualty figure from the incident.

Confirming the incident at a news conference held at the Theatre Command Headquarters of ‘Operation Lafiya Dole’, the theatre commander, Major General Lucky Irabor said that, upon receiving an intelligence report that some Boko Haram elements were regrouping in Kala Balge local government area of Borno State, he quickly ordered men of the Air Force to go and tackle the problem.

He expressed regret that in the strike conducted in the area, locals and other civilians were killed alongside remnants of insurgents who were regrouping.

Kala Balge is to the east of Borno, about 180 kilometres drive from Maiduguri, the state capital. President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Kashim Shettima have both shown regret over the sad incident and urged medical personnel to treat the injured ones immediately.

 Also the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, also expressed sadness over the incident. In a statement, extended his heartfelt condolence to the families of the victims and prayed God to comfort them. He also prayed for quick recovery for the injured. The Speaker further urged the military to investigate the incident so as to prevent future occurrence.
By: Pupwaya Timothy Dibal

Highway to a Healthy and Happy Relationship

You’re not perfect

We all have to get to know ourselves in order to function healthfully in our relationships, and part of that is acknowledging our flaws. Nobody is perfect. I’m not and you’re not. So let’s get over ourselves, admit our flaws, and make a commitment to try to be better.

Your partner is not perfect

If you’re not willing to be held to a standard of perfection, then you can’t expect your partner to be either.

Relationships take work

Because you’re not perfect, you’re going to screw up and so is your partner. You are going to get cranky and take it out on each other. You’re going to forget to pay the bills on time, and they will leave dirty socks on the floor because it’s just not a priority to pick them up. What should be a priority is loving and appreciating each other for who you are and what you each bring to the relationship. When you do this, you can expect the same from the other in return. Then you work together to find mutually agreeable solutions to your challenges.

It’s a give and take, but it’s not always going to be 50/50. Get used to it

Relationships have a rhythm. There will be times when you need extra support from your partner and times when your partner needs extra from you. If you both truly love and care about each other, you’ll each want to give more than you receive. On the other hand, when the ratio of give to take is perpetually unbalanced, it’s time to re-evaluate the health of the relationship.

Communication is key; because mind reading is unreliable

As much as you may want them to be, your partner is not a mind reader and shouldn't be expected to “just know” anything about you, what you want, or how you feel. So start talking and listening because you’re not a mind reader, either. As author don Miguel Ruiz stated in The Four Agreements, “Don’t Make Assumptions.” When you communicate clearly with each other you avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. When you assume, you make wrong conclusions. You will fight. If you don’t ever fight, then neither of you is invested enough in the relationship to make it last, because we only spend time and energy on things we care about. If you passed anger and hurt feelings miles ago and have entered Apathy-town,  then do yourself and your partner a favour and end it so that you can each move on.

If you are thinking about leaving the relationship, chances are your partner is too

If you (or your partner) feel “blindsided” by an admission of unhappiness in the relationship, then you probably aren’t paying enough attention to the relationship and need to re-evaluate your commitment to each other.

What your partner doesn’t know CAN and most likely WILL hurt them (Because they are going to find out. Oh, yes they will.)

We are living in the social media age in a town called Selfie-ville. Take my advice and live your life as if every single thing you do is going to be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whether it’s your page or your friend’s or your friend’s  friends’, it’s going to get out and your partner is going to find out and be hurt, humiliated, and quite probably plotting revenge by the time you get home.

Comparing your partner to others is a sure way to kill your relationship fast

Oh yeah? If that person over there is so great, then why aren’t you with them or trying to get with them? Listen, if someone else is so far superior to your partner that you need to make comparisons, then please by all means take a hike over to the greener grass, and let your partner be free to find someone who appreciates them for who they are and what they bring to the relationship.

The relationships we have with our caregivers in childhood may drive how we behave in our adult relationships

Psychoanalyst John Bowlby (1907-1990) theorized that children form attachments with their caregivers from infant-hood, and the quality of those attachments drive instinctive behaviours that can follow us into adulthood (1969, 1980). For example, if your partner’s mother (or other primary caregiver) was cold and distant, or inconsistent in caring for their needs, then they may have developed an innate sense of insecurity and mistrust that could be driving their adult behaviours like clinging, insecurity in the relationship, or defensiveness, to name a few. So much of what your partner does may have very little to do with you and more to do with the relationship they had to their primary caregiver as a child. (And vice versa, just in case you were wondering…)

You won’t change them and continuously trying to do so is unfair and can become abusive

Constantly picking at someone to make them change erodes self-confidence and self-image. You may think you’re doing it “to help them” or “because you care sooooo much” about them. You’re not. You’re trying to change someone you don’t really like into someone that you can love and neither of you are going to be better for it. So either accept the person for who they are and work on understanding them “as is”, or let them go and move on to someone who doesn’t need so much of your “fixing.”

Abusive partners DO NOT change

Whether they are verbally, emotionally, mentally, or physically abusive, they will not see the error of their ways and learn to treat you better. They will not grow out of it. And they will do it again… and again… and again. They will continue to abuse you. Your only option is to get out of the relationship any way you can; get help to pick up the pieces and find yourself again; and learn to recognize the signs so you can avoid those people in the future.

By Umaru Maryam Hadejia

Drinking water on an empty stomach

Why is Drinking Water So Important?

For a start, 70% of your body is made up of water, so it’s essential to keep it fresh and topped up to keep the body working properly. When the body’s water requirement is not met, it has a variety of negative short-term and long-term health consequences.

Long-term dehydration can lead to rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, angina, colitis, dyspepsia, hypertension, obesity, haemorrhoids, breast cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, kidney stones, sinusitis, and uterine cancers!

Help your body to better avoid these conditions by drinking water after waking up and keeping your body hydrated throughout the day.

How Can I Perform Water Treatment?

This is a proven method for treating body disorders, menstrual disorders, and eye-related ailments. Also, you will feel invigorated the whole day after following this water treatment.

•Drink approximately 160 ml of water four times immediately after waking up, before brushing and on an empty stomach.

•Don’t eat anything for the next 45 minutes.

•Drink water at least 30 minutes before eating, but not during the following two hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

•If you cannot drink four glasses of water on an empty stomach, then you can begin with one glass or as much as your body supports. You can gradually increase the intake of water till you reach the desired level of 640 ml.

When Can I Expect Results?

•Diabetes or high blood pressure patients: allow 30 days

•Sufferers of constipation and Gastritis: allow 10 days

•TB patients: allow 90 days.

Key Benefits of Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

1. Helps Rid the Body of Toxins

As you drink water, it naturally urges movement in your bowels. At night, your body repairs itself and casts out all the toxins in the body. When you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, you will flush out these harmful toxins, leaving your body fresh and healthy. Drinking plenty of water can help in increasing the production of muscle cells and new blood cells.

2. Improves Metabolism

Drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolic rate by at least 24%. It is very important for those people who are on a strict diet. An increased metabolic rate means an improved digestive system. You will be able to follow your diet routine more easily if you digest faster. Drinking water immediately after waking up purifies the colon, making it easier to absorb nutrients.

3. Reinforces Healthy Weight Loss

When you drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, you will release all your toxins and it will improve your digestive system. You will feel less hungry and your cravings will be reduced. This will prevent weight gain caused by overeating.

4. Alleviates Heartburn and Indigestion

Indigestion is caused by increased acidity in the stomach. You suffer from heartburn when the acid refluxes into your oesophagus. When you drink water on an empty stomach, these acids are pushed down and get diluted, solving the problem. Also, this provides a head start for your stomach for the upcoming breakfast.

5. Improves Complexion and Skin Radiance

Dehydration causes premature wrinkles and deep pores in the skin. It was found out in a study that drinking 500 ml of water on an empty stomach increases blood flow in the skin and makes skin glow. Also, drinking more water throughout the day means that your body is releasing toxins, which will make your skin more radiant.

6. Promotes Shiny, Smooth, and Healthy Hair

Dehydration can have a serious impact on your hair growth. Drinking plenty of water nourishes your hair from the inside out. Water makes up almost ¼ of the weight of a hair strand. An insufficient intake of water can cause brittle hair and thin hair strands. You should drink more water every day, but drinking water on an empty stomach can improve the quality of your hair to a greater extent.

7. Prevents Kidney Stones and Bladder Infections

Drinking water immediately after waking up is important for preventing kidney stones and bladder infections. It is a fact that drinking water on an empty stomach dilutes the acids which lead to stones in the kidney. The more water you drink (to a healthy limit), the more you will be protected from various kinds of bladder infections caused by toxins.

8. Strengthens Immune System

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in flushing and balancing the lymphatic system, which leads to increased levels of immunity. A strong immune system will keep you safe from various diseases and prevent you from falling sick often.
As you can see, there are a whole host of benefits of drinking water immediately after waking up. It’s without a doubt the easiest way to make a positive change to your lifestyle without spending any money.

By: Umaru Maryam Hadejia

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Batch B stream II orientation begins January 24

The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, will commence the 2016 Batch B Stream II orientation for prospective corps members on January 24.

The NYSC made this known in its official website on Monday, adding that the orientation would end on February 13.

It said that the on-line printing of call-up letters by stream II prospective corps members would commence on January 19.

According to the website, delivery and collection of call-up letters to institutions by prospective corps members who did not pay will start on January 20, 2017.