Friday, 20 July 2018


Knowing who you are is the most important thing in life and as women become more comfortable in their own way, they can do amazing things. With the combination of ‘’confidence, style and personality’’ women show what I call real beauty. The questions that keep knocking in every woman’s head are;

• What does it mean to be ‘’beautiful’’?
• What does ‘’beauty’’ truly mean in the sense of age, especially for women who are at the prime of their lives?
• What’s the true meaning behind having confidence, style and personality in regards to age?
Let us now analyze these one by one.

1. Confidence: Means the ability to hold your head up high and bother not about what others think. It’s the ability in you not involving or tolerating doubt. Strong hold and belief in yourself will give reflection of others being able to trust your ability. Confidence is an important trait for a woman and it has to come from within you. Because as time grows we grow older and face lots of challenges; which seem to boost our confidence and self esteem. It’s so true to that saying that age makes you stronger, never to be knocked down.

2. Style: Is the way a woman carries herself with clothes, accessories, and physical appearance. ‘’Style’’ also refers to the general attitude conveyed through movement, words of mouth and eye
contact. Only when all of these are put together can there be a strong, independent female vibes that encompasses attitude and beauty. While clothes and physical appearance are related to visible
beauty, it’s the underlying side of beauty that really comes with age. Style is learned not immediately present from the word-go. It’s this learned elements of life experience that radiates the true beauty from within.

3. Personality: compared to style and confidence, personality is the most standardised element of a person. It encompasses the traits you’re born with and the way you understand things about the world which changes over time. However, personality always seems to stay with you as something that is essentially who you really are, the way you interact with others, vies yourself, and take on the world all rolled into one.

Personality can have positive and negative traits, yet in the end, they always seem to balance each other out. A person’s personality is a connection to their beauty. While beauty is a combination of the
good traits you have and exhibit, as well as the ability to show them off and wear them like you would your favorite outfit; gracefully with a smile. Being who you are is important and it’s a pride.

4. Knowing who you are: knowing who you are and where you’re going are two of the most important parts of life and as women become more comfortable in their own way, they can do amazing things. Girls, if you get one thing out of this piece, then you shouldn’t worry about what others think or say as long as the good in you is visible and of value. It’s in your soul, your mind and in the heart to live a life that pleases you so the talk of good never cease. Go out and get what you want because you’re worth it in the end.


Thursday, 19 July 2018

Actor Kenneth Okonkwo declares his ambition to run for Enugu governorship election, unveils poster

Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, has declared his intentions to run for the position of Enugu State Governor. The star actor made his declaration some weeks back under the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Enugu. At the time when he initially revealed his desire, many did not believe he was serious. But a recent post he made has confirmed his decision to run.

He took to his Instagram page to write that with God, his dream will be achieved. His post reads; “Without God I can do nothing but with Him I can do all things because He strengthens me. Join the wining team. By the grace of God, I am the next Governor of Enugu State.”

Dr. Kenneth declared that he has the support of the immediate past Governor of Enugu State His Excellency Gov. Sullivan Chime and it was heartwarming to receive the blessings of the immediate past governor.

By Mercy K.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


The physical and emotional abuse in marriage is difficult to address because spouses cannot usually agree as to what it is. Physical abuse is easier to define than emotional abuse because there are bruises to prove it.

But even spouses who seriously injure or even kill the other during a fight can justify his or her behaviors as self-defense, not abuse. And the courts often see it that way, too particularly if women are the ones doing the killing and maiming.

On the other hand, a spouse who walks away from an argument can be accused of being emotionally abusive by the one who wants to continue arguing. And those who are not home often enough to even discuss an issue are often considered abusive by a neglected spouse.

Choosing to remain in an abusive relationship damages your self esteem because it throws you into a downward spiral of hopelessness and self-hate which leads you to depression. And once you are there in that dark hole, you might try to find an escape in some kind of addiction (drugs, alcohol, shopping, and religion or even suicide) so that you don’t need to go through the pain.

But being alone means walking away from that abusive spouse who doesn’t see anything good in you but rather sees you as a punching bag or his dumping ground for his personal aggression and frustrations. Most people who are victims of abusive marriages find it difficult to leave because of the questions where will I go? Where do I start from? How do I move on? Blah blah blah…….

This has left a lot of victims to stay put and die in abusive marriages just due to the fear of the unknown. Some victims will pick up the courage and walk away while some never find that courage no matter how bad their oppressor turns out to be. I got the opportunity to ask some of our readers about their opinions on which is better between being in an abusive marriage or being alone. And I got the following responses:

Tina: she said stay alone, to avoid violence and environmental hazard. But if you can help it by trying to control your emotions then marry as well as get yourself a partner who will understand you and tolerate you. And as well tell everything to God in prayers.

Lina Audu: she said omo…….. My body no be punching bag ohhhh…. I prefer to be alone than allow one psychopath in the name of my husband to batter my face and body.

Ismaeel: it’s no news that men are also abused in a marriage but as you all know ego and shame will not allow men to come out openly until it has gotten out of hand. If I get to find myself in that situation I will quietly walk out leaving my properties in the house for her. My life is precious to me. Being alone will not kill a man.

Rashida: I will dust my slippers and run for my dear life, before he kills me for my kids and my parents. At the end he has nothing to lose and I on the other hand I get to lose my life while my kids suffer in the hands of another woman (stepmother).

Vincent: there is nothing impossible for God to do. I prefer to stick with an abusive partner than being alone because it is a demonic act. And I believe with prayers God will intervene.

Summaya: nothing under the sun will keep me in an abusive marriage what so ever. I rather stay single, old and alone than stay in an abusive marriage.

Safiya Umar: i have witnessed an abusive marriage and trust me, when I say I don’t wish it on any one not even my enemy. It’s best you protect your life and stay away from that marriage. It’s possible he was never meant for you in the first place.



After about two weeks after the abnormalities surrounding the embattled finance minister, she has broken her silence. Kemi Adeosun narrated that she did not apply for the exemption herself and not aware that what the 'agent' gave her was not from NYSC.

I was born in London and also had all education there. I graduated at 22 and started working immediately. When i returned to Nigeria in 19**. I knew about the National Labour Law requirements, including NYSC participation or exemption, but did not know how to go about it.

I relied on 3rd parties to assist and it looks like they took inappropriate steps. I am shocked and equally embarrassed to learn about this. I should have checked between now and I accept the blame for their wrong doing because they acted on my behalf.

I accept full responsibility for this incident and regret that it even happened in the first place.

I am prepared to do whatever that is required to redeem these grave errors.

I regret any inconvenience that this may have caused the government which I currently serve and the good people of Nigeria.

By Mercy K.


I get excited when it’s Wednesday, you know why? Wednesdays are days where you get to crush on someone very special.

And here at Tozali we appreciate women whom are hard working, pace setters, intelligent, creative, role models and also have given back to the society in one way or the other.

Today on #WomanCrushWednesday we will be crushing on a blogger and fashion designer Aisha Falke popularly known as Northern Hibiscus.

Aisha Falke is a graduate of Usman Danfodio University Sokoto who has a BSC in Applied Chemistry and hails from the ancient city of Kano.

This creative and hardworking woman has been a fashion designer for 8years before she started blogging a year and half ago.

Aisha Falke is the founder/CEO of Northern Hibiscus a very popular Instagram page where you get to hear all the gossips around the world; she is also the founder/CEO of Aisha Falke clothing line.
Aisha is a high flying Abuja fashion designer who has launched her designs known as Falke by Aisha and Mishamoon.

Falke by Aisha is the bespoke line while Mishamoon is the ready to wear line. For a very long time, Aisha has been doing all she could to distance herself from Northern Hibiscus but finally ran out of luck when she published a gossip about a woman who also happens to know who knew
Aisha Falke intimately as Northern Hibiscus.

According to our Woman Crush, she got bored of fashion designing because it became the same routine for her for 8years and at a point she lost all the excitement that comes with fashion designing.

Aisha Falke took 6months break trying to figure things out (sleep, ate and gained massive weight). She wanted to merge fashion, blogging, show production and e-commerce all together but with the help of her husband she was able to do all differently and the end product was a success and she finally made a name for herself. Aisha Falke is sure a go getter who never takes no for an answer. Aisha is married to the love of her life.


I Had To Make My Kidnapper Fall In Love With Me

After two days of being chained to a chest of drawers, Chloe Ayling agreed to share a bed with her captor.

"The more we started talking, the more the bond was kind of forming and once I realised he was starting to like me, I knew I had to use that to my advantage," she says.

Ms Ayling, 20, from south London, says she was lured to Milan on the promise of a photoshoot by Lukasz Herba, 30, last July.

But she was injected with the drug ketamine, stripped, handcuffed, stuffed in a holdall bag, driven 120 miles (193km) in the boot of a car to a remote farmhouse.

Ms Ayling says it was "horrendous" when she arrived at the house and Herba said she would be sold as a sex slave unless she found 300,000 euros (£265,000).

"I thought what he was saying was all true and I didn't doubt him for a second because he was so detailed in responses to my questions," she says.

But he also asked her if he could kiss her and if they could have a relationship.

"I thought this is my chance to get out," Ms Ayling says.

"Once I saw his reaction to what I was saying that things could happen in the future - he was acting excited and really looking forward to it and always talking about it - it was that response that made me realise I needed to keep doing that."

When he realised the ransom was not going to be paid, he released her and drove her to the British consulate in Milan.

While they were waiting for it to open, witnesses reported seeing them laughing and joking in a cafe.

It might seem strange, Ms Ayling says, "but why would you be 'offish' with the person who is starting to have feelings for you and is relying on that to release you?

"I had to do everything I could to make him fall in love with me."

By Mercy K.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Nollywood Actress Lilian Esoro And MMMG Boss Ubi Franklin Celebrate Their Son’s 2nd Birthday

Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin have since separated but they’ve been co-parenting successfully without any drama.
According to Lilian, she can’t comprehend how she did it with Ubi but they are raising a rare gem together.
Gushing over her son, she wrote on her social media page; “Happy birthday son. I am super blessed seeing you take on another year in good health, happiness n strength. I am super glad your dad and I are able to raise a super Happy, handsome, sweet, smart, and intelligent boy. I really don’t know how we did this @ubifranklintriplemg but we are raising a rare gem here. I bless God for it all. We are super proud to have you as our son. Happy birthday my sweet-happy-sugar-creamy-handsome-chocolate-butterscotch footballer in the making oya oo Modeling Agencies over to you. Go forth and prosper in Jesus name. Mummy loves you"

Ubi, on the other hand, was grateful for the sunshine in his life. "Are you sure that you haven’t learnt how to write yet? Because you carved your name all over my heart since the very day you were born. Your angelic smile and your innocent eyes support my faith in the fact that life is worth living despite all the troubles. Finally, you have got a whole number as your age.

My dear child, as you grow up, may you lose all your fears and inhibitions but never the innocence in your soul. The cutest selfies ever, are the ones taken with you If any of us boring adults had the chance, I bet we would all want to go back to being one-year-old again. So enjoy your enviable age while it lasts.

May The Lord uphold me as parent to stay strong and mentor your growing up," he wrote.

By Mercy Kukah


As the 2019 general elections draw near, a number of people have a few questions on their lips, “Who do we vote for?” or “What are our options?” Many are  unaware of the options before them and are therefore reluctant to get their PVC’s and actually head out to vote when the time comes. I believe with this comprehensive list many will go and get their PVC in readiness for 2019 elections.

Below is a comprehensive list of everyone that has declared intent to run for the presidency in Nigeria come 2019 as tweeted by Oche Oche-Obe

Kingsley Moghalu – 55 years old
Professor of Practice in International Business and Public Policy at Tufts University
Attended UNN and LSE (PhD)
President of the Institute of Governance and Economic Transformation
Former United Nations official
Former CBN deputy governor

Fela Durotoye – 46 years old

Public speaker and business strategist
BSc. Computer Science and Economics, and MBA/MSc. Business Strategy from Obafemi Awolowo University
Look up the Mushin Makeover Project

Donald Duke – -56 years old 

LLB from Ahmadu Bello University, LLM from the University of Pennsylvania
Former Commissioner for Finance and Planning
Former Governor of Cross River
Initiated the Tinapa Free Zone & Resort, and the Calabar Carnival

Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies – 55 years old 

Professor of Language and Communication Arts at the Rivers State University of Education
Degrees from the Universities of Ilorin, Port Harcourt, and Northwestern University
Founded the Agape Bible Church

Muhammadu Buhari – 75 years old
Current President of Nigeria
Military Head of State from 1983-1985

Remi Sonaiya – 63 years old

Retired professor of French Language and Applied Linguistics at Obafemi Awolowo University
Degrees from Obafemi Awolowo University and Cornell University
Was the only female candidate in the 2015 presidential election

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese – 47 years old 

Chief Medical Director of Sckye Hospital and Diagnostics Limited
Attended the University of Benin School of Medicine and Surgery
Also a poet, motivational speaker, radio and television presenter

Omoyele Sowore – 47 years old 

Founder and owner of Sahara Reporters
Degrees from the University of Lagos and Columbia University
Lecturer at the City University of New York and the School of Arts, New York
Also a writer, public speaker, and human rights activist

Enyinnaya Nnaemeka Nwosu – 40 years old 

Former lecturer at West George College
Degrees from Asia State University and Robert Gordon University
Worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland, SERCO Group, the Legal Aid Agency, and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals in the UK

Ahmed Buhari – 40 years old
CEO of Skylar Inc.
Degrees from the Federal University of Technology, and Cavendish College, London

Peter Ayodele Fayose – 57 years old 

Current Governor of Ekiti
Impeached as Governor in his first term in 2006
Caught in a 37-minute audio recording of a “vote-rigging meeting” for the Ekiti elections in 2014
Also in 2014, EFCC froze accounts he used to launder ₦4.7billion

Adesanya Fegbenro-Bryon – 59 years old 

Chairman/CEO of Mothergold Limited, Chief Responsibility Officer for Mothergold Consulting
Degrees from the University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University
Former regional coordinator for the Department for International Development

Charles Udeogaranya – 46 years old 

Former Lagos State chairman of the defunct African Renaissance Party
Now a chieftain of the APC

Mathias Tsado – 41 years old 

CEO of Matstrutt Nigeria Ltd.
BSc. Mech. Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Minna
Set up the Hope Platform Initiative
Say he can provide Nigerians with 16-18 hours of constant power within his first two to three years in office

Eniola Ojajuni – 39 years old

Businessman and consultant on imports, exports, and investments
LLB from Lagos State University, MBA from Ghana Business School
previously ran for the Lagos State House of Assembly and the Governorship of Ondo

Olu James Omosule – 48 years old 

Attended the City University of New York before dropping out to take care of his ill grandmother
Former Chief Officer for Scope America Outreach in the US
Served as General Manager for several US firms

Tope Fasua – 47 years old

CEO of Global Analytics Consulting Ltd.
Degrees from Ondo State University, London Business School, and Harvard Business School
National Chairman of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
Also a newspaper columnist and TV analyst

Sule Lamido – 69 years old
Attended Barewa College
Former Governor of Jigawa from 2007-2015
Former foreign minister from 1999-2003

Atiku Abubakar – 71 Years Old 

Attended Ahmadu Bello University
Former Vice President From 1999 – 2007
Founder/Co-Founder of Intels, Adamawa Beverages Ltd. And the American University of Nigeria.
Making his 4th presidential bid under his 4th political party since 1992

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed – 48 Years Old

Degrees from University Of Westminster (Bsc & PhD)
Former Senator representing Kaduna North.
MD of Baze Research and Data Service Ltd
Founder and Co-Chancellor of Baze University, Abuja

Rabiu Kwankwaso – 61 Years Old
Senator representing Kano Central
HND from Kaduna polytechnic, with degrees from middle sex and lough borough Universities
Former governor of Kano



Our celebrity of the week is a Hausa musician Ali Jita. Ali jita was born July 15 1983 in Gyadi Gyadi Kano State.

Ali Jita is a Kano based Hausa musician known for his many songs in Hausa films.
Ali Jita was born Ali Isa Jibril in Kano State. He attended his Primary and Secondary School at Army Day School in Lagos.

Ali Jita went further to obtain his National Diploma in Public Administration at school of Management studies Kano and got another Diploma in Computer at Intersystem ICT School, Kano. Ali Jita started his music carrier with debut album titled; Jita in 2009 and quickly became a mainstay in the music sector of Kannywood.

He won a lot of awards and is considered as one of the most influential leaders in Kannywood Music Industry.

His success in making hits films such as Gimbiya Bakandamiya, Kishi, Murmushin Alkawari, Zaman Aure and lately Garin Gimba is a testimony to his prowess in Film making.

Ali Jita is married to the love of his life and they both have a son together.


Monday, 16 July 2018

Ahmed Musa Battles Ronaldo, Others For Goal Of The Tournament

World’s football governing body FIFA has shortlisted Nigeria’s Ahmed Musa’s second strike against Iceland for the Goal of the Tournament Award. A total of 18 goals were singled out for the top prize out of the 169 goals scored at the global football fiesta. However, Musa’s second strike during Nigeria’s second Group D fixture against Iceland alongside 17 others goals that include Cristiano Ronaldo’s third goal against Spain’s La Roja as well as Lionel Messi’s goal against Nigeria have been penciled down to undergo a voting process.

According the world’s football arbiter, the voting process is ongoing on FIFA’s official website until July 23. Among the leading goals currently attracting fans votes online are the two goals scored by Russia midfielder Denis Cheryshev as well as one from his teammate striker Artem Dzyuba Other contending goals for the Goal of the Tournament silverware are listed below:

1 Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal (third goal v Spain)

2 Nacho, Spain (v Portugal)

3 Philippe Coutinho, Brazil (v Switzerland)

4 Dries Mertens, Belgium (v Panama)

5 Juan Quintero, Colombia (v Japan)

6 Luka Modric, Croatia (v Argentina)

7 Ahmed Musa, Nigeria (second goal v Iceland);

Lionel Messi, Argentina (v Nigeria)

9 Toni Kroos, Germany (v Sweden)

10 Jesse Lingard, England (v Panama)

11 Ricardo Quaresma, Portugal (v Iran)

12 Adnan Januzaj, Belgium (v England)

14 Angel Di Maria, Argentina (v France)

15 Benjamin Pavard, France (v Argentina)

16 Nacer Chadli, Belgium (v Japan)

By Mercy Kukah