Friday, 23 February 2018

Ways to stay stylish during the rainy season

The rains come with a lot of 'messy' bits, it's usually not 

the normal season to play dress up but a stylish lady can do just about that (dress up!). When it pours especially in Abuja without access to one's personal car (horror) 
and in funny areas then dressing up can be a major task no matter how much of a stylish/fashion loving person you are, dressing up when it's pouring heavily is a task but it shouldn't have to be for the fashion loving during the rainy season.

Here are tips to still stay stylish during the rainy season:

  •  Pick clothes with dark colours; black, brown and  nudes: When it rains, put away the whites, pinks and other fancy feminine colours! Instead opt for outfits in blacks, browns and nudes. This way even when water splashes around, outfits won't get stained or have funny mud splatters and the looks will 'continue just chic' throughout the day.

  • Time to wear leather and rubber shoes
Thank God for leather and rubber, this is the season where they become so useful to us If you ever had leather skirts and rubber shoes hidden away in the wardrobe the rainy season is the best time to style them up. Those leather skirts, pants, and rubber shoes and more are best worn when it's raining. The great thing about wearing leather on a rainy day is it keeps the body cool as well as weather appropriate and of course any stain at all can be wiped off without sticking on them. But of course leather pieces should only be worn around these periods.

  • Throw on the kimonos (NOT the floor sweeping ones!)
Kimonos work during raining season. They can come as stylish cover ups that can help keep warm or add that fab look to your outfit. It's best however to keep kimonos short or midi during the rains so the edges don't end up wet and dirty.

  •  Choose the right fabrics:
During the rainy season it is advised to wear more cotton they dry fast, just in case the rains get heavy. Silk fabric retains water and stains and when the water dries off it leaves funny patches on the fabric. 

By Maimuna Bagudu

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Nigeria Finish 20th at Bobsleigh 2018 Winter Olympics

Seun Adigun and Ngozi Onwumere who were Nigeria's representatives at the 2018 Winter Olympics on Wednesday, February 21, finished 20th in their Bobsleigh event in South Korea. The duo who campaigned in the 2018 Winter Olympics for the first time for Nigeria finished +7.15secs behind Germany’s Mariama Jamanka and Lisa Buckwitz who won the race. But despite not winning any medal at the event in South Korea, Seun Adigun was proud of her achievement to have represented Nigeria at the 2018 Winter Olympics. “It’s quite amazing, I’m overwhelmed with joy and overwhelmed with the idea of knowing that history was made and we gave everything we had to do it. “This was just one of those days that you can’t really describe, Full of all kinds of emotions, full of relief, full of history.” Adigun told reporters after the event.
It is on record that no African nation has won a medal at the Winter Olympics, and Seun Adigun believes Nigeria can start preparation for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. ''By God's grace, you will see Nigeria at the Beijing Olympics. We did everything we could and people are super stocked back in Nigeria and we pray for better days ahead,'' She said. This will be the first time that Nigeria participated in the winter Olympics as Seun Adigun, Akuoma Omeoga and Ngozi Onwumere competed in Bobsleigh, while Simi Adeagbo took part in the Skeleton competition. Seun Adigun the driver of the Bobsleigh team is currently a chiropractic student studying for a dual degree of a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Texas Chiropractic College and a Master's of Science in Exercise & Health Science University of Houston Clear Lake.

By Mercy Kukah

Natural way to get rid of dark knuckles

Everyone desires a fairer complexion; and for this reason use several remedies and the products. However, the main issue is to get rid of dark knuckles as they are darker in color and therefore takes away the beauty of the hands. If you are facing this issue; I am going to share with you an amazing remedy to lighten your dark knuckles fast and naturally.
How to Lighten Your Knuckles fast and naturally.
The ingredients you will need are;
•       Baking Soda
•       Lemon Juice
•       Raw Cow’s Milk
Take half a lemon and squeeze out the juice.
After this, fill the lemon with one spoon of baking soda and squeeze lemon a little again.
How to Use:
Rub the lemon now on your dark knuckles clockwise and anticlockwise
for five to 10 minutes. After this, wash it off with cold water.
Use it three-four times in a week to lighten dark knuckles fast and naturally.
Now, take cold cow’s milk and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply the milk on the dark knuckles with the cotton ball and let the balls sit for 20-25 minutes. Continue applying the milk when you see the cotton ball is getting dry. Wash your hands with normal water.
•       To remove dark spots from joints, this remedy is very effective.
•       It is 100% natural and also, it is safe for your skin and does not have any side effects.
•       Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and it naturally lightens dark skin.
•       Baking soda also lightens the dark spots as it removes the dead skin cells and thus helps    you achieve a clean and clear knuckles.

•       Milk has lactic acid and thus makes skin light and bright look.
So, if you are facing these beauty issue, there is no need to look too far for a solution as this is the surest and safest way to lighten dark knuckles fast and naturally.  Simply follow this simple remedy and you will be sure to get surprising results.

By Mercy Kukah

Rice Pancake (Sinasir)

Rice pancakes known as Sinasir in the North is a delicious delicacy and it is prepared with the soft variety rice known as “Tuwo Shinkafa” in Hausa, it can be eaten as a snack with a cold drink, jam, mayonnaise or honey, it can also be served with stew or soup. 

Here are the ingredients and recipe for making rice pancake.


½ cup soft rice (tuwo shinkafa)

½ cup boiled rice (foreign rice)

½ teaspoon yeast

1 onion

1 Egg

½ tin Peak Milk

Sugar (to taste)

2 pinches of salt

Vegetable oil: for frying


· Add all the ingredients together from the soaked rice, cooked rice, diced onions, salt, sugar yeast, egg and peak milk into the blender. Then add enough water to help the blades of your blender move easily.

· Blend till its smooth, then pour into a bowl and cover it make sure to put the mixture in a warm place for about 30mins for it to rise.

· Set a frying pan on your gas of stove preferably a non stick fry pan; pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the pan once it gets hot scoop your batter into the hot frying pan making sure it is thin for easy frying. Then turn both side to ensure it get fried properly. Then serve as desired. 

By Maimuna Bagudu

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Our woman crush for today is Her Excellency Hajiya Adama Ibrahim Dankwambo.

Hajiya Adama Dankwambo is the first lady of Gombe state and a graduate of university of Maiduguri where she studied Business/ Managerial Economics. Mrs Dankwambo is a woman with a large heart who has passion helping the less privileged, aged women, and unemployed youths of the state. This calm woman of substance has right from the onset had the plight of the poor in mind. At the assumption of office of her husband as the Executive Governor of Gombe state which made her the first lady of the state, she initiated a pet project tagged “Hajiya Adama Women Empowerment” designed to assist women and unemployed youths in the state self-reliant and made life better for the aged and less privileged children which has helped reduced crime rate in the state. 

Hajiya Adama is married to Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo and they have children together.

By Maimuna Bagudu

Fashionable Lace fabric styles

Lace; is a delicate fabric made of yarn and thread beautifully woven by machine or hand with open holes in the works. The lace fabric is an open cloth created by looping, twisting or knitting different threads and fibers in a specific pattern to produce a fine, delicate and woven material. Types of lace come in a long list some of which include tulle, cord, paper, guipure, sequined, beaded, jute, George, and French lace and
they come in different and combined colours. Many African women prefer lace fabric because of its durability and ability to maintain its colour and texture for a very long time. The lace is a fashion cloth worn on special social occasions like weddings, birthdays and other important events. These lace styles will definitely inspire you and transform your fabrics into beautiful art pieces.

By Maimuna Bagudu

Heat Rash – Ways to Soothe Baby’s Irritated Skin

The period is around the corner. Heat rash is child skin irritation caused by increased perspiration when sweat evaporation process is slow. It is also a red, flat or raised rash which appears on the neck especially around the neck folds. Neck rashes are most common among infants between four to five months. The reasons for infant neck rash range from prickly heat to skin infections like those caused by fungus. There are many factors responsible for causing a skin rash on the baby’s neck which comes with persistent itching on the skin accompanied with pain. These symptoms may cause babies to lose their appetite. A few types of rashes may only appear in the neck region whereas there are some other types that may also affect the folds of diaper area, armpit, etc. Most cases of skin rash disappear on their own within a few days without requiring any treatment. But they make the baby to be extremely uncomfortable during this period due to continuous burning and itching sensations.

You can calm your baby by following these simple yet effective steps to soothe their irritated skin.
•       Apply Skin Creams and Lotions to Your Baby’s Rash: Remember to consult the pediatrician before using any skin cream and lotion on your baby if they are younger than six months. It is always advisable to be careful before using any skin product on your child as they may be allergic to one of the ingredients present in these products.
•       Use Cornstarch: You can try sprinkling cornstarch on your baby’s neck before taking them outdoors or after a bath. This will keep the neck region dry and moist-free.

•       Use Oatmeal: You can try adding oats in your baby’s bath. Also, you can try oat extract to soothe your baby’s skin. Take a clean washcloth and wrap a cut of oatmeal in it. Seal the contents by twisting the end of the washcloth. Take a tub of warm water and soak the washcloth until both the oats and cloth are wet. Squeeze the oatmeal infused water on your baby’s rash. Once done, pat the area dry.
•       Use Cold Compress: You can also try using cold compress on the affected region to soothe the skin inflammation. Take a tub of ice-cold water and soak a clean washcloth. Apply this to the affected region for 5-10 minutes to soothe the inflamed skin. Once done, pat
the area dry. You can repeat the procedure as and when needed.
•       Maintain Good Skin Hygiene: If you follow a regular bathing and good hygiene practice for your baby, you may treat and prevent these skin
•       Follow A Specified Bath Time: Remember to schedule the right bath time for your baby. Never bathe your baby immediately after feeding. Allow them to rest for a while after feeding to avoid vomiting or spewing.
•       Use Only Boiled or Distilled Water: Remember to use only boiled or distilled water to bathe your baby. This will ensure that the bathing water doesn’t contain any harmful microbes that may otherwise harm your baby. To soothe the skin inflammation, you can add two teaspoons of baking soda to the bath water a cup of oatmeal.
•       Massage with Coconut Oil: You can also try massaging your baby with coconut oil twice a day. This results in soft, clean skin. Also, the anti-microbial properties of this oil prevents skin infection. Preventive Measures to Avoid Baby Neck Rash from Occurring

•       Bathe your baby regularly and maintain a good hygiene practice.
•       Select the right fabrics for your baby. Avoid rough fabrics, woolen clothes, and blankets. These are not recommended for babies as their skins are sensitive.
•       Remember to dry the neck region (and other moisture-prone regions) after bathing your baby.
•       Keep your baby’s neck region open and moist-free most of the time. Dry skin prevents accumulation of moisture in the folds which helps in healing the rashes faster.
•       Try to keep your baby in a cool and well-aired room as excessive heat causes perspiration in the skin folds and leads to skin rashes.
If the rashes are accompanied by a fever, do not hesitate to see the Doctor.

By Mercy Kukah

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tozali throwback fashion pictures2014

By Maimuna Bagudu

Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

Skin icing can tighten and shrink the enlarged pores by unclogging the pores that look larger because of the excess sunburn. This procedure also smoothens the skin and makes it look fresh and healthy. Skin icing reduces swelling and redness, so it is great for pimples. The ice also soothes irritation. Ice is believed to improve circulation in the skin as cold constricts the blood vessels so that less blood goes to the surface of the skin which reduces any inflammation or swelling. The body responds by gradually sending an increases flow of warm blood to the area.
Read on to find out more about this morning and evening ritual.
The right way to skin icing;
Take out 4-5 ice cubes from the ice trays.
Put them at the Centre of a cotton thin washcloth or any other thin cloth.
Roll the cloth ends and secure the ice cubes in it.
Use this to gently massage your face.
You may also directly use the ice without putting it in any cloth. The plus point is that you can freeze green tea or other good ingredients in ice cubes trays and use it directly on face or any part of the body.
Benefit of skin icing;
Glowing Skin: When applied to the skin, ice cubes help in blood circulation which gives your skin a healthy natural glow. To give your skin a more radiant glow you can use ice fruit cubes to apply to your face.
Reduces Blemishes: Ice cubes can help reduce the inflammation and redness of pimples and blemishes. You can directly apply the ice cubes on your face a few seconds until it becomes numb preferably before bedtime.
Smooth Skin: Excess sunburn and debris enlarge the skin pores. Skin icing can tighten and shrink the enlarged pores by unclogging the pores that look larger because of the excess sunburn. This procedure also smooth the skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.
Dark Circle Treatment: A combination of cucumber juice and rose water when frozen can be use under your eye circles. This will help reduce the puffiness as a result of your late night activities.
Skin Toner: Ice cubes is an inexpensive skin smoother or toner. You can use this before applying makeup as the pores underneath the makeup are minimized which leaves your foundation smooth and flawless.
Burn Fat: You may think icing just face won’t burn fat on the rest of your body but you are sorely mistaken thanks to the vagus nerves. These cranial nerves intertwine and have control over the nerves of the heart, digestive tract and skeletal muscles right from your head. By throwing the vagus nerves in thermogenesis with an icing, you can effectively influence the nerves to burn fat throughout your body.
Makeup Substitute: Don’t have time to put makeup? Then applying ice cubes using a cloth wrap can help you get that radiant and fresh look without any traces of makeup. Go for that all natural look.
Prevent Wrinkles: Icing slows the appearance of wrinkles and ease the signs of aging. Skin icing reduces the visibility of wrinkles and prevents or slows down the occurrence of new wrinkles and fine lines.
Important tips to remember about skin icing;
Skin icing is done without using cloth wrap but always remember to wear gloves so you can hold the ice properly.
Using wash cloth or cloth wrap to apply ice on your skin will have the same effect as when you apply ice directly on your face.
Extreme cold can break the capillaries under the skin so don’t apply the ice straight from the freezer if you use a bare ice cube.
You also don’t want to use bare ice on the skin that already has broken capillaries or use the ice too long.
If the cold becomes too uncomfortable, stop the application. Avoid one area for more than 15 minutes.
You can opt to fill the water for the ice cubes with rosewater, lemon, green tea, chamomile tea, cucumber and other skin friendly ingredients depending on your skin care needs.

Former Enyimba captain, Udoji dies in car accident

Kano Pillars defender Chinedu Udoji has sadly passed away. He lost his life following an auto accident in Kano on Sunday night, reports.
Udoji was on his way back to the Kano Pillars club house after he visited his former Enyimba teammates at their hotel when the incident happened.
“Chinedu Udoji was involved in a car accident yesterday after visiting his former team mates at Enyimba.
This tragic accident happened along club road in Kano. “Our deepest condolences to his family, friends, fans, and football lovers all across the country,” Kano Pillars stated on the Twitter account on Monday morning.
Pillars were held to a 1-1 by Enyimba in their NPFL match day nine clash at the Sani Abacha Stadium on Sunday.
May his soul rest in peace.