Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Fashion has always accommodated everyone, irrespective of where you’re from or the type of religion you practice.

Fashion gives you the opportunity to passionately tell whoever cares to listen about your culture and identity.

This brings us to our Fashion Icon of the Week, the beautiful Salmah Oyiza Abdulsalam.

Salmah is a Nigerian fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger who owns and manages an online media platform called 'Dearsalmah', where she documents her adventures as a writer, feminist, beauty, food, book and fashion lover. Her cute style is relatable and accessible.

Salmah takes fashion to a whole new level, showing that Muslim women are no longer expected to be confined to the background. Her fashion style shows us that modesty can also be fashionable.

Salmah is much more than a fashion blogger; she’s a role model for girls just like her…. We look forward to more fashion goals and tends from our fashionista, Salmah. You go, girl!


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