Tuesday, 3 April 2018

You Might be Ignorant of what you wear

Ladies please note!
The way a woman dresses can express what she wants you to see or know of her.
Many ladies wear clothing with the intent to imitate their role model or after their favorite celebrity. They go about wearing things without taking out time to study or make out a research on what it actually means to wear a particular fashion item; or why the celebrity wears that particular outfit all the time.
It is high time we become mindful of what we wear, as what you wear or how you behave tells a lot about your personality; and people especially Nigerians judge you by what you wear.
So, ladies who wear an anklets should know that such beautification has a sinister meaning to it. An anklet is a bracelet worn around the ankle; which symbolically means that the woman is available to men for sexual activities.
From history; such tradition of wearing leg chains originated from French prostitutes who wear them to attract their male clients.

By Mercy Kukah

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