Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Gorgeous lady suffering from sickle cell dies due to power outage in Lagos hospital

A young lady has lost her life in a Lagos hospital due to power outage, as the hospital claims they have no fuel to power their generator. Aderinsola Adebola Elizabeth is a sickle cell patient who was admitted at the Epe general hospital where she was surviving on oxygen. The sister of the late Aderinsola has narrated how her sister died after the Oxygen went off due to lack of power.
She wrote: ''facing the reality of life is one hard thing to deal with! I know so many people see me looking all good and smiley for the gram! It is not always easy to hide the pains but I have been a fighter, I haven’t been fighting alone! Side by side I fought the battle of life with you Sis! Over 3 decades ago we were brought to this life with the Sickle Cell anemia! Am not even going to mention how we faced rejection from our father! But I know things didn’t remain the same after we lost our mom 1997! Since then we realized she has actually been covering a big space ... side by side we face terrible Crisis, life threatening pain! Let’s go for “Sickle Cells Forum” that is your anthem every Sat! But I hate to accept the fact that I am one! But as I said you are a fighter! I had never been serious planning any wedding like I was with yours! Just so u know D.A I wouldn’t even bring out my camera to take pics if I know I would be wishing you a RIP with it! If I ever get mental stable I guess God has a plan! Nothing feels the same for me ...I know you are in Good hands, I was not just expecting you to leave this knife in my hearth! I had said you are very wicked... Say a lot of B.S in annoyance when I heard about your death but I forgive you! Not sure I would forgive myself for not raising the funds for bone marrow transplant as soon as I thought! My World has crashed once again! Now you leaving me with 3 kids to raise! Just know they are in save hands! You would prolly be alive if your first love didn’t let you down” ... if I had raised money for bone marrow transplant”.... if the management of Epe General hospital did their Job, you were trying to survive with an oxygen gas mask, after giving birth thru CS! Then boom nepa took light and behold the “No Fuel Excuses” just so u know if it’s possible I would split my lifetime with you! ... Here I am lifeless, hopeless and saying a big thank you to every nurse that nonchalantly and sluggishly attended to my sis and another thank you to. @akinwunmiambode for killing all hopes I had in Epe, Lagos and this Great Country... Rest in Peace Aderinsola Adebola Elizabeth''

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