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Heat Rash – Ways to Soothe Baby’s Irritated Skin

The period is around the corner. Heat rash is child skin irritation caused by increased perspiration when sweat evaporation process is slow. It is also a red, flat or raised rash which appears on the neck especially around the neck folds. Neck rashes are most common among infants between four to five months. The reasons for infant neck rash range from prickly heat to skin infections like those caused by fungus. There are many factors responsible for causing a skin rash on the baby’s neck which comes with persistent itching on the skin accompanied with pain. These symptoms may cause babies to lose their appetite. A few types of rashes may only appear in the neck region whereas there are some other types that may also affect the folds of diaper area, armpit, etc. Most cases of skin rash disappear on their own within a few days without requiring any treatment. But they make the baby to be extremely uncomfortable during this period due to continuous burning and itching sensations.

You can calm your baby by following these simple yet effective steps to soothe their irritated skin.
•       Apply Skin Creams and Lotions to Your Baby’s Rash: Remember to consult the pediatrician before using any skin cream and lotion on your baby if they are younger than six months. It is always advisable to be careful before using any skin product on your child as they may be allergic to one of the ingredients present in these products.
•       Use Cornstarch: You can try sprinkling cornstarch on your baby’s neck before taking them outdoors or after a bath. This will keep the neck region dry and moist-free.

•       Use Oatmeal: You can try adding oats in your baby’s bath. Also, you can try oat extract to soothe your baby’s skin. Take a clean washcloth and wrap a cut of oatmeal in it. Seal the contents by twisting the end of the washcloth. Take a tub of warm water and soak the washcloth until both the oats and cloth are wet. Squeeze the oatmeal infused water on your baby’s rash. Once done, pat the area dry.
•       Use Cold Compress: You can also try using cold compress on the affected region to soothe the skin inflammation. Take a tub of ice-cold water and soak a clean washcloth. Apply this to the affected region for 5-10 minutes to soothe the inflamed skin. Once done, pat
the area dry. You can repeat the procedure as and when needed.
•       Maintain Good Skin Hygiene: If you follow a regular bathing and good hygiene practice for your baby, you may treat and prevent these skin
•       Follow A Specified Bath Time: Remember to schedule the right bath time for your baby. Never bathe your baby immediately after feeding. Allow them to rest for a while after feeding to avoid vomiting or spewing.
•       Use Only Boiled or Distilled Water: Remember to use only boiled or distilled water to bathe your baby. This will ensure that the bathing water doesn’t contain any harmful microbes that may otherwise harm your baby. To soothe the skin inflammation, you can add two teaspoons of baking soda to the bath water a cup of oatmeal.
•       Massage with Coconut Oil: You can also try massaging your baby with coconut oil twice a day. This results in soft, clean skin. Also, the anti-microbial properties of this oil prevents skin infection. Preventive Measures to Avoid Baby Neck Rash from Occurring

•       Bathe your baby regularly and maintain a good hygiene practice.
•       Select the right fabrics for your baby. Avoid rough fabrics, woolen clothes, and blankets. These are not recommended for babies as their skins are sensitive.
•       Remember to dry the neck region (and other moisture-prone regions) after bathing your baby.
•       Keep your baby’s neck region open and moist-free most of the time. Dry skin prevents accumulation of moisture in the folds which helps in healing the rashes faster.
•       Try to keep your baby in a cool and well-aired room as excessive heat causes perspiration in the skin folds and leads to skin rashes.
If the rashes are accompanied by a fever, do not hesitate to see the Doctor.

By Mercy Kukah

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