Monday, 29 January 2018

Gifts to not give your partner on Valentine's Day

Valentine is just around the corner. The day of the year when everything is about love and sweethearts spend the day together and create beautiful memories.
The sweetness of Valentine’s Day is also in the sharing of gifts between lovers, for what’s really love without sharing? Everyone knows how far gifts go in relationships and how valuable, well-thought gift could leave beautiful long-lasting memories well beyond February 14 and the magic of Valentine’s Day. Anyone can get any other person a gift; but a ‘well-thought’ gift is what you should care about most especially as you consider what to do for the love of your life on this special day.

1. Fake cologne
It is very essential when giving out cologne as gifts to your loved ones to look out for fake/cheap products.
Also “aboki perfumes and fake flowers’ are a No No when giving out gifts for valentine.
So, guys, if you must get your partner a bottle of perfume, you might as well make sure that it’s the real deal; and that the roses are real, too for quite a lot of girls are fed up of those artificial roses.

2. Valentine cards
“Valentine cards are highly prohibited,” Just don’t go there. Ask yourself what she would really want as a valentine’s gift this year and give it to her. But certainly not a valentine card.
3. Shoes
If your boyfriend has so much already, you should consider getting him something else.
Try to measure his shoes on his shoe rack to know if he needs one from you as a valentine gift.

4. Teddy bear and chocolate
These became the order of the day in 2014 or something. So remember its old school now; so get her something else

5. Under wears
After talking to many guys and girls out there, I got responses and so many said they don’t want their partner getting them under wear as a valentine gift.

So this year why not be sensitive, keep your eyes open for a chance to surprise that special one.

Be innovative in your Valentine’s Day gift and blow him/her away.

By Maimuna Bagudu

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